5G Mind Control Theories

5G Mind Control Theories

5G Mind Control Theories

The migration from 3G to the 4G technology was mostly to provide smartphone owners with a better experience. However, 4G to 5G won’t be this simple because it is not just about tablets and smartphones but more about expanding the ecosystem to accommodate multiple industries such as home automation and the automotive industry. They all have different requirements in how the standards and networks are constructed and designed. 5G is a wireless connection specifically built to keep up with the proliferation of devices that require a mobile internet connection. So it is not just your computer and cell phone anymore, it now includes it devices like your security cameras, door locks, home appliances, dog collars, wearables, cars, and many more.

We all love technology and would want to enjoy it at its fastest speed just like 5G offers. But is it really worth the price we may have to pay mentally, emotionally, and physically?

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Can 5G tower waves be used to control our mind or can it be used as a weapon of mass destruction? There has been a lot of research about how to put voices into one’s head. It was found long ago that if you put a voice into someone’s head you can do several things. If I put a voice in your head that’s foreign to your normal thought pattern that becomes harassment. If I put a voice in your head that’s in your voice like when you read that becomes a thought and you will act on those thoughts.

Some of the reported aims of 5G technology include:

  • Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious
  • Visual disturbances
  • Enable artificial intelligence to spread further
  • Inject words numbers into the brain
  • Manipulation of emotions
  • Reading thoughts remotely
  • Causing pain to any nerve of the body but no injury
  • Seeing as in a camera through your eyes i.e. to see what you see exactly
  • Control of sleep patterns
  • Computer brain interface control in communications
  • Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories and implanting personalities

5G Mind Control Theories

On July 14, 2016, the FCC approved the spectrum for 5G including the 28, 37, and 39 GHz band. According to the next generation mobile networks alliance, a 5G standard should fulfill the following requirements.

  • Data rates of tens of thousands of users should be tens of megabytes per seconds.
  • For metropolitan areas, the data rates should be 100MB per second.
  • Workers on the same office floor should get 1GB per second.
  • For wireless sensors, there should be thousands of simultaneous connections.
  • Compared to the 4G network, spectral efficiency should be enhanced significantly.
  • Signaling efficiency enhanced.
  • Latency should be reduced significantly compared to the LTE network.

In 2008, NASA partnered the M2Mi (machine to machine intelligence) Corp and Geoff Brown to develop 5G communication technology.

In a March 13, 2017 article by an EMF guru consultant – Dr. Ellis Evans, he noted that the Federal Communications Commission entirely works on behalf of the telecom industries to grant them access to the airwaves. Consumer’s safety or well being was never mentioned in this document. The implications of 5G on consumer safety and well being don’t look good for one reason, devices that will operate within the electromagnetic spectrum of 5G will use small antennas that are about a few millimeters to a centimeter in length. This means the industry will have the capacity to mass-produce the antennas and place them wherever they wish. With small antennas, you can feed different antennas in a wide range of configuration arrays. For instance, horizontal or vertical arrays waveguide highly directional or cones beam type designs. The design of these antennas focuses most of the transmitted power into a specified direction and does not get cut off or blocked by structures.

5G Mind Control Theories

A 2016 review of epidemiological and medical studies correlate or illustrate adverse biological effects with the use of Wi-Fi and mobile phone technology. Using frequencies higher than 5GHz will compress the time frame in which biological effects such as cancers show themselves within the society. It is easy to guess what this translates to in terms of biological safety, yet; it is clear to see that these high signal high-frequency pulsed nature signals don’t harbor any good news for humanity especially as it relates to the proper functioning of the DNA.

Another biological effect of possible anti-personal uses is microwave hearing. According to a report, signal modulation can induce sounds and possibly even words which are originating intracranially (within the head) at very low average power densities. According to the study, communists work in this area has great potential for development into a system for disorienting or disrupting the behavior patterns of military or diplomatic personnel. The president of freedom from covert harassment and surveillance Derek Robinson believes that the application of microwaves presumably with no microchip can be satellite delivery.

Nowadays, exposure to microwave frequencies or radiation used by smartphones, Wi-Fi, smart meters, Wi-Fi enabled fridges, Wi-Fi-enabled audio devices, baby monitors, and a host of ‘esoteric’ electrical devices were classed as class 2B carcinogens recently. Many points of sales literature exclude this fact and you won’t find it in any advertising blurb either. It is rather fascinating that the small print embedded within mobile phone product literature warns you should avoid putting these devices directly on the face, body, or skin. You will exceed the exposure thresholds put in place by these devices if you do so.

Getting back to the small physical length of the antennas 5G devices will use, it is clear to see that these devices talk to one another using highly efficient antennas, the effective radiated power (ERP) will be huge. What can this level of intensity do to the body of you walk into this focused beam of microwave radiation? We need to demand proper safety studies from independent academia and industry leaders that focus on non-thermal and thermal effects on the body.

