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How To Measure Or Count Negative Ions

How Do I Count Negative Ions for Orgonium Orgone Products?

Gerard Bini, our Orgonium Orgone Energy Product Developer and Technical Advisor, has an Alpha Labs Air Ion Counter, which gives excellent Negative Ion readings for all our highly effective Orgone Devices. 

Although, upon further research, he has found that these meters have inaccuracies, due to modern science having very limited knowledge of the different methods that can be produced.  

Negative Ions are better measured by using body indicators if a person knows how to recognize Negative Ion resonance.   Please read our Testing Noxious Energies and How To Test Orgone Energy products page which will give you a range of questions you can ask.

Can Do A Count Negative Ions myself?

You can also ask what the Negative Ion count is as one of your questions, as per the sample questions on our Testing Harmful Energies Page above.  

Negative Ion count is best referred to as "negative charge" or "positive and negative point charge". For further references to this, please refer to:

We actually measure the protective energy field of our Orgone Products which provides a better perspective for customers. These are listed within the description for each Orgone product.

The Negative Ion count of the Orgone Geoclense is 2500 Ions, our Orgone Pendants and Dome Orgone Schumann Generators are 2000 Ions