The Truth about Orgonite Tower Busters

Before Orgone Energy technology many relied on products like Orgonite Tower Busters. But are they safe or effective? 

Before Orgone Energy technology many relied on products like Orgonite Tower Busters. But are they safe or effective? 

Orgone Effects Devices have had more than 20 years of research and development. Our line of home and personal protection products are a great option for EMF protection.

However, some are still not aware of the potential hazards of orgonite and instead choose to use these products. One popular Orgonite product is the tower buster. 

The tower buster is the most prominent orgonite piece intended for outdoor distribution in a larger area. Don Croft designed it in the early 2000s, and it is so named because it can combat the negative effects of cell phone antennas on the ethereal energy known as orgone. These tower busters are based on the 50/50 ratio of up to 50 percent resin and 50 percent metal shavings, which are necessary for orgonite to adequately clean stagnant energy according to research by Wilhelm Reich.


Orgonite tower buster


Tower busters can be used virtually anywhere to boost energy. Some have used them to surround houses or to detoxify the soil. Ranchers and farmers use them to increase animal health and crop yields.

Gifters have also used them to improve energy for thousands of places around the world and dumped them in detoxifying polluted rivers, to name a few uses.

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What do Orgonite Tower Busters do?




Orgonite tower busters can transmute/neutralize approximately 90 percent of the negativity of an electromagnetic source, whether it is a Wi-Fi transmitter in a house, a cellphone or cell tower (2G/3G/4G), a television mast, a radio, and many more.

This 90 percent neutralization is enough to have many positive effects, such as effects on the climate or the neighboring vegetation. Although it is mainly used to convert negative orgone to positive orgone and to combat the negative effects of electronic devices on ether energy, orgonite tower busters have a wide variety of applications, and new uses are constantly being developed.

  • It cleanses the environment, ends drought, and detoxifies water.
  • It helps plants grow better, require less water, and repel pests.
  • It provides EMF protection as it reduces the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Disarm and repel predatory life forms.
  • It inspires pleasant behavior, and a balanced, happy mood.
  • It helps awaken our innate psychic senses.
  • It often cures chronic nightmares and insomnia.

The goal is to establish a shield around your working and living space that attenuates all detrimental frequencies from all electrical devices.


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How Many Tower Busters Do I Need?


Orgonite pyramid vs Tower Buster


As mentioned earlier, a single orgonite tower buster is enough to transmute/neutralize about 90 percent of the negativity of the electromagnetic source, regardless of whether it is a Wi-Fi transmitter in a house, a cell phone, or a cell phone mast (2G/3G/4G), television mast, radio mast, and many more.

For comparatively large masts, more than a tower buster is needed. Probably, two to four tower busters to neutralize/convert 90% of the negativity.

This 90% neutralization is enough to have many positive effects, such as effects on the climate or the neighboring vegetation.

However, to be 100 percent and remove any negativity from an antenna, you will need up to 10 tower busters or even 20, including many inductions.

However, only people who are sensitive to electricity will actually feel that 10% negativity remains after one tower buster. It does not affect most of us. In short, an orgonite tower buster is enough to produce excellent positive results. There is no limit to the number of orgonite tower busters you can place anywhere. The positive effects can only get better.

Can you Have too Much Orgonite in your Home? 

To use a simple analogy: you can’t overdose on veggies, they’re good for you. But sometimes, if you eat too much of them, it becomes useless. It can’t be bad, but it is not helpful either.

This is also true for orgonites, but we can’t honestly tell you what the limit is and what point you don’t need to add more. Also, if you have 100 tower busters, it is better to cover 100 masts with an orgonite tower buster each than covering 5 masts with 20 orgonites each.

It is more or less the same with plants. A simple tower buster at the base of an unhealthy tree greatly helps the tree regain its shape. 10 orgonites or a cloudbuster will help even more.

But never underestimate the effects of a simple orgonite tower buster. Only one already has very amazing effects on one plant or even several, but we can say more, it can only be better. Note that if you have more than one orgonite in one place, you may want to arrange them in triangles, hexagonal patterns, etc. This dramatically improves the effects compared to a row of orgonites randomly placed nearby.

As for humans, there are no limits either. If you can handle hundreds of tower busters around you, that’s great, you’re healthy. In general, a healthy person has no problem being around hundreds of cloudbusters or tower busters, although there are subtle long-term effects. But we cannot easily judge them in a few days. It is like taking a person with behavioral problems to a help center. Before seeing a certain result, we will probably have to wait several months.

Consider Your Health


Health and Orgonite


For someone who is quite sick or not very healthy, who has accumulated many toxic products from working with pollutants or drug addiction for many years, many tower busters can have too much effect and cause a lot of uncomfortable sensations as the body heals too quickly, which can generally expel many toxins at too fast a rate to be processed without pain.

