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Is My Address Programmed Into My Geoclense?

So if my Geoclense is programmed to my address, then how can I travel with it? 

When you purchased your Geoclense it is a 'stand alone' Orgone Device designed to work anywhere at any location.  You can use it wherever you choose to, at any location anywhere, as no address whatsoever it programmed into it - not even you delivery address.

If we were to programme your Geoclense to one address, this would restrict you to use it there only.  Then you would not be able to use it when moved to a new home or wanted to take it with you on vacation, and you would not be able to use it anywhere else, plus it would be totally useless when you move to a new address.

You can use your Geoclense at as many amount of addresses as you wish, if you want to continually move it about - some people take there Geoclense to work with them every day, and then bring them home again with them.  Therefore, there is absolutely no restriction where you use them, nor any other limitation in this respect. 

So why is the Geoclense limited to two addresses then?

This is for another entirely different Optional Extra that we provide in addition to your Geoclense, which is limited to having two addresses programmed in for Schools and Universities only.  

This is a service where instead of buying another Geoclense, for half the price you can have one or two additional properties protected by your Geoclense.  This Second Address Programme can be purchased as an Optional Extra for your Geoclense to cover another entirely different location, which is limited of two additional addresses - the location it is plugged into and one school or university.

Note this is a completely separate Optional product additional to your Geoclense.  You are asking questions about two entirely different products here. The only programming that is done when you purchase the addition Optional Extra Programming of these address for your Geoclense. 

The Second Address Programming is the product that is limited to two addresses. Your Geoclense can be used at an unlimited and infinite amount of address if you wish, and is not limited to two address only. 

If it is programmed to only two addresses, then how can it work elsewhere when I plug it in at another location when travelling and have it work?  

Only the Second Address Programming for Schools and Universities is limited to two addresses, as we cannot program more addresses into one Geoclense, as Radionics does not work in that way.   

Your Geoclense is NOT programmed to work any one specific address ever. You may use it at any address and any location on the entire Planet.  The Second Address Programming is a completely separate product which is an Optional Extra you can choose to purchase.   

There is a completely different products to protect you whilst actually you are travelling, as your Geoclense usually remains at one location (your home).  

The Geoclense is not designed to be carried around to protect you whilst going from one location to another.  An Aircraft Travel Orgone Generator is more suitable for this purpose.