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What Is The Hertz Frequencies Of The Schumann Generator?

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What Is The Hertz Frequencies Of The Orgone Geoclense?

According to Fred Soyka, author of "The Ion Effect", the frequencies of 60-100 Hertz are stimulating to a person, while less than 25 Hertz is relaxing.

A negative ion generator with Ion frequencies of more than 25 Hertz may keep one alert and awake longer at night than desired. 

Hertz Frequencies commonly known and their effects:

Delta - 0.5 to 4 Hertz
Associated with deep sleep.  Essential to daily living.  Regulates physiology. Used to detect Depression.

Theta - 4 to 8 Hertz
Related to sleep and recovery function. Contains memories, thoughts, emotions and primitive Belief systems.  Holds both creativity and sorrow.  Inward focused, quietness, self-hypnosis and thoughtfulness.

Sensory Motor Rhythm - 12 to 15 Hertz
Simple problem solving. Accounts for 85% of daily functioning. Low energy requirement. Ability to deal with stress.

Beta - 15 to 26 Hertz
Focused thinking. Stress reaction and survival.  Complex thinking.  Signal for burnout, anxiety and stress.  Uses the most energy and causes Adrenal depletion.

So what are the frequencies emitted by Geocleanse for which the negative ions are being generated? 

The frequency of our very powerful and highly effective Geoclense Orgone Generator is 7.83 Hz to 4.5 Hz, which are in an octave.  For more information about how this measured using a Lechter Antennae please read The Lechter Antenna Measurements Of The Hertz Frequencies Of The Geoclense

Frequencies of 60 to 100 Hertz may be stimulating; and they may also cause organs stress, which is not what healthy negative ions do.  

In fact, healthy negative ions remove the stress from your body and your organs.  So those frequencies may stimulate, but these are not the frequencies of true negative ion. 

Please note that 60 Hertz and 25 Hertz do not produce negative ions whatsoever. 

Negative ions can only be produced by Schumann Resonance frequencies because negative ions are the Schumann Resonance, Schumann Frequencies or Schumann Waves.

How Come These Products Work Really Well?

Due to being incredibly 'energy sensitive', we have been able to fine tune these highly effective Orgone Products beyond what everyone else is doing on the entire planet. 

As we are so sensitive we feel the effects of all harmful energies constantly around us everywhere we go. This is how we are able to contribute to so many people around the world.

Why Do People Become Hypersensitive To EMF?

When we find people are still hyper-sensitive, electrification or have electromagnetic hypersensitivity to harmful energies even though our highly protective Orgonium Orgone Energy products are providing them with maximum protection, it can generally be a few this:

  • They have Mercury, Heavy Metals, Environmental Toxins in their bodies, and Candida is badly out of balance
  • They suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, EMF Sensitivity and severe allergies  because they have Porphyria (one in five people have this and it is getting worse). 
  • They maybe under Psychic attack, be having their energy drained by someone, or are carrying around Entities, Ectoplasms, negative energy fields, etc (entities are everywhere all the time and we need to clear these constantly cleared the best way to clear these daily is to see an Access Consciousness Facilitator or attend the courses and learn these techniques yourself.
  • They may be living on land that is cursed which we clear for our customers free of charge if you own a Geoclense Negative Ion Generator.  When we clear this we get such am immediate response from customers noticing an incredible difference in how they feel right away


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