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Switching To Digital Television

What Cost Is Digital TV Your Health?

By year 2013 in Australia, as analogue free-to-air television signals are being switched off and replaced with digital-only signals, every Australian who watches television, will be watching digital television (TV). 

This means, to keep receiving free-to-air TV after the digital switch over in your area you will need a television that is capable of receiving digital signals.  You have two options - you either get a digital set top box to convert your existing analogue TV, or upgrade to a television with an in-built digital tuner.

So what will this mean and how will this affect us?  We are constantly being bombarded with promises that these new digital signals will deliver better picture viewing along with other entertainment benefits and options.  There is, however, a downside to this digital phenomenon - and that is electromagnetic radiation emitted from these Digital TV screens

LCD And CRT Computer And Television Screens 

Ten years ago Australians were lured away from our old cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions to the newer, slimmer, bigger screens of the plasma and liquid crystal display (LCD) technologies.  There was a belief that these new technologies would deliver a safer medium as far as electromagnetic radiation dangers were concerned, compared to the conventional CRT screens.

It was common knowledge that the CRT screens emitted electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radio frequency (RF) up to five metres in front of their screens. This was especially problematic for computer users on CRT monitors.  LCD and Plasma screen technology was the so called “fix” for electromagnetic screen issues for both computer users and television viewers.  Even though some people, with electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity to EMF and radiation were still being affected to some degree.

Digital Televisions Are More Harmful When Being Switched Off

Digital television frequencies create an electromagnetic beam, or harmful Positive Ion field, the size of the actual screen to a distance of up to a massive 400 metres in front of the, which is even more harmful when they are turned off. 

This beam or imprint penetrates all matter.  This means that many people, especially those living in densely populated areas, are not only being affected by their own digital television, but are being affected by the digital televisions of all their neighbours which is creating a criss-cross mesh of beams throughout most homes in residential areas. 

The electromagnetic frequencies created by digital televisions can trigger epilepsy, cause headaches, nausea, lethargy and other typical symptoms of electro-hypersensitivity.  We have seen an increasing number of people who have recently begun to experience not only the negative effects of their own digital television, but of their neighbours’ digital television radiation.

What Can We Do About All This And Is There A Solution?

To counteract electromagnetic radiation from Digital Televisions, Orgone Energy Australia recently designed a digital television harmonizing element which has now been built into our all of Geoclense Orgone Generators and all Orgone Energy And Schumann Generators.  These filter out, harmonize, neutralize and convert the dangerous Positive Ions electromagnetic radiation (EMR) into the healthy live force energy of Negative ions.

These highly protective Orgone Energy And Schumann Generators work by harmonizing and neutralizing the harmful energy and negative frequencies emitted by digital televisions, smart meters, wireless technology, WiFi modems, microwaves, radio frequencies, radiation from mobile and cell phone towers and electromagnetic fields from power lines, transformers and nearby electrical sub stations, turning these noxious Positive Ions into healthy Negative Ions.

These highly protective Orgone Energy And Schumann Generators completely harmonize and neutralize all intruding and residential electromagnetic beams penetrating all buildings, providing a safe and harmonious Negative Ion field which can only improve the health and well-being of all building occupants.  These amazingly innovative Orgone Devices create a safe “protective bubble of healing energy” around the building and the surrounding garden and land, and is completely safe for babies, toddlers, children and the elderly.