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Star Tetrahedron Crystal: The Meaning of Sacred Geometry

The Star Tetrahedron is a powerful and amazing tool, especially during times of uncertainty or transition. The Star Tetrahedron can help in the connection between the ethereal and physical bodies. 

The Star Tetrahedron is a powerful and amazing tool, especially during times of uncertainty or transition. The Star Tetrahedron can help in the connection between the ethereal and physical bodies. 

It can let us see the psychological programs and patterns that may limit us, and is also a constant reminder to remember our divine, loving, and true nature. When used in meditation, the Star Tetrahedron can merge with the divine and the source. 

The Metatron Cube is a potent symbol in sacred geometry that represents all things, and the energy within the universe that connects all things. The Metatron Cube is considered to be a strong energy conductor. It is believed to be capable of dispelling negative energy and attracting positive forces.

Within the Metatron Cube there is a sixth mystical form called the star tetrahedron. The star tetrahedron is composed of two tetrahedra. This powerful form is called the Merkaba as well. It’s basically a three-dimensional Star of David.

It contains the octahedron and the tetrahedron within the geometry of the cube. The word Merkaba is translated in ancient Egypt as MER: rotating light fields, KA: spirit, and BA: soul and means “chariot” in Hebrew.


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The Shape of Your Aura


the shape of your aura


Everyone knows auras. You can have the colors of your aura photographed or seen by a medium. What many people don’t realize is that your aura isn’t actually an informal place. It has the shape of a star tetrahedron – actually three of them. Stand straight and keep your arms out. Your static field is the width of a hand beyond the edge of your finger and the top point of this field is the width of a hand above your head and the bottom of this field is the width of a hand under your feet. These are the widths of your hands, so it’s a little different for each person.


The orientation of the star tetrahedron in our aura depends largely on our gender. If you’re a man, the flat part of the solar tetrahedron is behind you and the tip is in front of you. If you’re female, the flat part of the solar tetrahedron is in front of you and the tip is behind you.


The stellar tetrahedra don’t spin. They represent your physical body and are neutral. There are two other stellar tetrahedra in our aura. The term “Merkaba” alludes to the three stellar tetrahedra combined.


A stellar tetrahedron is male and electrically powered and rotates counterclockwise (to the left) and relates to our logical/mental thinking. The other stellar tetrahedron is female and magnetic and rotates clockwise and relates to our emotional thinking.



What Does a Tetrahedron Represent?


tetrahedron star


The tetrahedron represents the fire element and is connected to the solar plexus which is the center of personal strength, acceptance, and the natural balance between body and mind. Each side is flat regardless of rotation, making it the ideal symbol of stability and balance. This platonic solid can be used indefinitely for manifestation, healing, grid, or energy work. The most common use is to focus the energy at each of the three corners, which combine to form a strong, focused current that flows to the top point.

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What is the Spiritual Meaning of Sacred Geometry?


sacred geometry


According to many teachings, sacred geometry is described as the origin of all forms and the blueprint of creation. Considered an ancient science, Sacred Geometry explains and explores the energy patterns that create and unites all things, and reveals the exact way in which the energy of creation is organized.


Any natural pattern of growth or movement is said to be reduced to one or more geometric shapes.


The molecules of the human DNA, the cornea of ​​the eye, crystals, snowflakes, petals, shells, stars, the galaxy in which we rotate, the air we breathe, and all forms of life come from geometric codes.

What are the Sacred Geometry Symbols?

Artists, ancient philosophers, and musicians around the world are known to integrate aspects of sacred geometry into their work. These include the golden ratio in Mozart’s music, the famous Platonic solids, and the Fibonacci sequence in the Egyptian pyramids. Sacred geometry symbols are considered to be the basis of all life forms in different cultures and religions. Also, they represent the immaterial and mystical elements of the universe. Here are some famous symbols and meanings found in sacred geometry.

Flower of Life


Flower of Life


The flower of life is an element of the art of sacred geometry, which comprises seven symmetrical circles one above the other. The symbol appears as a hexagonal shape made up of circles. It has been said that the flower of life is the physical representation of the connection a person feels with all life forms in the universe.

Sri Yantra


Sri Yantra


The Sri Yantra dates back through Hinduism and is believed to be the visual expression of OM. The Sri Yantra comprises 9 overlapping triangles. This star geometry symbol represents the cosmos, masculine energy, and feminine energy.

Seed of Life


Seed of Life


The seed of life appears in different cultures and symbolizes the 7 days of creation. The shape is found in most major religious sites such as churches, temples, and synagogues. Also, the seed of life appears in the Egyptian temple of Osirian, which is said to be the source of several great religions. The shape consists of 6 circles surrounding one in the middle.





