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Chakra Orgone Pendant

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Whenever your well-being is cracking around the edges, give Chakra Orgone Pendant a chance to get you on the right track!

The world is filled with mysterious energies invisible to the naked eye. Among these energies is orgone, a life force that seems to affect people’s lives. A balanced orgone is said to help keep your health in good shape. However, negative energies can upset your orgone balance. When this happens, it is believed to cause various problems in your body.

The “Chakra Orgone Pendant” is used to neutralize negative energies. By eliminating unwanted vibrations, it keeps your orgone energy in balance. This is how you prevent health problems. It also protects against harmful electromagnetic field energy (EMF energy).

What is the Chakra Orgone Pendant?

A Chakra Orgone Pendant is a tool used to clear excess negative energies in the body and the environment. It transmutes these unwanted energies into positive energies. Accordingly, this tool is designed to balance your orgone energy.

These orgone pendants are made from natural crystal gemstones, copper filings, resin, and coil, which together work as a filter for toxic energy. As negative energy moves through the pendant, it is subjected to electromagnetic friction created by this mixture of resin, metal, and crystals, which puts pressure on the crystals as it hardens. The friction this generates cleanses and reorganizes this energy into positive energy.

How Do Chakra Orgone Pendant Work?

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Orgone energy devices are designed to help you experience positive vibes in life. The natural gemstones and crystals as well as other materials you can find in these devices release all energy blockages and balance the chakras. As you know, the seven chakras in the human body must always be in balance and harmony.

Chakras are focal points of life energy, like orgone energy, that flow through our body. From the location of our navel to the top of our head, the seven chakras affect different parts of the body and each one endows us with amazing virtues and qualities. When the chakras are out of balance, our body begins to experience many difficulties and health issues.

Orgone energy was developed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He discovered that he had the power to destroy diseases like cancer in the body. Orgone energy devices such as orgone necklaces, orgone bracelets, orgone pendants, and others are made according to the principles of Dr. Reich and handcrafted for you to enjoy its benefits. Some devices heal and balance specific or all chakras, such as the Chakra Orgone Pendant.

Chakra Orgone Pendants are made from organic and inorganic materials, namely metal filings and resin. Our necklace also uses crystal frequencies to neutralize negative energies. If you want to keep your orgone energy balanced, get this Chakra Orgone Necklace now! Use positive affirmations such as “I’m protected all the time, my body is healing” to align with the energy of the necklace.

What is a Chakra Pendant Used for?


Wearing a chakra orgone pendant can have several health benefits. Through constant contact with your body, your energy is constantly cleansed and restored to its original, balanced state. Each stone is believed to release blockages in your energy centers. This allows positive energy to flow through your chakra system.

When positive energy flows through your system, it is believed to have healing effects on the body. Combined with orgone energy and the seven chakra stones, many would wear this necklace to improve their health. Do you want to know more about these seven chakra stones?

What Stones are in a Chakra Pendant?


These chakra stones help to align the chakras and encourage the flow of orgone energy. It helps us stay healthy in mind, body, spirit, and soul. The benefits of each crystal include:

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is known as the “Supreme Provider”. It nurtures and sustains in times of stress and is an excellent worry bead for calming emotions. This stone protects, absorbs negative energies, and smoothes, cleanses and stabilizes the aura.


Carnelian is a high-energy stabilizing stone and excellent for restoring vitality. It is a fabulous option for anchoring and grounding. Carnelian conveys a sense of well-being and belonging to the earth.


Aventurine has a calming energy that balances the emotional body and leads to inner harmony. It calms anger, nervousness, and irritability and helps relieve the daily stress of a hectic lifestyle. Green Aventurine is referred to as the “Stone of Opportunity” and is considered one of the luckiest crystals, especially for the manifestation of prosperity and wealth for those seeking love in their mature years.


