Can I Get an EMF Meter From the Home Depot? An EMF Meter Home Depot Review

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With a high-quality EMF meter, you will know how much and what type of EMF radiation you’re exposed to at home and work. Ever wondered if you can purchase a high-quality EMF meter at a Home Depot store? Well, you can, but it might not be the best place. In this article, you will learn what EMF meters to buy, what they can be used for, and where better to purchase them.


What is an Electromagnetic Field Detector?


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An EMF detector is a device that is sensitive enough to pick up waves around us, including paranormal waves. An electromagnetic field detector is a device that can measure the field created by alternating currents accurately. They are used for internal and professional measurements on-site.

How do Electromagnetic Field Detectors Work?

Basically, the fluctuations in your environment are measured in order to inform you exactly about the electromagnetic frequencies present in a particular area. One or more antennas mounted in the device are used to measure the electromagnetic frequency, and this also helps to record the readings for future reference. This device comprises a simple digital or analog display to show the final results. And these results depend on the intensity of the frequency present in an area.


Protect Your Home From EMF



While detecting EMF may help you to know what you risk from current exposure is, it cannot offer you or your family any protection. It is arguably a better option to instead protect yourself and your family from the potential health risks from EMF rather than simply detect it. 

The Geoclense® Orgone Negative Ion Generator neutralizes over 30 noxious EMR fields unique to buildings in the home and workplace. 

The Geoclense® produces a healthy, negative charge designed to balance the noxious, unhealthy positive charge resonance created by 5G and all forms of EMR, RF, Wi-Fi, Earth Radiation, and Bioplasmic Radiation.

These ions work by harmoniously neutralizing your entire property and home all the way to its boundaries. Protect what matters most with Geoclense®.  


EMF Meter Home Depot Review

First, let’s talk a little about the options that are likely available at your local Home Depot right now.


EMF Meters Offered at Home Depot


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At the time of writing, Home Depot has only one true EMF detector, the Extech 480846 8Ghz EMF Meter. It’s a good EMF meter, but quite expensive. Since this is the only EMF meter Home Depot offers, let’s talk about it.


Extech 480846 8Ghz EMF Meter From Home Depot Review

The Extech 480846 8Ghz EMF Meter is a high-quality EMF detector that is mainly suitable for professionals. It is capable of measuring frequencies up to 8 GHz, which is higher than what is needed for average home use. Of course, like any high-quality meter, it can read the radiation from your local phone towers, Wi-Fi router, smart meters, and leaky microwaves, etc. accurately. It has a tri-axial measurement probe which is good because the direction the EMF detector is pointing in doesn’t affect the reading. Some cheaper EMF meters need to be pointed in a specific direction to get accurate readings.

In addition to the display of average values, the Extech 480846 has a maximum hold function. You can also save up to 99 records. This is a nice feature for professional EMF consultants. Also, the meter has an audio feature that lights up on thresholds when the user decides what is great.

The bottom line is that Home Depot’s Extech meter isn’t ideal for the average user. Although the quality of the meter is high, it lacks the usability and functionality of other quality EMF measuring devices.

Let’s talk about what we think is one of the best EMF meters you can buy right now and why we think it is right for you.

Best EMF Meter Option

These are some reasons the TriField TF2 meter is likely a better option than you will find at Home Depot.

Measures all Types of EMF – The Trifield TF2 Meter measures all types of EMF radiation, including radiofrequency, magnetic field, and electric field radiation. You will find this to be very important in determining how much radiation is in your office or home.

Easy To Use – The digital display simply shows all the numbers you need. Also, there is a simple dial that you can use to simply switch to the type of radiation you want to measure. This makes it very easy for the average user or a professional to understand and use.

Quality – At this price point, you won’t find a better quality EMF meter. Trifield has been making some really good meters for a long time, and you find that these are one of the highest-rated EMF meters on the market.

Low Cost – The price of this unit is about 1/4 the cost of the Extech 8Ghz Tri-Axis EMF Meter.

If you are curious about where to pick it up, Amazon is the best place to get it.

Bottom Line

While you may find an EMF detector or meter at your local Home Depot store, it’s definitely not the best place to purchase one. The meters offered in this store are intended for specific professional purposes. Amazon has many great EMF meters you should check out if you want to buy one. However, the Trifield TF2 is by far the most recommended.

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