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EMF Harmony Review: Don't be Fooled by the Imitators

We take a closer look for an EMF Harmony Review to see if their products actually work. 
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We take a closer look for an EMF Harmony Review to see if their products actually work. 

EMF Harmony is a provider of EMF protection products to help protect the body from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure that we all face daily.

The company claims that its products are based on a European-developed bio-energetic health approach and feature proprietary dual-level technology that harmonizes the harmful energy frequencies of electromagnetic radiation and supports the body's ability to cope with the stress from exposure to EMFs.

They claim that their products protect against electromagnetic radiation, but do they work? We would try to answer this question in this post.

Below is a list of the most important product types EMF Harmony offers with comments on each product:

EMF Blockers

EMF Protection


These are EMF protection devices that block electromagnetic radiation in some way from reaching your body. This includes devices such as tablet, laptop, and cell phone cases, EMF blocking blankets, hats, clothing, and many more; EMF fabric, metal, or paint. Below are some considerations for EMF blockers:

  • You can measure if they’re working with an EMF meter. This makes it easy to see if they offer EMF protection.
  • Cases for cell phones, laptops, and tablets are relatively affordable and many of them will have measurable reductions in electromagnetic fields. However, these products only work on devices that they enclose.
  • EMF blocking blankets, hats, and clothes aren’t as popular and can be more expensive. In addition, they do not always measure electromagnetic field reduction with an EMF meter. They are also not the most fashionable styles either.

EMF blocker fabric, metal, or paint is designed to be used over a large area to block large amounts of EMF radiation from several sources. They are usually quite expensive, and of course, tasking to install.


It’s generally not practical to paint your entire house with anti-EMF paint and even if you did, it is unlikely to provide complete protection against EMF, and of course, it would not do anything for EMFs which are emitted within the house.

What is the Better Option? 

For whole-house EMF protection, the Geoclense Negative Ion Generator is the best. The Geoclense Orgone Negative Ion Generator consistently generates healthy and beneficial negative ions that work by harmonizing and neutralizing your home and entire property to its boundaries, neutralizing each one of these destructive energies such as EMF radiation and radio frequencies.

EMF Harmonizers


These EMF shielding devices harmonize the negative energy frequencies of electromagnetic radiation so that they don’t affect your health. Below are some comments on these EMF protection devices, as they are also commonly known.

These include EMF protection diodes/stickers for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, WiFi routers, and more; EMF protection pendant and bracelet; and systems that provide EMF protection for your entire home or car.

These EMF shields operate at the subatomic or quantum energy level. This means that its effect cannot be measured with a meter. The only way to know if they are working is by taking physiological measurements of the body with and without using it in the presence of EMF.

Crystals & Minerals

Some EMF Harmony protection jewelry and devices use minerals, stones, or crystals. A common example is Shungite, a shiny black mineral that has been used in alternative healing methods for many years. Some considerations about these EMF shielding devices include:

  •  As with EMF harmonizers, you can’t measure the effectiveness of these devices with an EMF meter.
  • You can find them in attractive EMF protection jewelry options and some people claim they can feel the effect. Like Shungite, many minerals and crystals have healing properties recognized in the alternative health field.

While there is no shortage of bracelets, pendants, and necklaces out there that claim to block the EMF radiation from electrical devices/appliances, they’re not all the same. Some of the best EMF protection jewelry includes Harmony Wear Glass Orgone Pendant/Pendulum – best for divining or dowsing harmful energy; Orgone Sea Shell Necklace that offers holistic defense against electromagnetic pollution, EMF radiation, and a variety of detrimental energy, and many more.