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What Can We Do About WiFi Affecting Children In School?

We have spoken to many schools and school principals, and so have many parents about the danger of WiFi in schools.  The school principals believe this to be safe, but many parents do not agree.

As the Education Department are now using computers, iPads and electronic devices as part of their way of delivering their classes in schools currently.  See this informative video of the dangers of WiFi to your children while they are at school:

We agree that removing wireless technology from all schools is the best solution. But, after speaking to the Education Department (we know someone who in NSW Australia, who was a representative going around all the schools for the Education Department), they say this is not going to happen anytime soon.

Next Best Solution For Protecting Children From WiFi In Schools

What we are offering is the next best possible solution, which is to harmonize and neutralize the problem and provide protection to our children's health.  

The Geoclense for your home will provide your entire family with total protection, and then you can have your Geoclense, programmed with the Second Address of your children's school to provide it with total protection too.  

This way, all the wireless radiation and other forms of harmful energies at the school will be totally harmonized and neutralized while they are at school, keeping everyone protected. If you would like to protect your children by doing this, please see Second Address for Geoclenses  

You would not only harmonizing your children's entire school with your Geoclense, would also be providing an incredible amount of healing and protection for the staff and children attending the schools.