There’s no limit to the number of tower busters you can keep around you. Due to overstimulation, it can only cause unpleasant effects temporarily.

Where do you Put the Orgonite Pyramid/Tower Busters?

Orgonite pyramid


Home and Business Owners

This can be done by burying (placing) a tower buster on each corner of your house. Then in the four outer or inner corners of your house. And if necessary, the four corners of the wireless router room and your computer. We recommend you place an orgonite where your water line enters the residence or commercial property on the property line. You can use tower busters to relieve geopathic stress, which is the creation of lines that intersect or cross on your property.

If your property has a smart meter, we recommend you place four-tower busters in your building envelope on the opposite wall where the smart meter is located to reduce the spikes of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the smart meters. If someone has nightmares or night terrors, put a buster under the bed to ease it.

Ranchers and Farmers

Orgonite tower busters at 12 per acre can boost crop yields with less toxic chemicals. Put a tower buster in your tank/drinker to detoxify the water. Orgonites have been proven to have a calming effect on horses and cattle.


Dropping a buster or two into your fishing hole will not only detoxify the water but also create a space where fish will love to hang out.


Crafting tower busters, chemical busters, etc., and using them on poisonous lands, streams, lakes, rivers, etc. will detoxify these areas much faster. Donating orgonite tower busters in your neighborhood will mitigate explosions and negative energies. Bury or place a few tower busters next to noisy or difficult neighbors for relief.

Are Orgonite Tower Busters Safe? 

Is orgonite safe


Orgone devices with little metal and large surfaces made of transparent resin, where the minerals, crystals, wires, etc. are visible have remarkably reduced energetic qualities. Genuine Orgone devices are made up of equal parts of metal and resin. Anyone who is energy sensitive can attest to this.


Another potential hazard of using orgonite is the inability to find a ‘clean’ environment in which to use them. Orgone energy is sensitive to its environment, particularly certain types of agitations and disturbances. Unfortunately, many of these disturbances are common in many areas. 


The presence of these disturbances can energize or irritate the orgone energy and drive it towards toxicity. Orgone accumulators particularly those intended for biological experiments (for example, improving plant growth) or human use should never be used in rooms with the following Orgone-irritating devices:

  • Fluorescent lights
  • Television sets
  • Computer or microcomputer
  • Microwave ovens
  • Electric blankets
  • X-ray machines
  • Clocks, wristwatches, or other devices containing radioactive

We are not sure about you, but we have at least one of these devices in almost every room of our home or office. This means that an orgone accumulator could actually cause more harm than benefit for many people. 

Orgonium Energy Devices-The Best Alternative to Orgonite

Fortunately, there is an option for those who want to experience the potential mental and physical benefits of Orgone without the toxicity-Orgonium. 

Orgonium and Orgonite may sound similar, but they actually aren’t. While they are both sources of Orgone Energy, orgonium is seen as superior because of the effects it has.

Both offer protection from noxious energies such as electrical wirings, power poles, Wi-Fi and cell phone radiations, radio waves, electromagnetic radiations, earth energies, fault lines, and psychic energies. 

However, their compositions and potential toxicities are very different. 

Orgonite is made up of metal shavings such as brass or copper and  suspended in polyester resin along with a range of various crystals such as quartz sands or quartz points. 


orgonite pyramid


On the other hand, orgonium is a resonance device that has been developed to vibrate at high frequencies. Its frequencies are tailored to be in harmony with the nervous system of the human body as well as the energy fields. 



The frequencies mimic purely natural earth resonance and promote the balancing of energies. As a result, stress is relieved as well as pressure, tension, and anxiety. 

Orgonium works to produce negative ions, and these ions contain a lot of beneficial properties for both mental and physical health. Orgonium can help with stress relief, helps the maintenance of alkaline pH levels of the blood, and creates a more elevated mood. Orgonium can also improve feelings of relaxation, encourage better sleeping habits, and strengthen immune levels.


While both orgonium and orgonite  have similar functions; orgonium differs from orgonite in its formulation, resin type, and other factors including the possible long-term effects.

Instead of an Orgonite Tower Buster, consider checking out our line of personal and home EMF protection devices. We have many options to protect what matters most. Check out our Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generators

These highly protective and powerful Orgone accumulators can cover an area of 40-80 cubic meters and are beneficial for harmonizing and neutralizing geopathic stress and Smart Meters. They are also beneficial against  all forms of electro-pollution, electromagnetic fields, and electromagnetic radiation. 

The dome acts to balance the unhealthy positive charge resonance created by 5G and all forms of EMR, RF, Wi-Fi, Earth Radiation, and human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation.