Do Solar Panels Create Dirty Electricity, EMF And Radiation?

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Do Solar Panels Create Dirty Electricity, EMF And Radiation?

What Harm Would Solar Panels Be Causing To Us?

Yes, solar panels do in fact emit quite a lot of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic fields (EMF).  Worse yet, they generate a lot of dirty electricityespecially stand-alone systems.  

However, most people asking this question would likely only have solar panels on their rooftops to send electricity back to the grid.  These solar energy systems still require an inverter and a lot of electrical wiring to connect the solar panels to the inverter and then to the electrical switchboard and the Smart Meter.

The Smart Meter is a device that records the consumption of electric energy. It then communicates the information it has recorded to the supplier for billing and monitoring. Normally, you will find that a Smart Meter will record energy consumption by the hour, if not more frequently.

Are Solar Panels Dangerous to Your Health?

Just like our cell phones, televisions, and computers, solar panels also create toxic waste and electrical pollution that can prove to be harmful to our health. The production of the solar panels may create the same toxic byproducts commonly found in the production of things that cause greenhouse gases.

Electromagnetic radiation from rooftop solar panels is minimal, but it is still a good idea to limit your exposure to the EMR from all electrical devicessolar panels included. Whenever there is an electric charge, it creates an electromagnetic field (EMF). Our bodies also create EMF.

The concern with EMF is electromagnetic radiation (EMR) like you can find with radio waves, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet, and x-raysto name a few. These types of EMR can definitely harm us when we are exposed to this kind of radiation for prolonged periods of time. However, small amounts are not harmful when very minimal and with very limited exposure.

The EMR that solar panels and inverters give off is non-ionizing. This means that there is not enough energy present to cause significant damage to atoms and molecules. So, in the case of non-ionizing radiation as you can find with solar panels and other electronics around the home, the radiation emitted is minimal, and when proper steps are taken to protect yourself from long term exposure, you will find little in the way of adverse health effects. On the other hand, there is no minimum amount of exposure deemed appropriate for ionizing radiation.

How Dangerous are Smart Meters?

To send electricity back to the grid after installing solar power systems, you will have to have a Smart Meter installed, and this is where most people begin to wonder how safe it is to have. Smart Meters put out extremely noxious energy spikes that not many devices can actually detect at present because these energy spikes are very fast and intermittent.  

Our Geoclense Orgone Generator is the only effective Orgone device to provide defense against these harmful energy spikes.

 The  Best Solution Is A Geoclense And A Dome Orgone Schumann Generator


The Unseen Danger of Solar Panels

Solar panels are both safe and beneficial to use, and they don't produce any kind of greenhouse gases that can pollute the air. However, the other energy sources emitted by solar panel systems can prove to be harmful when exposed to radiation in the long term as mentioned above.

Solar panel systems include different parts and components that can radiate radio frequency electromagnetic radiation which can cause adverse health symptoms to people with long-term exposure. This kind of radiation (dirty power) can cause people to become sick, and this is especially true if they have electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). If someone has this condition, then it only takes a small amount of radiation exposure to cause symptoms.


What about our electricity solar system?

We have a 'stand alone' solar systemwhich has been upgraded twice since we have been hereand live totally off the grid.  We are five kilometers from the nearest highway where the power lines go through, and at least one kilometer from the nearest neighbors connected to the grid.  Our office in town has solar panels on the roof, and of course, a Smart Meter!

We have had our Geoclense Orgone Generator plugged in constantly at both these properties. Being energy sensitive, we didn't want our 'stand alone' solar system affecting us there either. With the Geoclense Orgone Generator, we have not been affected by the solar system nor the Smart Meter!

What people don't know, is being connected to the actual electricity grid itself is harmful, as it produces a lot of dirty electricity
especially if you are at the end of the line!  

What is Dirty Electricity?

Also known as electrical pollution, dirty electricity describes the electromagnetic noise on the main wiring of the house. It is commonly caused by computers and switching power supplies, and there are impulses, spikes, or surges that occur with the system's conductors.

Many believe that dirty electricity is harmful to us and can create potentially harmful electrical frequencies because of man-made technology. Even light bulbs are capable of emitting dirty electricity.

When Gerard Bini, our Technical Advisor, visited our property up here in Regional Victoria, he was wondering why all the young trees were growing crooked at the back of our property. Would you believe that when Bini tested why the trees were all growing crooked with his Dowsing Rods, the answer he got was because the electricity gridsome a good distance from our propertywas affecting them and causing them to grow this way.   

Interesting isn't it?  I wonder what harm all that dirty electricity is really doing to us?

Your best solution to protect yourself from the EMF and dirty electricity (or worse still the Smart Meter you had to install) is a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator and a Dome Orgone Schumann Generator. This device is capable of neutralizing the effects of electromagnetic fields everywhere you go.

Some of the Solar Panels on our cottage on our property in the forest here in Australia