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Resonant Wand

Resonant Wand

If you are reading this article, you have probably heard some claims about the resonant wand. Proponents of the resonant wand claim that the device can cure all kinds of diseases, and there are countless stories of miraculous cures. Some believe the wand can improve the taste of liquids and that it can make fresh foods last longer. But what’s the truth behind the hype about the resonant wands? Do they really work?

What is a Resonant Wand?

The Tesla coil is the basis of the resonant wave system. A resonant wand is a non-invasive PEMF device that works with the sounds and frequencies of nature. It’s a perfect, almost magical technological wonder that creates pure and unadulterated signals with no distortion. Highly conductive wires and special cables and are used for optimum effect. The wands are constructed with paramedic alloy housing and they are virtually indestructible. Also, they have a satin finish and they have sacred geometry design on the surface.

The resonant wave system works can provide lifelong benefits for everyone in the family. It has tremendous benefits for people of all ages. Thanks to the resonance wave system, sinusoidal, square, or triangular waveforms that deliver a clean and efficient signal without distortion are generated. The wave arrives as a frequency, which is then converted into an electromagnetic Gaussian field by the resonant wave system.

What is PEMF?

PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields are useful and safe electromagnetic energy fields that are used, among other things, to improve the quality of life and support concentration and meditation, (to read testimonials on the benefits of meditation, click here). It mimics the naturally occurring energy fields. PEMF therapy can penetrate your entire body and have several positive effects.

What is the Resonant Wave Console?

The Resonant Wave console is a system that generates, schedules, and stores user-selected frequencies from a selection of more than 10,000 Rife frequencies and 122 quantum frequencies. The console allows you to control the frequencies released by the resonant wave system. You can use the console to create your programs and sequences. Besides, the console contains programmed frequencies based on the secrets of nature and the universe. The over 10,000 frequencies can be beneficial in several ways, such as restoration, spiritual and mental health rejuvenation, relaxation, and more. These are a few of the reported beneficial effects of the resonant wave system.

The resonant wave console is a frequency sequencer and generator ranging from 0.1 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz. Low frequencies tend to draw more power from the device amplifier. Frequency fluctuations help regulate the temperature of the resonant wave system, prolong its life, and mimic the harmony of nature. When there is a slight sense of movement in the resonant wave system, the variation of the PEMF of the resonant wave console is intelligently switched by the resonant wave system. The resonant wave console can help the body regain its natural ability to deal with anything that may affect your quality of life.

How Does Resonant Wave Technology Work?

The resonant wave system combines four powerful health technologies into one: frequencies, electromagnetic vortex fields with phase conjugation, piezoelectric ruby, quantum restructuring waveforms, quartz ions, and tourmaline. All of these together enable complete transmission of waves of energy that change the way our body deals with disease. In combination, this technology allows you to manage different problem areas in your body on a cellular level while providing multiple frequencies. With your adjustments and the option of entering your frequencies.

What is Rife?

The Rife machine was developed in the 1920s by Royal Raymond Rife, an American scientist. It is also known as the Rife frequency generator, which creates low-energy waves. It has been shown that these waves, also known as low-frequency electromagnetic fields, are much safer than high-energy waves like X-rays. Rife has proven to be way ahead of its time. Resonant wave devices differ from Rife machines. Frequencies are only used with deeply pulsed magnetic waves to avoid controversial harmful radio waves such as carrier waves.

Difference Between Aura Coil and Resonant Wand?

The resonant wand is designed to be used on the body, it is compact, and can be held and aimed at specific body parts and chakras. Besides, it contains ruby ​​and tourmaline stones, which are beneficial to health. You can use Quantum and Rife/Life Force frequencies with it. The coil can carry a signal throughout the house and is designed for general health with life force/quantum frequencies and shielding. Not designed for Rife frequencies.

Benefits of Resonant Wand

Today’s high-end machines need special buildings and rooms due to the use of 1930s technology. These are pale when compared to the Resonant Wave system, which is much smaller and sufficiently portable. It can fit in a briefcase, can run a myriad of personal improvement programs, and is virtually more efficient than any other Rife machine. It is also safe to use without any side effects – the resonant wand is truly a non-invasive and non-contact device. It is virtually indestructible, you only have to buy it once and you can use it for decades.

The system outputs frequencies by transmitting electrical signals into magnetic wave signals. The wand is powered by an amplifier and it outputs PEMF signals as energy waves. These waves of energy, filled with frequencies that are determined by the console, permeate the body to its core and deliver benefits where it is needed.

The resonant wave system is designed to focus its frequencies on a straight path with a slightly tapered area of ​​effect. Direct the resonant wave system where you want to apply it and it will become the center of the conical energy wave pattern where the harmonization is most concentrated.

The resonant wand is electronically sound and structurally durable and can draw up to 3000 watts. However, the device is very efficient. It is still efficient with a 100-watt amp. Although we don’t recommend using values ​​higher than 100 W, you can increase the wattage with more powerful amplifiers.

Does Resonant Wand Really Work?

All living cells in the body have potentials between the outer and inner cell membranes, which are established under normal health conditions. Different cells, such as the nerve cells and muscle cells, have different potentials of up to -70 mV. When the membrane cells are impaired, the potentials change in such a way as to change the balance throughout the cell membrane, attracting positive sodium ions to the cell membrane and taking negative proteins and trace elements from the cell. This results in the fluid entering the interstitial area and edema or swelling occurs.

Research has shown that the application of pulsed magnetic fields helps the body restore normal potentials more quickly, helping most wounds heal and reducing swelling faster. The most efficient frequencies the researchers have found so far are very low-frequency pulses with a 50 Hz base which the Resonant Wave System delivers. When these are slowly increased to 25 pulses/second over periods of 10 minutes (600 seconds), it will condition the damaged tissue to help the natural healing process.

Another area where pulsed electromagnetic therapy has proven to be very effective is pain reduction. Pain signals are usually transmitted through the nerve cells to the presynaptic terminals. In these connections, the channels of the cell change due to ionic movement. The membrane potential changes and causes the release of a chemical emitter from a synaptic vesicle contained in the membrane. The pain signal is transmitted chemically through the synaptic space to chemical receptors on the postsynaptic nerve cell. All of this happens in about 1/2000 of a second because the synaptic space is just 20-50 nanometers wide.

How do I Use the Devices?

The resonant wand system has a very powerful detoxifying effect, so we recommend beginners to only use 25 percent of the volume. A higher volume is only recommended if your body can handle it, or for deeper penetration in people with higher body mass.

  •             When you have successfully connected your resonant wand, play the Rife frequencies or Life Force frequencies via the resonant wave console which is connected to the amplifier.
  •             Sit and lay down in a relaxed position with the wand in front of you.
  •             Let it run for 5 minutes to 2 hours depending on the time.

When using the resonant wand, make sure you are not in a grim mood or distracted. Meditating or playing relaxing music while using the resonant wand can enhance the effects. You can change the intensity setting of the wand by increasing or decreasing the volume of the amplifier or tablet.

How Long do the Effects Last?

The effects can last from 24 hours to several days. Since the resonant wand can be used every day or even 24 hours a day (like aura coils), the effects can be prolonged indefinitely. If you’re on the go and can’t carry the larger coils, we recommend the Qi coils for subtle energy that is portable. For more products that improve the way you feel, click here!