Just like with mobile phone technology, it is consumers that play the role of guinea pig in terms of safety. The fact the telecom industry is always shying from is that to develop an efficient network of signals within an urban environment, thousands of new transmitter sites will have to be installed. The small size of these antennas makes it easy to install on all sorts of urban structures. This means that there will be no escape from these exposures to these very damaging microwave frequencies, especially for urban dwellers. When these antennas are finally in place, it will be relatively easy to manipulate and alter the brain wave function of its users as well as others close by. The amount of ancillary information that can be attached or piped to the main carrier frequency of the telecommunications network system is quite huge.

There is also the TETRA system which is zombification of Britain’s Police and the mass UK mind-control technology. TETRA is the new Home Office microwave system, and it is to be the mainstay of the communication of the British Police force. This system is to be placed in a major population center. The UK government spent about 2.5 billion pounds on a 400 megahertz pulse microwave transmitter network which broadcast 17.6 hertz into Britain’s police brains and anyone living close to the transmitter. This is also used by the CIA for an optimal mind control. The effects of these are disruption of neural networks which can lead to character and behavioral changes. It can also cause nervous exhaustion and disruption of higher brain function.

Also, the TETRA system will flood the London and New York underground, so commuters on these routes will be exposed to behavioral modifications. This system is used in all UK emergency services and police departments. About 30,000 transmitters have been placed around the UK to maximize the effects on the local population of the country – mass mind control. Anyone who complains about these transmitters receives a letter from the UK government informing them that if the transmitters aren’t positioned where the government wants them, police protection can’t be guaranteed which may lead to homeowners paying higher insurance premiums.

There is also the concept of Microwave Voice to Skull Technology. Sound is induced in a person’s head by radiating the head with microwave ranging from 100MHz to 10,000MHz that is typically modulated with a particular waveform. This waveform comprises frequency modulates bursts. Each of the burst is made of ten to twenty uniformly spaced pulses closely grouped together. The width of the burst is usually between 500 nanoseconds to 100 microseconds. The pulse width ranges from 10 nanoseconds and 1 microsecond. The audio input frequency modulates the bursts to create a hearing sensation in the individual who is to be irradiated.

The type of mind control we are discussing here is around the clock, covert harassment of innocent citizens living in their various communities and homes. This harassment includes street harassment skits, electronic body/mind attacks, as well as destruction of the family and other relationships. The modern voice to skull technology can’t be steeped by any electromagnetic shielding. This shows how advanced classified mind-control technology has become.

Electroencephalogram (EEG) heterodyning is how the whole thing works. A traditional EEG by a neurologist is an archaic form of brain monitoring. There are much better forms of monitoring through the government. Everyone’s EEG is different, it’s kind of like your fingerprint and those in the industry call it brain fingerprinting because it is different from one individual to another. What happens is that the brain can be bombarded with two dissimilar frequencies. One hemisphere of the brain entrains one frequency then the other hemisphere entrains the other frequency. They compete with each other and interfere with the frequency.

The EEG can be received and decoded out of the interference frequency. What you do is you take that person’s EEG and you heterodyne it or you encode it with the correct rhythms that will cause whatever the desired emotion is that you want to cause and then you transmit it back to the person. This won’t train that person’s brain to the modified EEG until it starts activating in the TI’s brain which will then start exhibiting the desired symptoms. There are certain rhythms or waveforms you can give to an individual’s EEG that will cause agitation, schizophrenic type symptoms, depression, anger, or rage. Here’s where the government conspiracy starts to take in more serious and real twists. The fact is that directed energy weapons as described above that can cause mental illnesses are a classified technology and only available through and to governmental outlets.

Think about deaf people’s technology, depending on the type of hearing loss, they can hear with the aid of a device called neurophones. This device works by bypassing the typical hearing process. Dr. Patrick Flanagan discovered everybody has an additional sense but don’t use it. This is the ability to hear through our skin. The neurophones make the small plates at the top of an electrode to vibrate. As soon as these electrodes touch the skin, the vibrations are transmitted to the skin. Then the skin transfers the vibrations. The skin is the largest organ in our body and has several nerve cells working like little sensors. It receives stimuli and transfers it to the brain and the brain decodes it.

The main point here is that 5G technology is out there to manipulate people. You would see a lot of commercials using subliminal messages to encourage shopping. To protect yourself from the potential danger of 5G technologies, you can get yourself an Orgone Sea Shell Necklace, Quantum Orgone Pendants, Phone Computer Bluetooth WiFi Radiation Protection, and Orgone Car EMF Harmonizer. Other products include Harmony Wear Glass Pendant and Pendulum as well as Orgone Iron On EMF Clothing Protection. Although, it is not a cure-all solution, it goes a long way to help reduce the effects of these harmful substances in our enevironments. These are some things you need to consider and be aware of about 5G technologies.