Turquoise is believed to connect heaven and earth and is sacred to the Egyptians, Tibetans, and Native Americans. It absorbs negative feelings before they reach the wearer. Turquoise promotes spiritual harmonization and improves communication between the physical and spiritual worlds. It is also a powerful healer that brings comfort to the spirit and well-being of the body.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a crystal of truth in all its aspects. It reveals inner truth and promotes self-awareness and acceptance of this knowledge. It brings relief to things that may have been repressed and brings them to the surface, helps relieve repressed anger or illness, and allows for self-expression without restriction or compromise.


Amethyst is a purple gemstone that resonates with the crown chakra and can help you develop your psychic abilities. It is among the master healers and a good option for anxiety and stress. Amethyst is also beneficial and strengthens the immune system and offers an emotional balance. Wearing this beautiful purple gemstone opens the heart and calms the mind.


Citrine offers joy and sunshine in one stone! This powerful stone radiates positivity and joy and is also known in Feng Shui as the stone of wealth due to its ability to attract money luck and abundance. Citrine is said to help heal the spiritual self, as well as being a powerful regenerator, cleanser, and self-esteem booster.

Chakra Orgone Pendant – Balances Orgone Energy & EMF Protection


The crucial question or doubt you would have is why you should buy this Chakra Orgone Pendant. What makes the orgone 7 chakra energy-generating pendant so special? Well, the reasons are listed below:

Real Crystals and Stones

Each of the crystals and stones that make up this orgone pendant is genuine and natural. We live in a world full of evil eyes, negative energies, and thoughts. Each of these negative energies can influence our lives seriously. We believe in helping you shield yourself from this negativity and enjoy a positive life that is only possible through the healing and cleansing properties of crystals and natural materials.

Made With Reich Technology

Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered orgone energy, but he did not invent the modern orgone energy devices. Modern orgone energy devices like orgone bands and the like are developed using the same principles and technologies that Dr. Reich taught us. Hence, these devices have the power to heal all our health disorders and conditions.

Transform Negative Energy into Positive Energy

Living in the midst of negative energies around us causes too much harm to the body. Our Chakra Orgone Pendant helps to absorb all the negative energies around us and transform them into positive energy. The positive energy is then released into your surroundings, which greatly benefits you.

Here are some of the healing properties of our Chakra Orgone Pendant. The healing benefits of this orgone pendant are many, and let’s take a look at some of them:

Balances the Chakras

The 7 Chakra Orgone Energy Pendant comprises 7 specific stones, each for a specific chakra. The healing properties of these crystals and stones help balance the chakras and ensure our well-being.

EMF Protection

One of the best-known benefits of orgone devices is their ability to protect against EMF radiation. Electromagnetic fields are emitted by the devices we use every day, such as cell phones, modem routers, laptops, desktop computers, cell towers, and other electronic devices. Electromagnetic fields cause cancer and this orgone pendant protects us from its detrimental effects.

Strengthening Relationships

Strong relationships lay the foundation for a better and more successful life. The 7 Chakras Orgone Necklace helps to banish all bad feelings from our minds and strengthen the bond between people. It helps us to be better people.

Eliminate Bad Vibes

Bad vibes are always around us. The Chakra Orgone Pendant absorbs all negative energies around us and heals all blockages in our mind and body. Negative energies are transformed into positive vibrations, which are then released into the environment.

Helps Spiritual Growth

Wearing this pendant and meditating with it helps increase our spiritual awareness and aids in spiritual growth.

The healing benefits and properties of the 7 Chakra Orgone Pendant are not limited to these. This product is available at an affordable price. You can buy all kinds of orgone devices, orgone bands, and other products at Orgone Effects.

Orgone energy helps you stay energized and positive throughout your life with energy-generating products like Orgone Pyramid, Orgone Bracelets, Orgone Pendants, and more. Our orgone products are designed with the utmost care to ensure they work properly and to help keep you grounded, happy, and positive.

Our collection of chakra balancing orgone necklaces and other crystals and gemstones are designed in the latest style so you can wear fashion and positivity at the same time. Every genuine crystal and other material that goes into the creation of our products balances your chakras and brings about major positive changes in your life.