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Improve Your Health By Grounding Your Feet

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Earthing And Grounding

In the early 1950's, 95% of our footwear had leather soles, which is very conductive of Earth energies.  There were no mobile phones, DECT cordless phones, microwave ovens, wireless technology and WiFi.   The airwaves were much quieter then.

Now 95% of all footwear has rubber or plastic soles, which insulates us the essential Earth energies we require. And, the air is now totally bombarded with waves of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF's), radiation and radio frequencies (RF) at a level many thousands of times higher than in the 1950's.

Simply put we have massively increased our exposure to EMF, radiation and radio waves, and at the same time have almost totally insulated ourselves from the Earth's healing negative charge that our bodies require. During this same period of  time (1950's to present) chronic and inflammatory illness such as diabetes have gone through the roof.  

Could improvements with Grounding or Earth effects be Co-incidential?  

We believe that Grounding or Earthing shoes will greatly improve chronic health conditions.  It is an important pillar for maintaining good health along with diet, exercise, sleep, sunshine and fresh air.

The solution is simple.  Spend as much time as possible walking on Earth with your bare feet.  The more you spend with your feet on Earth, the more you will recharge yourself and increase your energy levels.  Better still, make sure you only by shoes with leather soles so that you can 'ground' yourself more every day.  Walking on the Earth with bare foot and "grounding" reduce the stress of 'Positive Ion' friction in the air, taking away all the effects of EMF, Radiation and Radio Waves.  

Do you ever wonder why you felt better when you went to the beach or away on holiday where your feet were connected to the Earth for longer periods of time?  Then spend at least 30 minutes a day with your feet in the sea, on the Earth or walking on the grass.  By the way, it is one of the best solutions for jet lag too!