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Do Anti Radiation Stickers Really Work?

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Do Anti Radiation Stickers Really Work?

Over the past decade, many Anti-Radiation Stickers that claim to block radiation have been introduced to the market. But are they really effective? The truth is that some Anti-Radiation Stickers like Phone Computer Bluetooth WiFi Radiation Protection really work, while others are merely a waste of money. In this article, we would answer the question: do anti-radiation stickers really work to shield you from cell phone radiation?

Do Anti Radiation Stickers Work?

Cell phones are known to emit harmful electromagnetic radiation. One way to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation is to use anti-radiation stickers. Anti-radiation stickers are small stickers that can be placed on your phone and sometimes over your headset. There are several types of anti-radiation stickers that are marketed to reduce radiation by 99%. The basic idea is that they absorb and attract the radiation emitted by your phone. Anti-radiation stickers often contain metals intended to absorb and/or deflect radio waves.

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Does EMF Protection Really Work?

Every electronic device that we own emits some type of radiation, be it electrical, magnetic, or radio frequencies (RF) zone. Collectively, these types of radiation are known as electromagnetic radiation (EMF). Several studies have shown that electromagnetic radiation can have adverse effects on our health, and these can range from cancer to infertility. Although many studies have been conducted on the effects of electromagnetic radiation, there are still several factors to consider. Factors such as frequency of use, age, and proximity to the device can affect the studies, and skeptics still believe that more information is needed before establishing a conclusive link between EMF radiation and its health effects.

However, it does not hurt to protect yourself as much as possible from EMF radiation. You can reduce your exposure by staying away from electronic devices or limiting your use. However, these are not always possible. One of the best ways to limit exposure to unwanted EMF radiation is to use EMF protection devices like Anti Radiation Stickers. EMF radiation protection devices come in many forms, but their primary purpose is always the same: to limit the amount of electromagnetic radiation that can pass through them. It usually does this using certain materials that are known to reduce EMF radiation. These materials include aluminum, steel, and other metals. Also, you can buy protective paint that blocks most electromagnetic radiation. As mentioned earlier, there are different indications of the effects of electromagnetic radiation on our health, but Anti Radiation Stickers can help reduce the amount we come in contact with.

How Can I Protect Myself from Cell Phone Radiation?

Cell phones have become essential for many of us. They give us freedom and keep us connected at work, at home, in the family, and in the world. But every time your phone is held to your ear, you absorb over 50 percent of the cell phone radiation it transmits. You cannot block all electromagnetic fields on your cell phone and still have it functional. All modern technologies – whether it runs off AC power or communicates wirelessly – emit cell phone radiation. And every year we are surrounded by more and more of it. If you want to use and enjoy your cell phone, you can’t avoid exposing yourself to this cell phone radiation. Indeed, cell phone radiation is not a by-product: cell phone radiation is the product. And there are no safe cell phone radiation levels. Yes, cell phone radiation can be difficult, but protecting yourself from it is not. Here are some ways to reduce cell phone radiation to improve your vitality and health:

Avoid Physical Contact With Your Cell Phone

Most mobile phone manufacturers recommend leaving at least 10 mm of space between you and your cell phone. Do not put your cell phone in your pocket or in your sports bra! And avoid sleeping with your cell phone close to your bed. If you need to keep your phone close to you at night, for instance, if you are using your phone’s alarm feature, make sure you keep it at least one meter away.

Get Grounded

You have likely heard the term “grounding”. If you haven’t already, this is a simple way to improve your health in several ways, including detoxing from cell phone radiation exposure. Just put your bare feet on the floor and let them absorb the negatively charged electrons from the earth. These electrons can help remove everything from trans fats and air pollution to heavy metals, and can also reduce inflammation that causes so many diseases today, such as autoimmune diseases, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. The electrons of the earth act like a magnetic mop that cleans up the positively charged electrons responsible for inflammation and creates a balance in your electrical circuitry.

Create a Low Electromagnetic Sanctuary

Most homes now have a wireless internet connection. If you live in New York City or any other city, there are likely about 20 individual wireless networks within the range of your cell phone. Turn off your WiFi when you’re not using it to reduce cell phone radiation in your home and neighborhood. Simply place your WiFi router on a power strip. If you will not use your phone for a while and especially if you are going to bed, switch it off. If you want to go online in the morning, just press the power button.

Spend More Time in Nature and With People

Taking the basic steps outlined above to reduce exposure to cell phone radiation is a good place to start to be happier and healthier. You can go even further by taking the time to completely separate yourself from modern technology every day. For instance, try switching off your phones at a set time each day and spending time reconnecting with friends and family. Also, you can take your time every day to read a book, be in nature, or practice meditation or yoga.

What is the Best EMF Protection for Cell Phones?

Radiation from cell phones affects our bodies at the cellular level. Science has shown several negative effects including damage to the cell membrane, DNA damage, and loss of calcium ions. All of these cell damage affects your health. In fact, there is a term for symptoms called “electrical sensitivity.” More importantly, we gradually realize that long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields is associated with major illnesses, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, brain tumors, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and many more. And if that does not catch your attention, studies link electromagnetic fields to premature aging.

So if you really want to look good, reducing your cell phone exposure can make you look younger. One of the best EMF protection devices for cell phones is the Phone Computer Bluetooth WiFi Radiation Protection. These highly effective Radiation Harmonizers are both Adhesive and Non-Adhesive (Stick On or Non-Stick On) therefore they can be used on any and all types of phones, computers, laptops, electronic devices, wireless modems, dongles, baby-monitors, GPSs, iPods, iPads, hand-held radios, walkie-talkies or any other electronic EMF emitted devices.

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