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Do I Have Entities Affecting My Family Or Myself?

Are Entities Affecting You?

Whether we know it or not, we are all affected by entities, Ghosts and negative energy and need to constantly be clearing them. Many of us just do not see them, nor acknowledge, them or have been encouraged to not believe they are they from a very young age.

Your Geoclense Orgone Generator will harmonize and neutralize the Ghosts and negative energy, as well as the Spirit Lines on your property to keep it protected and stop them coming in.  Wearing an Orgone Pendant or carrying an Aircraft Harmonizer EMF Protector with you when you go out will keep you protected when you are away from home.

This is because these highly protective Orgone Products complete seal your Aura which prevents ghosts, entities and negative energy from affecting you.

Access Consciousness Clearing Statement for removing Entities:

Entities, Demons and Devils return from whenst you came, never to return to us, our reality or our bodies ever again.  Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, POC, POD, All Nines, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds

This may need to be repeated 100 or more times on a regular basis to eliminate them regularly and to keep them away.  You can use the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement for clearing Entities as often as you like and whenever you like.

We would recommend you keep using this Access Consciousness Clearing statement continually, as we are all prone to being affected by entities on a constant basis.

The Geoclense Protects You From Ghosts And Entities

The above  Access Consciousness Clearing Statement is not dependent on having Orgone Products in place.  However, these highly protective Orgone Protection Products will assist you in clearing Ghosts, entities, spirits and negative energy, as well as keep them away.

The Geoclense Orgone Generator protects you ghosts as long as you not accept or invite them in. The same applies to entities, as if you invite them in on any level of your being (even unconsciously based on past life agreements), even your Geoclense cannot stop this.

The Access Consciousness Clearing statement is not an affirmation.  It is simple a tool for all of us to use daily to keep ourselves clear of entities and negative energy. Therefore this is really easy to use on a daily basis.  Say it every night when you are going to sleep for example, or when doing mundane task throughout the day, or as required.