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Positive Energy Balance: Top Best Routine for 2021

Learn about energy balance in your personal health and home!  These are our Orgone Energy top tips for 2019.

Positive Energy Balance: Top Best Routine for 2021

Now more than ever, it is important to take the time to protect and nourish both your physical and mental health. One great method for improving your health and wellness is to have a positive energy balance. 

In life, it's all about that balance. The yin and yang and the black and white, and all the grey stuff in the middle. So, it makes sense that the same principles apply to energy intake itself.


The energy balance equation has a lot to do with the body and getting physical. After that, you can start using devices that promote positive energy.


As a result of this, we'll be dividing everything into 4 sub-sections. The first section discusses how energy and being physical relates to one another. The second section, on the other hand, discusses how you can clean your environment to allow in clean positive energy.

The third shows you different ways you can use EMF blocking devices to boost positive energy in your life, and even in the immediate area where you live.



  Stay Fit and Net Energy Balance

Exercise for a positive energy balance


In this scenario, energy can be defined as the calories you take in per day from the food and drink you consume. In other words, calories here mean the energy you use in doing work and physical activity every day.

Note that your body composition and resting metabolic rate, and energy requirements all play a big role in what your caloric intake should be.

Now, there are 2 types of energy that you should know of. The positive energy balance and the negative energy balance. The positive energy balance creates weight, as it more or less means there is more weight gained than weight burn.

On the other hand, a negative energy balance is to lose calories, and hence weight. The vice versa of the basis above is the one that applies here.

So, the trick now is to stay right in the middle of those two. Once you have this step down, you can move on to the next.

Please do not confuse positive energy balance with the positive energy we were talking about. The former applies in physical fitness while the latter really sticks anywhere you can place it.

Now, let's continue with net energy balance. Or in other words, perfect energy balance. You can say that it's the difference between the calories that you take in and the calories that you burn in a day. It's a simple matter of calories in and calories out, and what you personally can do to influence the result.


If you're in a healthy condition, you'll be able to stand a lot of the effects of EMF. Add any EMF shielding device to your repertoire, and you'll be properly be protected. It's like building a foundation for the EMF blocking devices to work on. When your system is in order, you won't be too stressed out by the effects of EMF.


Types of Energy Balance

Perfect Energy Balance

Let's say this is a 0 (zero), since the number of calories you gained in a single day, you've burned in that same day. We're writing this for people who personally feel they are maintaining a healthy weight and can skip this section. If after you've calculated the calories you've gained and lost, and it's 0, then you should definitely skip this. Otherwise, check out the next two energy balances. Most people fall there, which is absolutely normal nowadays.


Positive Energy Balance

If after the day, you whip out the calorie calculator and you're on the positive side, that means you're on the right path to gain weight. If you are currently overweight, losing weight may be a healthier path for you.  


Negative Energy Balance

You may want to focus on weight loss if you are not a healthy body weight. This includes taking in less calories than you are burning. 

On the other hand, if you are underweight or wanting to add muscle you may need to ensure you are taking in more calories than you are burning. 

Methods for Losing Weight

Now, we have about three methods that you can use to lose weight. For many people gaining weight is not a problem. It is losing weight that is the challenge.  


Reduce your Calories

Reducing your calories can consist of reducing the amount of food you eat, changing the types of foods you eat, or both.

Losing weight to achieve a healthy BMI (body mass index) is not only beneficial for your physical health, but it can also help your body to better fight against the impacts of EMF radiation.

While you may be better equipped to handle the effects of EMF, many still want tthe ability to block its negative effects from potentially harming themselves and their family members.

This is why we have created our line of Orgone Energy products. From personal, home and travel protection, we believe you deserve protection whereever you are no matter your health. 




Exercise for Physical and Mental Health Benefits

While many are aware that regular exercise can help reduce or maintain a healthy weight, many are not aware of the other potential health benefits. 

In fact, according to the National Institute of Health, regular exercise can help prevent Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke.  It can also help prevent certain types of cancers such as colon and breast cancer. 

It is not only your physical health that benefits from regular exercise. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, studies show that regular exercise is very effective at reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration, and at enhancing overall cognitive function.    




A Combination of Diet and Exercise 

A combination of both a healthy calorie-reduced diet and regular exercise is ideal in achieving a healthy weight. 

By concentrating on both a healthy diet and regular exercise you are able to lean on one or the other to help achieve weight loss. For example, if you are attending a large event where you may overindulge you can always add in extra exercise to compensate for the extra calories. This makes it easier to actually stick to this lifestyle and maintain it. 




 Make your Home a Sanctuary

Your home is a safe place to land after a hard day. By creating a positive environment to surround yourself in you can directly increase the positive energy around yourself. 


 orgone orgonite EMF protection



Get Rid of the Clutter

All the clutter in your house and surrounding your home should be cleared away. Clutter can contribute to the bad energy as they make any space they occupy choked.

Unfortunately, if you don't clear out the clutter regularly, leaving your home cluttered or messy can become your norm. However, living in a cluttered or messy environment can have a negative impact on the energy around you. 


Sound Actually Packs a lot of Punch

Install wind chimes around your home and play soft and inspiring music inside your living space. Music with calming and happy tones can stimulate both internal and external energy (yours included of course).


Use Brighter Lighting

The inside of your home shouldn't be dim and dull. Instead, look for lights that inspire life, living, and wellness.

This will work on three different principles. When you use dull lighting in your home, the result is that the energy level is rather low. There's opposition in the air and the environment itself promotes constant rest.

You won't be encouraged to do anything positive with your time. On the other hand, a white bulb is going to grab your attention and never let go. It's perfect in this scenario, isn't it?

Nevertheless, do keep in mind that dull lighting in other scenarios is rather cool. Especially if it's to promote rest. 


Limit Yourself

We're going to talk about limitations. They might seem somewhat odd or even harsh, but they do work.

Firstly, it is important to get rid of some of the Wi-Fi enabled devices you have around yourself. If this doesn't offer you some breathing space, you could get rid of everything as a whole and return back to wired connections.

You could keep everything far away from you for your partner, children, or friends, but try to maintain your protective bubble. Speaking of bubbles, it would be nice to strip your bedroom of all electronics. Install a wind chime in your room if you need something to doze off on. Also make sure to update your TVs, since older models have an increased range, in terms of electromagnetic fields emitted.



Adjust Orgone Energy to Your Advantage

Of course, for many the number one way to improve your energy is to invest in an Orgone Energy device. Investing in an Orgone Energy device is a great way to help protect your physical and mental health from some of the many negative effects from EMFs including: 


Symptoms can include loss of libido, depression, anxiety, headaches, and a general feeling low energy levels.





Orgone Pendants Provide Personal Protection

Whenever you exercise or leave the house to get some fresh air, you should wear your Quantum Orgone Pendant. Its job is to promote positive energy as you run, which can even lead to longer runs, with reduced recovery times. Likewise, the pendant is perfect for the gym as there might be a lot of Wi-Fi compatible devices there. 


Enjoy your Tech without the EMF 

Attach the Phone Computer Bluetooth WiFi Radiation Protection on the back of your TVs, music players, phones, etc at all times. You're doing your environment and health a huge favor since the sticker easily fights off the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.



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Our Final Say

Any steps you take to improve your personal energy can also work towards improved mental and physical health. Now more than ever, we need to do everything we can to stay healthy.