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Can Ionic Resonance Products Protect Against Electronic Harrassment

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Are We Being Electronically Tortured?  

A Geoclense Orgone Generator will most certainly harmonize and neutralize the harmful energy attacks that you are been experiencing from this type of Electronic torture, harassment or interference. 

An active static field shielding system is created by a Helmholtz coil, which when you read the energy coming from these devices, is similar to the energy that the Geoclense Orgone Generator, and any of the highly protective Orgone Schumann Generators actually generate or produce. 

This is fantastic, because this verifies scientifically what these highly effective Orgonium Orgone Energy Products do, and this is testimony to how our Ionic Resonance Products actually work, although the scientists would not call the coils "Ionic Resonance Devices".  

What Can We Do To Protect Ourselves?

Please ensure that you always have your Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in and operating.  Sleeping with an Orgonium Orgone Energy Healing Blanket will also provide you with much protection, as will carrying your Aircraft Orgone Generator with you, where ever you go when you are way from home.

Electronic Harassment Customer Review

I am the owner of the website  I would like to let your know that I have a Geoclense Orgone Generator, and it does ACTUALLY block the effects of the Electronic Torture equipment.   There is a relentless group that is outside of the norm for electronic harassment as one can note form the information on the above website. Among these people include public servants such as police who went crazy. 

I do believe that a second Geoclense Orgone Generator in the same power strip would be best for stopping this relentless group. I am pleased to say I can feel the difference when I return home.  Again this is outside of the norm for something that is supposed to done. 

I am going to now get three Orgone Schumann Resonance Domes and an Orgone Energy Pendant, and I will let you know my results. Thank you please feel free to blog this information and alert others above the positive effects these protective products have against electronic torture targets. Thank you again, Tony, Chicago, 11th July 2013