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Why Turn My WiFi Off When Not In Use?

We have never heard of anyone with WiFi modems that cannot be switched off.  Many claim there is no on / off switch!  We simply unplug ours from the power point when we are no longer using it.

Here Are Reasons To Turn Off WiFi When Not In Use

1.   Save the usage of unnecessary electricity and reduce how much you pay

2.   Lessen the impact on your family, friends,neighbours or loved ones

The Geoclense Orgone Generator covers your home and not your neighbours home, so you may be safe.  But what about your neighours who may have their head on the other side of the wall where your wireless modem may be on all night?

What about people who may become ill from WiFi Radiation?

Some people who are sensitive to WiFi are getting kept awake all night long, and experience being hot and feel like they are burning up, when their neighbours leave their WiFi on all the time.  This is one of the main reasons we suggest you turn off WiFi when not in use.  Not to mention you would be saving hundred of dollars each year in electricity bills.

You are being protected by your Geoclense Orgone Generator which is harmonizing and neutralizing your WiFi radiation in your home, as long as your Geoclense Orgone Generator is always plugged into a live power point. 

Children Are Developing Heart Issues Due To WiFi Exposure

Many children going to schools where they are exposed to wireless radiation from WiFi modems at school are experiencing their hearts either racing, heart palpitations and /or heart arrhythmia.  Here are the findings of testing the heart against the effects of electromagnetic radiation and microwave radiation:

Effects On Microwave Radiation On The Heart 

More Reasons Why I Need To Turn The Wireless Router Or WiF Modem Off When Not In Use?

If you wish to understand this better, get a visual of what all these signals look like in the air by watching this movie "Resonance - Beings of Frequency":