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Orgone Products May Detox, Purify And Heal Your Body

What Other Effects May I Experience With My Orgone Products?

Your highly effective Orgone Products only ever provide you with beneficial healing and total protection from all forms of harmful energy at all time, as they are very powerful Energy Healing products.

When you are initially exposed to these highly protective Orgone Products, the first thing they will do is recalibrating the energies in your body and around you, bringing your entire body back into balance including your aura, chakras, light bodies and all of your energy fields, and will assist you to release old emotions.

If you have any Health issues whatsoever, these incredible energy healing Orgone Products will assist your body to detoxify and purify, in order for you to heal.   These are actually a 'positive effect', as once you have released these environmental toxins, emotions, chemicals and pollutants that your body wants to eliminate, you will feel much better and have better energy levels.  

The Healing Effects Of Orgone Energy In Your Energetic Fields 

These high efficacy Orgone Products are especially designed to assist you to eliminate unwanted toxins and chemicals from your body such as Heavy Metals, Mercury toxicity and Candida toxins.  We have designed these highly effective Orgone Products to clear these harmful energies that may causes of allergies and health issues.

Symptoms Of Energy Healing With Orgone Products

Symptoms of energy healing, purifying and detoxifying may show as:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Restless sleep
  • Tiredness
  • Dehydration

For ways to assist you with these symptoms click here  Energizing Your Kidneys And Improving Detoxification Symptoms

Mercury Toxicity Makes You Very Emotional And Makes You Cry For No Reason


Can An Emotional Release Occur With Orgone Energy?

Yes our highly effective Orgone Energy Healing products are very effective with assisting you to release, eliminate, cleanse and purge old emotions that have been suppressed or held onto that no longer serve you. 

As you are best to let go of thoughts, feelings and emotions at the time of experiencing them, there are several tools you can use to release them:

1.  Acknowledge them, appreciate them for what they have taught you, breathe them out and let them go.

2.  Ask:  "Who do these belong to?"  98,000% of what we hold on to does not belong to us, and because we are incredible energy receptors, we feel what everyone else feels and think it belongs to use.

3.  Say to your 'monkey-mind' (which is Universal and is the same one we are all connected to) "Interesting Point Of View".  Keep doing this until the thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc dissipate and stop returning.

4.  Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day at assist with eliminating emotions. 

Once you have released or purged these old thoughts, feelings and emotions, you will feel much better, recalibrate your body, so that you have more energy and more vitality.   And when you let them go, they will stop holding you back and allow you to move forward in life with more ease, joy and glory.  Enjoy!

Some of the above are tools from Access Consciousness.  For more information about this amazing healing system, click here: Access Consciousness