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The Difference Between Water Ionizers And Orgone Domes

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How are the Food Water Ionizers different to the Dome Orgone Schumann Generators?

The Food Water Ionizers are flat so that you can place food, water or wine on them, and stand them there for a few minutes to energize them.  The Dome Orgone Schumann Generators are dome shaped and when placed on a hard flat surface magnify their abilities in a more dome like sphere.

You can also place your Food Water Ionisers on hard flat surfaces as this will also magnify their energies.  However, you won’t get the powerful dome shaped sphere you would get with the Dome Orgone Schumann Generators.

All of these protection products are both Orgone Generators and Schumann Resonance Generators.

Can I use a Dome Orgone Schumann Generator to energize skincare and shaving products food, wine and water too?  How to do this for?

Yes, you do this by placing your Dome Orgone Schumann Generator on a hard surface such as the top of your refrigerator, and then place any items you wish to energize beside your Dome Orgone Schumann Generator.  

One your Orgone Generator Plates simply stand your items on top of the plate.  One minute of energizing is all this requires.  

I use an AlkaPod Water Alkalizer and Ionizer. Can I recharge it with my Orgone Plate?

Yes you can still do this.  The AlkaPod does not actually ionize as they claim it does.  Our Technical Advisor thoroughly tested the AlkaPod for its ionizing abilities, and has found that it does not actually ionize.  Therefore you will require your Orgone Generator Plates or your Dome Orgone Schumann Generators to do the ionization.

Are these safe to use with Crystals and Salt Lamps?

Yes, because as Crystals constantly accumulate negative or harmful energies therefore require constant cleansing that your Orgone Generator Plates or Dome Orgone Schumann Generators will do efficiently.

Salt Lamps are very ineffective due to the high about of Positive unhealthy ions caused by the lamp inside as the electricity goes through it, which in turn neutralises the Negative healthy ions.   

We recommend that you place a small Orgone Generator plate beneath each Salt Lamp, otherwise install a Geoclense Orgone Generator, to completely cover the Salt Lamps to transform the Positive unhealthy Ions into only Negative healthy Ions.

Would a small Orgone Plate work for the fridge?  

Yes.  Although you would find the larger Orgone Plate may be much more useful as it has a larger surface area to place food, water, drinks and supplements on.   The small Orgone Generator plate will cover all contents of your refrigerator if placed on a very hard surface such as metal, ceramic or wood.

I was reading the small plate it says it works for 10 meters or 50 metres when placed on a hard surface.  What does that mean does it mean because I have a Geocleanse in the house that plate will work 50 meters? The energy field created by these highly protective Orgone Plates is based on how hard the surface is that the item is place on such as glass, steel, wood or ceramics.

The Orgone Plates work regardless of whether you have a Geoclense Orgone Generator or not.  In fact, the Geoclense will actually increase the healing and protective benefits.

What is the difference between the Orgone Domes, the Geoclense and the Orgone Plates?  

It takes two Orgone Schumann Domes to do what a Geoclense Orgone Generator does. However, the Geoclense Orgone Generator is way more effective due to its ability to magnify itself once connected to your electrical wiring and Earth stake, to cover your entire property (an entire office tower and an even an entire farm).

Whereas, the Orgone Schumann Domes will cover an area of  40 to 80 metres as long as your Dome Schumann Orgone Generator is placed on the hardest surface possible. You can even place Orgone Schumann Domes a metal kitchen bench, and then place your food, water and supplements beside it to be energized.  They work fantastically in or on top of refrigerators.

The difference between the Orgone Schumann Dome and the Orgone Plates is the size and shape as the Orgone Plates are flat for placing objects onto, and also the radius of the energy field that they cover.  

The small Orgone Plate covers an energy field for these Orgone Generators is around 10 metres.  When placed on a hard these high efficacy Orgonium Orgone Products will create of greater protective energy field of up to 50 metres.

The large Orgone Plate covers around 20 metres, when it is placed on a hard surface this Orgone Generator will create of radius of up to 100 metres.