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Best UV Light for Urine Detection

Best UV Light for Urine Detection

Of all the unpleasant odors you can find in your home, pet urine is the worst.

It is smelly and very difficult to remove. Furthermore, it is highly concentrated and contains ammonia, which can
trigger several health problems.

Cleaning your carpets, floors, or upholstery is the best way to get rid of pet urine. However, you must identify the source to have a chance of removing the odor.

Sadly, old pet urine stains are not visible to the naked eye.

But what if there was a way to easily find the location of a pet’s urine? That’s why you need the Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlight for urine detection.

Using a UV urine detector is a sure way to catch that stink early. From urine to saliva, UV lights bring out the biological breadcrumbs left behind by our pets, allowing pet owners to clean them and keep the home fresh. In this article, we will explain how UV flashlights work for urine detection.


Why Should I Use a UV Flashlight for Urine Detection?

There are two (2) main reasons you should have a UV urine detector on hand as a pet owner:

  • Find the source of hidden smells. Is there a funky scent in the house that you just can’t place? Perhaps you smell a dog ring odor in your house, but you can’t find it. A walkthrough with a UV flashlight will help you locate that mess, whether it is something you missed or perhaps leftovers that a cleaner missed.


  • Prevent future marking. Identifying the problem and cleaning it with an oxidative or enzymatic dog urine cleaner will help prevent repetitive urination problems because dogs like to go to where they have peed before. If you are in a new home, your dog may also want to mark where another dog has peed in the past.

Given these uses, dog owners with peeing puppies or seniors susceptible to accidents and incontinence would benefit significantly from having a UV flashlight nearby. They are also invaluable to those of us with mixed-style homes, like cat owners.

Finding urine quickly is important for removing and preventing lingering odors, but seeing them lit up can also help identify the culprit (for instance, cats like to mark vertical surfaces in a spraying style versus dogs that may sprinkle on corners.)


How Does UV Light Make Urine Glow Up?

For people who have never owned a UV flashlight, you are possibly wondering how these devices can make pet urine glow as it does.

Ultraviolet light emits violet light that reacts to substances in different ways depending on their chemical composition. When light shines on certain materials in a dark environment, the materials absorb and reflect the light of different wavelengths, giving them a luminous appearance.


This essentially means you can see things (like urine stains) that are not easy to see when illuminated with wavelengths in the visible spectrum. One thing you should know is that urine contains quite a complex chemical mix consisting mainly of phosphorus, creatinine, urea, and other nitrogen-based chemicals. Now, it’s the phosphorus that normally glows under ultraviolet light. Interestingly, even if you wipe urine off the surface, the phosphor can still stick to the bottom the same way dyes stick to the surface.

So, when you use a UV flashlight for pet urine detection, you are not accurately detecting the urine itself. On the contrary, you’re spotting the phosphorus that the urine leaves behind.

How to Detect Urine with UV Flashlight?

Now that you know how UV flashlights work for urine detection, the next thing you need to do is learn how to use them.

Use your UV flashlight in complete darkness for best results. Total darkness conditions really make these flashlights shine and make stains caused by different bodily fluids easier to detect. After turning off the light, look for neon or green spots.

This is the phosphorus that comes out of the urine. Once you detect the neon stains, you can clean them.


Is It Only Urine that Glows Under the Light?

As well as urine, UV flashlights can detect different organic substances that glow in the dark.

Saliva, semen, and some minerals glow when exposed to UV light, which is why UV flashlights are also used in forensic science.


The ultraviolet flashlight is a multifunctional and practical tool that can be used to detect pet urine stains, search for scorpions, identify brighteners in cosmetics, liquids, or chemicals, detect counterfeit passports, banknotes, and cards.

Although most bodily fluids are luminous, it is important to note that blood appears black unless sprayed with luminol. Hopefully, you don’t have to worry about finding blood your dog leaves behind. You can buy our UV black light flashlight to detect pet urine stains and prevent your room from smelling bad.

What is the Best Wavelength for Urine Detection?

Pet urine is only visible under ultraviolet light and at certain wavelengths.

The recommended wavelength range is 365-385 nm, but 390 nm and 395 nm are still ideal for detecting urine.

However, other factors may affect visibility. This includes interference from natural light, so it’s recommended to look for locations in a dark environment.

Pet urine can be difficult to see, even when wet. In the end, intensity matters. As such, your flashlight should be strong and bright, and you may need to get closer to suspicious areas to boost the lighting.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a UV Light for Urine Detection

Looking for the best UV light for urine detection? Here are some things to consider to ensure you’re getting the best:


You need strong ultraviolet light to see even the tiniest of spots. For better lighting, it’s a good idea to choose a black light with multiple LED bulbs and a high-capacity battery.


There are many UV flashlights, but not all are suitable for detecting pet urine. The reason is the wavelength of its ultraviolet light. The recommended wavelength for detecting pet urine is 365 to 385nm. The higher wavelength tends to blend with standard light so they may not hit the target.


Pet urine stains are typically hidden and therefore require some maneuvering to detect them. Hence, you need a portable black light to make your work easier. Many UV flashlights for urine detection can easily be carried in a pocket, but others are a bit bulkier, like traditional flashlights. If you plan to use your flashlight on the go, a more compact model might be better for you.


Most UV flashlights are versatile. You can use these UV flashlights to fix AC gas leaks, identify forged documents, or use them in forensics. Also, they make great camping gear.


Consider purchasing products made from durable materials with protective properties like water- and dust-proof coatings that make them ideal for outdoor adventures. The aluminum alloy is sturdy and can give the flashlight a solid structure. With such durable finishes, you can continue to use your UV flashlight even on your outdoor adventures.

Energy Source

Is the device rechargeable or battery-operated? Eco-conscious pet parents will want rechargeable models, as well as owners who want to use the device frequently. Replacing batteries is not only a hassle, but it can also become expensive over time.

Notice to Cat Owners

Not all UV flashlights for urine detection are created equal, so ensure you choose the right one for your needs. For instance, UV lamps that work well for dog pee may not necessarily work for cat pee, so pay close attention to the descriptions to make sure you’re getting the right product for you. Our UV Flashlight works best for both.

What is the Best UV Flashlight for Urine Detection?

The Orgone Energy UV Flashlight is the best UV flashlight for urine detection because it’s lightweight, durable, and good at detecting hidden pet urine stains. It is also easy to use, which is always a nice bonus.


Most 365nm UV flashlights aren't intense, don't have the range and don't have the power you need. So with Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlight, we are giving you the next stage of progress. It is the upgrade to 365nm flashlights they desperately need. More range, more intensity, more benefit!

We did not skimp on the build quality.


Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlights are crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. So these robust and lightweight flashlights will not corrode or rust. This will give you years of faithful service!

Unlike other flashlights, this is a long-range 365nm UV flashlight. It is difficult to find a high-intensity 365nm device that can transmit up to 50 meters. We have filled that gap with Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlights to be a game-changer for those who want long-range results with 365nm UV purity.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing the best UV light for urine detection can allow you to finally remove all the urine stains that have been on your carpets for years and we hope this guide has made it easier for you to find the right one for your situation.
However, if the use of our flashlight is getting your pets into trouble, don’t tell them we were the ones that recommended it.