Can I buy an EMF Meter from Lowes? An Orgone Energy Review

EMF radiation can be a frightening issue for many families. But is it possible to get an EMF meter from Lowes? 
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EMF radiation can be a frightening issue for many families. But is it possible to get an EMF meter from Lowes? 


EMF radiation is the result of many of our modern technological conveniences. As well as making our lives easier and more accessible, items like microwaves, routers, smart TVs and computers send out invisible streams of energy which may harm our physical and mental health. 


One example is a study that linked high use of cellphones to a type of cancer called glioma that occurs in the brain and spinal cord.


Another study demonstrated that people with longer term exposure to EMFs had a higher rate of leukemia in adults. 


How Can I Determine my Level of Exposure to EMFs?


EMF exposure


Of course, many people are eager to know just how much EMF radiation they are experiencing in their homes or business. 

Many people want to know if they can buy an EMF meter from their local Lowes store. The reason this is important for people is that they might save a little money by purchasing items locally.

The answer is no, but there’s more to the story. It is not so much that Lowes store has inferior products because it’s not the case at all.

The real problem is that no one in the store can actually tell you what to purchase. And even if they knew the difference between a Gauss meter and an RF meter, they would not know to ask you what frequency range you want to measure.


This is because if you have the wrong meter for the job, nothing will appear on the screen, and you will think you have no problem.


What are Electromagnetic Field Detectors Used for?


EMF meter


An electromagnetic field detector is a small device that can detect things that are not quite so small. Basically, the electromagnetic field deals with 3 different types of waves: radio, magnetic, and electric.

A combination of these three forms the electromagnetic field. Therefore, the electromagnetic field detector then diagnoses potential problems with the power lines and receives a reading of the electromagnetic field generated.

An electromagnetic field detector helps to measure the AC electromagnetic field normally created by man-made sources, while other types of equipment are used to measure the radiation that is naturally emitted.

How to Use Electromagnetic Field Detectors


Electromagnetic field detectors are quite convenient to use. Most modern EMF detectors come with different types of LED lights for easy investigation of the type of energy present in a particular area.

These are a series of lights placed on the meter where it indicates no lights in case there’s no electromagnetic frequency. The display will, however, read higher numbers, shift the needles, or switch on a light when there’s some amount of EMF present around.


EMF Meter Lowes Review


Lowes EMF meter review


At the time of publication, Lowe’s carries an EMF meter from the same company as Home Depot, Extech.

According to Lowe’s website, it’s only available online and is not a typical EMF meter. Lowe’s offers the Extech 480826 8GHz EMF Meter. This unit is a top-quality EMF measuring device that is especially suitable for professionals. It is capable of measuring frequencies up to 8 GHz, which is much higher than what you would need for your average home use. Of course, like any high-quality EMF meter, it can accurately read the radiation from your local phone towers, Wi-Fi router, smart meters, leaky microwaves, etc. Let’s talk about some of the features:

  • The Tri-Axis remote probe makes it easy to use when measuring remote devices or power lines.
  • A wide variety of measurements displayed in both milligauss and micro-tesla.
  • Good LCD screen
  • It comes with a sturdy carrying case

This is a high-quality EMF meter but by no means a good choice for the average user. It’s more expensive, more difficult to use, and has less functionality than, for example, the Acoustimeter AM 10 RF Radiation Meter.

Best EMF Meter Option


The Acoustimeter AM 10 RF Radiation Meter is one of the highest-rated EMF meters on the market. It can accurately measure emissions from cell phones, TVs, FM towers, and Wi-Fi devices. Precisely, this is one of the best and highest electromagnetic field detectors capable of registering frequencies from the following sources:

  • Phone tower
  • Smartphone
  • Digital baby monitors
  • Microwave
  • Wireless equipment (phone, router, alarm, camera, etc)

The EMF meter has two different characteristics that make it unique compared to other similar products. The Acoustimeter AM 10 RF Radiation Meter has a remarkable range for observing the most sensitive emissions. In addition, it is without a doubt the easiest EMF meter use.

You can also see where the radiation is coming from under certain circumstances. Although it is a one-way meter, it is sensitive enough to handle even complex tasks as it can indicate the exact sources of discharge.

Bottom Line

While you may find an EMF detector or meter at your local Lowe’s store, it’s definitely not the best place to purchase one. The meters offered in this store are intended for specific professional purposes. Amazon has many great EMF meters you should check out if you want to buy one. However, the Acoustimeter AM 10 RF Radiation Meter is by far the most recommended.


While an EMF meter is a great option to measure your exposure, you can easily protect your home and loved one with EMF protection from our line of Orgone Energy products. 


Our protects are the result of 20 years of research and development and have gone through rigorous testing to prove their effectiveness. 

Protect your what matters most with Orgone Energy.