Do Solar Panels Create Dirty Electricity, EMF And Radiation?

Do Solar Panels Create Dirty Electricity, EMF And Radiation?

What Harm Would Solar Panels Be CausingTo Us?

Yes, Solar Panels do in fact emit quite a lot of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic fields (EMF).  Worse still they actually generate a lot of dirty electricity, especially 'stand alone' systems.  

However, most people asking you this question would most likely only have Solar Panels on their rooftops to sell electricity back to the grid.  These still require an Inverter an a lot of electrical wiring, connecting up the the Solar Panels to the Inverter, and then to the electrical switchboard and the Smart Meter.

How Dangerous are Smart Meters?

Of course, you most likely know how dangerous Smart Meters are?  And this is where most people who put Solar Panels on their rooftops come unstuck, as once you get Solar Panels put on your rooftop, you need get a Smart Meter installed, so that you can sell your electricity back to the grid.

Smart Meters put out extremely noxious energy spikes that not many devices can actually detect at present, due to these energy spikes being very fast and intermittent.   In fact, our Geoclense Orgone Generator is the only effective Orgone device to provide defense against these harmful energy spikes.

The  Best Solution Is A Geoclense And A Dome Orgone Schumann Generator

What about our  electricity solar system?

We have a 'stand alone' solar system (which has been upgrade twice since we have been here) and live totally off the grid.  We are five kilometres from the nearest highway where the power lines go through, and at least one kilometre from the nearest neighbours connected to the grid.  Our office in town has Solar Panels on the roof, and of course, a Smart Meter!

We have had our Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in constantly, at both these properties, as being energy sensitive we did not want our 'stand alone' solar system affecting us there either, and with thanks to the Geoclense Orgone Generator we have not affected be the solar system nor the Smart Meter!

What people do not know, is being connected to the actual electricity grid itself is harmful, as it produces a lot of dirty electricity - especially if you are at the end of the line!  

When Gerard Bini, our Technical Advsisor, visited our property up here in Regional Victoria, he was wondering why all the young trees were growing crooked at the back of our property?   Would you believe that when our Technial Advisor, Gerard Bini tested why the trees were all growing crooked with his Dowsing Rods, the answer he got was because the electricity grid (some way away from our property), was affected them and causing them to grow this way?   

Interesting isn't it?  I wonder what harm all that dirty electricity it is really doing to us?

Your best solution to protect yourself from the EMF and dirty electricity (or worse still the Smart Meter you had to install) is a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator and a Dome Orgone Schumann Generator.

Some of the Solar Panels on our cottage on our property in the forest here in Australia