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Electromagnetic Frequencies Stop Melatonin Production

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The report by Dr Neil Cherry, a New Zealand based expert on electromagnetic radiation, in his research on the connection between electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation shows how these man-made energy fields are harming us and the reduction in our Melatonin levels. Specifically noted is the research done in Switzerland, when they turned the Short Wave Radio Mast off, when they were running Melatonin tests of people.

These people did not know that the Short Wave Radio Mast had been turned off.  During this experiment, it showed that their bodies then began to produce Melatonin again, that was until it was turned back on again!  This research proves that we are becoming Melatonin deficiency which is caused by man-made electromagnetic radiation. 

Our Brain Doesn't Know Electromagnetic Frequencies Are Not Light Frequencies

The Brain cannot detect the difference between man-made electromagnetic frequencies and light frequencies in order to begin to release Melatonin at night, and confuses man-made electromagnetic frequencies for light frequencies. 

Because these electromagnetic frequencies are everywhere and are now affecting all of us 24/7, we are no producing Melatonin as our brain thinks it is daylight all the time.  This is why more and more people suffer from insomnia and sleep disorders. Hence, many people are Melatonin deficient and are having difficulty sleeping.

Can Melatonin Deficiency Be Related To Cancer?

Coincidently, a lot of the symptoms of Electro Sensitivity or Electro Hyper Sensitivity disorders (EHS) are almost all of same symptoms caused by Melatonin deficiency. Without Melatonin, our bodies can not produce the necessary Free Radicals for detoxification, which is how electromagnetic frequencies exposure causes Cancer!

It is now a well know fact that people living near Cell Phone Towers for seven years or more have a very high likelihood of developing Cancer.  This would have a lot to do with their brains being confused by these man-made signals 24 hours of the day, and not producing Melatonin for a long time.

Can We Stop Electromagnetic Frequencies From Blocking Our Melatonin Production?

Electromagnetic frequencies are destroying the essential 7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance, which is require for all life to exist on this planet.  This is the same Schumann Resonance all our highly protective Orgone Schumann Generators resonate. Without Schumann Resonance, it has been proven that even our DNA cannot replicate to make new cells in our bodies.

The highly effective Orgonium Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products block these electromagnetic frequencies, so that our brains can again to produce Melatonin again even when we live in cities or close to Cell Phone Towers or Smart Meters.  

Melatonin and Electromagnetic Frequencies

To better understand this more effectively, and the connection with Melatonin and electromagnetic frequencies, watch the movie "Resonance - Beings Of Frequency"