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Radiation Shielding Or Blocking Is Not Protective

Do iPhone Shields Cause More radiation?

Yes this is correct!  Anything such as an enclosed case you place your phone, computer or electronic device in that blocks or shields reception, will definitely generate way more radiation as it makes these devices work harder.   

This is why shielding and blocking type products are not recommended.  They are dangerous as they actually cause your radiation emitting devices to generate much higher levels of radiation. 

Orgonium Phone Computer WiFi Radiation Protectors actually work differently and not by blocking or shielding!  

They work by harmonizing and neutralizing the harmful effects of radiation or EMF by removing the damaging effects of Positive Ions which are neutralized by healing beneficial Negative Ions.

Do Orgonium Radiation Protection products protect against electromagnetic radiation and radio frequency radiation and heat radiation? 

Yes. For a comprehensive list of everything these highly effective Orgone Products protect you from, please see: List Of Harmful Energy Orgonium Covers

Your electronic devices will still generate heat no matter what and we cannot prevent that!  These powerfully protective Orgonium Radiation Protectors are doing is stopping and preventing any damage this heat, EMF and radiation may cause to your DNA, your organs, glands and physiology of your body.  Many of our customers state they do not feel this heat penetrating their head once they have Orgone Products providing them with protection.

Does the Geocleanse Negative Ion Harmonizer protect my body sufficiently from the laptop, iPhone or iPads while in my home? 

Yes of course!  It does this because the Geocleanse Negative Ion Harmonizer is a constant solid state Negative Ion Resonance generator.  

Once plugged in, the Geoclense is actually totally protecting your entire property with healthy, healing beneficial Negative Ions (and cancelling out the unhealthy, harmful Positive Ions), whether it is a quarter acre suburban block, 600 acres of a farm, or a 50 story office building. 

Do Protection Pendants not provide shielding or blocking?

Firstly, please understand that all protection products out there on the market that do 'shielding' are dangerous. Any shielding or blocking products cause the Radiation Emitting device to actually work much harder, causing it to emit higher and much greater levels of radiation and electromagnetic frequencies!

The Orgonium Orgone Energy Products work using the healing energy of protective and beneficial Negative Ions of Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance to totally and completely harmonize and neutralize the harmful effects of dangerous Positive Ions removing their harmful effects completely.  They do not work by shielding nor blocking!

To better understand how these Orgonium Orgone Products work to harmonize and neutralize with beneficial Negative Ions, then please feel free to test these Orgonium Orgone Products for yourself, and read our more detailed explanation read: Testing Harmful Energy

Here is what our Technical Advisor says about other Protection Pendants on the market:

"There are no comparisons done by anyone around harmonizers which are valid, because they are not done in a scientific manner.  The comparison websites are done by people who are Hyper Sensitivity, and are not qualified to give an opinion.  The Bioelectric Shield, however,  when l have tested it at Trade Shows where people have been wearing them, have tested to ONLY protects from electrical EMF only and nothing else!

They do not protect from the more harmful earth radiation fields such a  from Uranium, Granite, EMG, Cygnus, Strontium and Caesium (from Nuclear power plants) and especially not from Black water, which the most harmful form of radiation on the planet.The Geoclense Negative Ion Generator, and other Orgonium Orgone Schumann Products have been tested to protect all of the harmful energies we have listed including all of the above ."  Gerard Bini

For a complete list of what the Orgonium Orgone Products provide you with protection from see Harmful Energies These Orgone Products Protect You From