Commonly known as the hamsa hand, it is one of the most popular sacred geometric symbols in Middle Eastern cultures that symbolize the hand of a Supreme Being. It is said that the hand brings happiness, health, luck, health, and fortune to its owner. There are different spellings of the word including hamesh, chamsa, and khamsa.

Tree of Life


Tree of Life


The tree of life is an element of the art of sacred geometry, which takes the form of the 10 “numerical entities”. The entities are life forms that include all numbers from one to ten, ciphers, and metaphysical forces. The ten digital units are collectively known as Sefirot in Jewish culture. The term is loosely translated as “endless” and hence the Sefirot represents the infinite and indescribable God.


Egg of Life


Egg of Life


The egg of life is made up of seven circles that cross each other to form a pattern that is generally considered being the bedrock of all of creation. It is believed that all life forms adjust the balance of their minds through the egg of life. Also, this form contains the entire range of music in its cells. It’s responsible for the entire musical spectrum of semitones and tones.

Platonic Solids

They are three-dimensional shapes, each made up of faces of the same size. The Platonic solids include:

Tetrahedron - four faces with pyramidal shapes

Hexahedron - six faces like a cube

Octahedron - eight faces

Dodecahedron - twelve faces

Icosahedron - twenty faces

Metatron’s Cube


Metatron’s Cube


When studying the angels in Christianity, Metatron is sometimes mentioned as one of the archangels. He is responsible for monitoring the flow of energy with a mystical object called the Metatron Cube. The cube contains all the perfect geometric shapes that were employed during God’s creation. The cube contains all the platonic solids, which are the building blocks of every kind of physical matter.

Vesica Piscis


Vesica Piscis


The Vesica Piscis symbol is likely known from high school studies that included the famous Venn diagram. It is one shape that has different meanings of sacred geometry in various cultures. In Christianity, the symbol is closely related to the “Jesus fish”. In other religions, Vesica Piscis stands for birth and femininity due to the great similarity of the “mandorla” with a female birth organ.

Star of David


Star of David


Often, the Star of David is referred to as the Triangle of Sacred Geometry in some cultures. It’s a 6-pointed star made up of two nested equilateral triangles, one pointing up and the other pointing down. The triangles stand for the connection between humans, the Creator, and the Torah in the Jewish religion.





The Torus is one of the most important symbols in sacred geometry. It graphically represents the balance between matter and spirit that only takes place when energy is aligned. Its basic form explains the ascent of matter to a spirit or the descent of spirit to matter via a tube of light, energy, or consciousness. It’s believed that the energy of an object can only go so far in one direction before doubling and returning to its source.

What is Sacred Geometry Used for?

Everything from the dance of a falling leaf to the movement of the cosmos, as well as the inner workings of the atom – has a measurable and harmonious structure. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why so many ancient cultures attributed spiritual and magical symbolism to geometric patterns. Spirals, pyramids, mandalas, stars, and crosses are just a small selection of the sacred forms used by spiritual systems around the world. So, what do you do with sacred geometry? Here are 5 ideas.

Eat a Cinnamon Roll


cinnamon roll


Sunflowers, seashells, galaxies, tornadoes, and whirlpools – what do they have in common? Like so many other powerful and beautiful natural beings, they are shaped like a spiral. (Sunflower seeds appear in a spiral pattern in their center.)


It is no wonder that the spiral has been considered one of the most sacred geometric shapes and has been associated with such great spiritual types as the Sun, the cosmos, and the goddess.


And there is an easy way to incorporate the magical power of sacred spiral geometry: eat a cinnamon roll. Better yet, send magical energy to many of them while you cook and then serve them. The magical intentions to be infused can be wealth, luck, activation, success, personal power, or blessings.

Paint a Mandala




Defining an intention and then painting a mandala is powerful magic. Besides the popular “Stress Relief Coloring Book”, painting a mandala draws on the sacred geometry power to generate energetic shifts in awareness and restructure your entire swing. Especially when paired with a very positive intention like “I am healed”, “I am powerful”, or “Now there are new opportunities everywhere for me”.

Do the Merkaba Meditation

Merkaba meditation is a holistic visualization of sacred geometry that includes a range of digital shapes and patterns. Over time, it not only ensures a deeply energetic and spiritual cleansing but also changes your vibration powerfully, so that all your magical works and manifestations become noticeably easier, faster, and more effective.

Create a Crystal Grid

Crystals are sacred geometry themselves: both their microscopic crystal structure and more obvious physical form. Or, you can arrange them in a sacred geometric pattern for any magical purpose imaginable. You can set your intention to take your crystal collection and then create a geometric artwork using your intuition. Optional embellishments for the process include setting the mood with music, incense, and candles, or using other natural elements with your crystals to create your mandalas, like pine cones, tassels, or flowers.

The star tetrahedron is a great piece of sacred geometry to carry with you daily or to use during meditation sessions. The star tetrahedron will connect you to your higher self in all embodiments: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional.