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How do Tower Busters Work?

How do Tower Busters Work?

Orgonite is a popular spiritual healing tool that protects against electromagnetic (EMF) pollution. Tower Buster takes its name from its major function of busting cell phone towers. They are most often made in muffin trays and comprise aluminum metal shavings, polyester resin, and quartz glass shavings. Tower Busters help in transmuting negative DOR (Dead Orgone Energy) into positive more +POR (positive orgone energy) to balance the energies in your environment. It cleanses the atmosphere, promotes sleep and general health, increases plant growth, improves mental and intuitive abilities, and balances the chakras.

What do Orgonite Tower Busters do?

Tower Busters are small and can be placed wherever they want for all purposes, often easily hidden or placed in a place where they stay for a long time. They are suitable, for example, for transmuting electromagnetic pollution from electrical/electronic devices. Tower Busters are also ideal to place around nature, in an orchard or simply in a garden, outdoors, indoors, in the office, in the car, etc.

A simple Tower Buster is enough to transmute/neutralize approximately 90 percent of the negativity from an electromagnetic source, regardless of whether it is a WiFi transmitter in a home, cell phone, or cell phone (2G/3G/4G) mast, television mast, radio mast, etc. For relatively large towers/masts you need more than a Tower Buster, possibly 2-4 Tower Busters (or an induction Tower Buster) to neutralize/transmute 90 percent of the negativity.

This 90 percent neutralization is sufficient to achieve many positive effects, like effects on neighboring vegetation or the climate. However, to reach 100 percent and remove any negativity from an antenna, you need at least 10 Tower Busters or even 20. However, only electrically sensitive people will feel the 10 percent negativity left after using one Tower Buster, most of us are unaffected. In summary, it can be said that a simple orgonite (Tower Buster) suffices to achieve excellent positive results. More is always better, there is no limit to the number of orgonite you can place anywhere, the positive effects can only be improved.

Using a simple analogy, you can’t overdose on vegetables, they are good for you, but at some point, if you eat too much, it becomes useless. It can’t be bad, but it is not so useful either. It’s the same with Orgones, but frankly, it is hard to tell what limit makes the addition unnecessary. If you have 100 Tower Busters, it is better to cover 100 masts with one Orgonite each than to cover 5 masts with 20 Orgonite each.

Do Orgone Pyramids Really Work?

The word Orgone means life energy or life force. Sometimes it is called Chi, prana, or universal energy. This life force energy can be positive (healthy life force), negative, or neutral (negative emotions, pollution, EMF, and radiation). Negative life force energy is believed to result in illness and sickness. Orgone pyramids are a powerful remedy that protects against negative energies, pollution, EMF, and radiation, and negative emotions. They turn negative energy into positive energy and interact with the life force energy. Orgone pyramids are a mixture of metals, crystals, and resin that harden in different ways. They form powerful energy generators that can transmute negative energy, charge the environment with positive energy, and protect from radiation and EMF.

The crystals in the orgone pyramid increase and focus their energy and are electrically polarized, which increases its performance. Often, Orgone pyramids are used to combat EMF pollution and radiation from cell phone towers, to remove negative energies in private homes, and for healing and spiritual work. Orgone pyramids are great for workplaces, homes, or someone in an energy field. They also remove negative beings from the house. Orgone pyramids promote health, joy, happiness, peace, and well-being.

How Do You Know if Orgonite is Working?

There are only a few ways to know if Orgonite is working. One possibility is to carry out what is known as an “Ice Test”, in which you pour distilled water (ideal because it does not contain impurities or the like) in transparent glass. Leave this to freeze, it’s your control experiment. Then repeat the same thing, but place a piece of orgonite on top or the bottom of the glass and let it freeze.

The most interesting thing is that the energy pattern emitted by orgonite freezes in water. It generally looks like a beautiful egg/ball-shaped swirl, but other formations have also been found. Another inexplicable phenomenon is the stalagmites formation in ice cube trays. These events occur very often and are truly incredible to watch.

Another simple test that can be done to test the effectiveness of orgonite is a side-by-side comparison of two containers with some sort of plant seed. If you put a piece of orgonite in one and leave the other without it, you notice that the orgonite seeds grow faster.

Another popular experiment that you will see online is about people using their orgonite to test whether their food stays fresh for longer because they have orgonite in the fridge. In this experiment, a flat or domed orgonite is placed on one or more strawberries. Then nature may take its course and see how long it takes for the fruit to decompose. And apart from that, of course, the fruit will be by itself – that is, away from the orgonite. Perhaps on the other side of the refrigerator, exactly at the same time to see how long it takes for decomposition.

How do you Use Orgonite for Healing?

As a rule of thumb, just place the orgonite near your desired location. You can put orgonite under the pillow or near your bed if you are finding it hard to sleep. Also, you can attach it to any electrical appliance in your home to protect yourself from harmful electromagnetic radiation. Orgonite is best used in areas with many electronic devices such as offices or desks. However, it is also very versatile, so you can use it while meditating or cleaning a negative energy room. Another option to use orgonite for healing is to hold it in the hand or carry it in your pocket so that the life force energy can enter the body to harmonize and strengthen the energy field of the body. We recommend wearing this stone whenever you can. All gemstones are more resilient when used in close contact with your skin.