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How To Best Change The Structure Of Water

Orgone Energy And Schumann Frequencies Structure Water

Orgone Energy Products will not ever interfere with any other devices whatsoever, whether they are electronic, energetic or otherwise.

In fact, quite the opposite - these protective Orgone Generators completely cancel out the effects electrical currents, electromagnetic fields (EMF), radiation and all forms of harmful Positive Ions from electronic devices, as these resonate healthy Negative Ions and work as a Water Ionizer changing the structure of water back to how it was intended by Nature.

Healthy Negative Ions are what make you feel nice when you spend time out in nature, therefore having healthy Negative Ions being generated in and around your home feels like a breath of fresh air, and cannot interfere with any energy healing or electrical devices, homoeopathic remedies, pacemakers or anything else. It is these healing Negative Ions that change the structure of water.

Orgone Products Change The Structure Of Water

Our Water Rejuvenation Plates work as a Water Ionizers (as seen in the above before and after images) by removing all harmful elements within the water whilst changing the structure of water. Water Ionizers remove the harm that galvanized pipes do to the water as it flows through them, for example, and renders all harmful Positive Ion particles such as chemicals and heavy metals to inactive. 

Immediately, your Orgone Energy Products return the structure of water back to how it is found in nature, before being affected by any man-made substances or other energy structures. What everyone notices the most about the Orgone Generator Water Ionizer is as soon as you drink water that has been ionized with Orgone Energy, is that the water hydrates you better, and you can feel the water being assimilated into your cells right away as goes into your body as they drink it as it becomes structured water.

Orgone Energy Products Do More Than Create Structured Water

Orgone Energy Products completely transform all forms of harmful energy in and around your home and garden into nice feeling Negative Ions as found naturally, as well as work as a Water Ionizer to change it to structured water. You will be doing everyone who lives there a wonderful favour with your Orgone Energy Products place around your home, and everyone will be happy that you are making their entire home feel much nicer, as well as improving their health and wellness. 

The Geoclense Orgone  Device will completely works as a Water Ionizer for all water on your property, including your grey water and your black water, and any other water on your entire property, creating structured water.

Best And Most Effective Way To Create Structured Water