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Copper Tongue Scraper Benefits

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Support your oral, digestive and immune health with a copper tongue scraper! 

Bad breath can be both embarrassing and a possible sign of a deeper health issue. Fortunately, there is a simple option that is both natural and environmentally-friendly. 

As the role of the microbiota in the mouth is better understood, ancient techniques to support oral hygiene are gaining in popularity.

A practice supported by several studies is known as tongue scraping (Jihwa Prakshalana). Tongue scrapers are traditionally made of gold, copper, silver, brass, or tin. 

The toxins (ama) would accumulate on the back of the tongue, which could lead to shortness of breath and unpleasant odors.

What Causes Bad Breath? 



When certain bacteria on our tongue and dental cavity break down certain proteins in our mouth, VSCs (volatile sulfur compounds) are released, causing bad breath.


Studies have confirmed the benefits of tongue scraping as an effective way to minimize volatile sulfur compounds.


In fact, tongue scraping far outperforms toothbrushing for this. 



While a silver or gold tongue scraper would be amazing, recent research on the health benefits of copper makes a copper tongue scraper hard to beat. 

If you are not already familiar with the benefits of using a copper tongue scraper, read below why and how you can incorporate a copper tongue scraper into your daily oral routine.

Why is Tongue Scraping Important?



While you sleep at night, your digestive system continues to function as toxic substances are removed from your body, some of which settle on your tongue’s surface


As less saliva is secreted during sleep, plaque, food particles, and bacteria can damage your teeth. Dentists recommend removing these contaminants first thing in the morning to ensure optimal health of your gums, teeth, and oral cavity.


Scraping up debris minimizes the risk of these substances being reabsorbed into the body and causing damage. 


Scraping also improves the functioning of your immune system. Regular flossing, brushing, and gargling with water or mouthwash will also help improve your oral and general health.


Copper Tongue Scraper Benefits



While some people simply use their toothbrushes to clean their tongue, the bristles on most regular toothbrushes can wear down the tissue on your tongue, causing bleeding or tissue damage. 


By comparison, copper is widely known for its alkalizing and antibacterial properties that safely and effectively fight harmful bacteria that may linger in the mouth.


Unlike stainless steel tongue scrapers, copper is inherently antimicrobial, meaning it can be used safely for longer than other metal tongue scrapers.


Copper also lasts longer than plastic tongue scrapers, which should be replaced more often, unfortunately leading to more landfills and waste. 


Copper tongue scrapers do not only look better in your bathroom, but you may also discover that copper is more comfortable on your tongue than plastic tongue scrapers.



Our Pure Copper Tongue Scrapers are crafted from high-quality copper, which effectively protects your mouth from unwanted bacteria and feels safe and comfortable for daily use.

Our Copper Tongue Scrapers can not only benefit your oral health, but your digestive health and immune system as well. Get your copper tongue scraper here. 

Other Benefits of Copper Tongue Scrapers



Improved Overall Health

Using copper tongue scrapers prevents toxins from being reabsorbed into the body, which invariably helps boost the body’s overall immune functions

Scraping minimizes debris and bacteria on the tongue, gums, and teeth, reducing the risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental problems. Research has shown that scraping the tongue can help remove bacteria from the mouth, improving the overall look and feel of the tongue.

Taste Buds Stimulation



Adding copper tongue scraping to your regular morning dental hygiene routine, followed by a glass of water, is believed to stimulate the digestive process

Tongue scraping alone stimulates the taste buds, improves the tongue’s ability to perceive flavors, digest food, and activate the lower intestine to stimulate complete bowel elimination in the morning. With a better sense of taste, you can better distinguish between sweet, salty, sour, and bitter sensations.

Improve the Appearance of the Tongue



The buildup of bacteria and debris on the tongue’s surface can cause it to look whitish. Scraping with a copper tongue scraper twice daily can help remove the white coating and preserve the tongue’s true appearance.

Although tongue scraping offers many benefits, it is important to consult a dentist if you suffer from bad breath and other oral problems.

Additionally, you need to be steadfast in your dental hygiene routine by using the right copper tongue scraper at least once daily to reap the benefits.

Does Copper Help with Bad Breath?




For centuries, copper has been used as a bacteria-resistant metal and new studies confirm these ancient practices. 

Copper might be the best metal for scraping your tongue because your mouth is full of good and bad bacteria. 

Not only does copper appear to be toxic to bad bacteria, but it also provides vital enzymes necessary for the survival of healthy microbes in the mouth.

In a study, the antiseptic benefits of copper were so great that when copper was placed as furniture in hospital rooms, bacteria counts were significantly reduced on all surfaces in the room. 

Today, some hospitals are incorporating copper furniture as part of their antibacterial strategies.

Final Thoughts

By cleaning your tongue with a copper scraper daily, you can have fresher breath, a better sense of taste, and less risk of introducing bacteria and toxins into your body. 

If you haven’t already, try adding a copper tongue scraper to your oral hygiene kit and experience the instantly refreshing results for yourself.

However, your dentist may notice some issues during your routine dental checkup and cleaning, thus recommending that you scrape your tongue to manage your symptoms. 

For example, smokers and those with bad breath (halitosis), people with fungal infections (brown hairy tongue), and people who eat spicy or strong-smelling foods can benefit greatly from scraping with a copper tongue scraper.