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Large Orgone Pyramid

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Harness healing orgone energy and welcome an abundance of glorious chi with the large orgone pyramid. Chi, Ether, and Prana can be channeled with these magnificent orgone energy pyramids. A first-rate toxic energy filter, these pyramids can absorb stagnant orgone energy and transmute it into something that can propel you towards a better life.

The pyramid is also among the most important shapes in sacred geometry and lends itself perfectly to the electromagnetic magic of orgone energy. With its stable and anchored base and its four sides rising to a powerful peak, it can attract and radiate energy from the earth and the higher universe. This blog is intended to provide basic information on the benefits of the Large Orgone Pyramids and how to use them.

So What is a Large Orgone Pyramid Exactly?

Just like a regular-sized orgone pyramid, a large orgone pyramid is a highly efficient, continuously operating, self-propelled energy conversion device made from metal, resin, and quartz that transmutes stagnant or negative bioelectrical energy into positive energy.

During the curing process, the resin mass contracts, which then permanently compresses the quartz crystal and creates a piezoelectric effect in the crystal.

The large orgone pyramid is used to purify the atmosphere, counteract the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, and aid in healing practices. Simply put, the large orgone pyramid creates a positive and balanced environment through its energy-transforming properties on a larger scale.

How Do Large Orgone Pyramids Work?

We live in a world of energy, as we are constantly surrounded by positive and negative charges. Nowadays, we are surrounded by mobile phone towers that unsurprisingly generate powerful negative charges. Not to mention that most of us are surrounded by televisions, computers, tablets, cell phones, and countless other items that emit electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Large Orgone Pyramids are made of orgone energy. It is the ethereal energy that embodies all things and lives everywhere. These orgone pyramids help to work with this energy. Other types of energy can stimulate these pyramids, but they also have the ability to alter energy.

They work against electromagnetic fields to restore the positive charge in our energy field. They are designed to transmute low energy frequencies to high energy frequencies, which invariably gives us incredible benefits.

The negative charges we feel when using our daily electronic devices have been scientifically proven to reduce our vibrations. As a result, our feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, stress, and other negative emotions increase. So how can large orgone pyramids help?

Benefits of Using Large Orgone Pyramids

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Large orgone pyramids (orgone generators) can cleanse energies in space and protect people from electromagnetic radiation. When placed in working, sleeping, or living spaces. Laboratory research has shown that when exposed to this resonance, living cells in the body boost their immunity and achieve optimal physical and mental health. Large orgone pyramids have countless other incredible benefits that are useful in everyday life:

Eliminate Negative Energy

As mentioned earlier, large orgone pyramids are devices that help eliminate negative energy and charges. When you place one in the center of a negatively charged area, it can improve your mood in about 30 minutes. While orgone pyramids were originally made of metal and fiberglass, the addition of stones to the pyramids gave orgone pyramids the ability to convert negative energy into positive energy. This also makes them very good holistic tools.

Meditation Aid

If you have trouble concentrating or stilling your mind long enough to meditate, large orgone pyramids are tools you can use to stimulate your mind and enhance meditation sessions. When you meditate, place one next to you, hold it in your hand, or on your lap.

Promotes Restful Sleep and Promotes Lucid Dreaming

We know it’s a hard habit to break, but having your mobile phone close to your bed prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. Ideally, you should keep your sleeping space free from unnecessary EMF radiation. Leave your tablets and phones in the other room and don’t watch TV before bed. If you just can’t do these things, place a large orgone pyramid near your bed to neutralize electromagnetic fields.

Another pleasant side effect of the orgone pyramid is the amplification of dreams. If you love to have dreams or you love to interpret them, prepare to turn them into divinely wild dreams. These pyramids help improve your lucid dreaming and we can attest to that. If you are a creative who uses dreams as pathways to your physical creations, this will be a useful tool for you.

Reduce and Relieve Stress

You know your glowing friends, the salt lamps, well, right? Well, these delightful night lights help soothe and relieve stress, and large orgone pyramids can do the same. An orgone pyramid in your living space has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress. If you can’t keep your salt lamp on in your bedroom all night, orgone pyramids are a healthy alternative to ensure you don’t experience anxiety or stress in your bedroom.

Balance Moods and Cleanse Living Space

Your home is a zen place and you should work hard to make it so. You want this place to be a place of comfort, safety, and love. If you are feeling particularly cranky these days, try investing in a large orgone pyramid. Place it in ​​your home, where you spend most of your time. Use it as a beacon to balance your mood and restore the charming person you are.

Our best advice is to purchase a pyramid for each space in your house that has an electronic device. Place one of these pyramids near your television, stereo, computer, or anywhere else. You feel an intense negative charge is present. Having them everywhere EMF radiation is present will purify your space, making it more relaxing than ever.

Promotes your Health and that of your Plants

Orgone pyramids are said to promote or improve health. If you’re feeling particularly sick or want to encourage a healthier lifestyle, now might be a good time to get your hands on a large orgone pyramid. You will not only see your health improve but also the health and energy levels of your plants. Place a pyramid close to your plants and watch its magic work.

How to Use a Large Orgone Pyramid?

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The orgone pyramid is one of the best-known items for its ability to transform negative energy into positive energy, thus helping to balance the physical and spiritual body and emotions. Large orgone pyramids are beautiful and also have healing powers. They have the intense ability to bring an individual into healing harmony and a positive balance in life. Here are some ways to incorporate a large orgone pyramid into your daily life.

Meditate With the Orgone Pyramid

The first thing you need to do is put this orgone pyramid in the palm of your hand. Set your intentions on the orgone pyramid and feel its radiant energy. The idea is to feel it naturally, not to force it. As soon as you start to feel its energy, try to direct it towards the part of your body that is hurting you. Also, you can project it onto another person who requires healing. The important thing here is that you have unwavering focus.

Place it Anywhere that Needs Healing

This healing tool is not intended for exclusive use. You can use it to heal people in other places. Even a place itself can be the recipient of its wondrous abilities. You can place it at the heart of your home to absorb or expel unwanted energies. Because orgone is a living energy, you can place this orgone pyramid near water sources such as streams or rivers that need to be reactivated. Also, it can be buried in fallow areas or under trees. The roots can absorb the energy emanating from the orgone pyramid, allowing the trees to become strong again.

Take it With You

Having a large orgone pyramid on you or around you can remove negative energy that can wear you down or affect you. Also, you can keep an orgone pyramid on your desk to minimize work stress.

Take a Dip With It

Yes, we’re talking about the literal dip like in the bathroom. Adding one to your stack will help you relax as it absorbs body fatigue to keep you energized. You can line it up with your bath bombs, bath salts, and essential oils. Also, you can mix it with other crystals like rose quartz and amethyst to maximize its effects.

Final Thoughts


It is good to know about wonderful items like the orgone pyramid we can use in our daily life. Our thoughts can have power. We just have to focus on the things we want. Our attitude towards the surrounding things can change the outcome to our advantage.

The combination of quartz crystals and simplified construction has resulted in orgone transmuters that continuously attract harmful energies and “cleanse” them, creating beneficial energies. Through the use or placement of orgone products, we can lessen the effects of our modern environment. That said, we hope we have provided some relevant advice on how to use the Large Orgone Pyramid effectively.

Say goodbye to stagnation and say yes to spiritual, emotional, and physical body balance with these highly vibrational and vibrant large orgone pyramids.