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Earthcalm EMF Reviews

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Earthcalm EMF Reviews

In today’s world, more and more people are experiencing immune system disorders, unexplained health symptoms, and serious diseases. EMFs (or Electromagnetic Fields) generated by electricity and different appliances are an essential factor in contributing to these health conditions because they disrupt cell functioning and wear down your immune system.

The problem is that the EMFs generated by your appliances and electricity prevent you from being grounded in the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth – the field you were born to live in, the field that heals and nurtures you. You know how good you feel when out in nature? It is the electromagnetic field of the earth you are feeling. This is what helps the body let go of tension and relax. This usually occurs because you’re resonating with the Earth’s field. When you have the Earthcalm EMF Protection System, you can experience this same feeling. 

How Do the Earthcalm Products Work?

The living earth technology of Earthcalm immerses you in the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Using the resonance principle, the Earthcalm EMF Protection System frees the nervous system from resonating with the appliances and wiring grid in your home. Earthcalm products are unique in the field of EMF protection because they are designed specially to go to higher depths of protection. Also, increased EMF protection helps to free your nervous system from chronic constriction usually caused by EMFs, thus increasing the body’s ability to heal specific disorders dramatically. 

Earthcalm Products Reviews

Earthcalm Infinity Home System

This is one of the flagship products of Earthcalm and is essentially their “home EMF protection” version. This product is very simple to use, all you need to do is plug it into an electrical outlet in your home. The Earthcalm Infinity Home System is intended to introduce resonant information into the electrical grid of the building which tends to diminish EMFs harmful effects caused by the wiring as well as the EMF of any electronic or appliance that’s plugged into the same grid. Also, the harmful effects of smart meters and wireless routers will be diminished if you plug it into the same system. 

Earthcalm Infinity X

To use this accessory, you need the Earthcalm Infinity Home System. The Infinity X is essentially meant to include the Sanctuary protection technology found in their wearable products into your home. This is intended to improve protection from things like microwave radiation, man-made EMFs, power lines, smart meters, cell towers, WiFi radiation, and many more. 

Earthcalm Scalar Nova Resonator Pendant

The Earthcalm Scalar Nova Resonator Pendant is an effective wearable EMF protection technology available on the market today. It is a pendant that allows your body to naturally release EMF stress. It connects the wearer to the natural electromagnetic field of the earth and is specially designed for those in fragile health or electrosensitive, as well as those who work in an EMF environment or want to reduce physical and mental stress. Designed to be worn as a piece of elegant jewelry, the scalar resonator has technology that grounds you into the electromagnetic field of the earth, which is the body’s natural home. It is the most natural wellness and health personal care environment there is.

Additionally, man-made EMFs distort the normal functioning of your DNA and cells, thereby leading to various health problems. The Earthcalm Scalar Nova Resonator Pendant can help you stay alert, grounded, healthy, and filled with energy. Also, this resonator can help you find your way back to good health if you have health challenges. Your body can begin to heal itself by taking the stress of EMFs off your immune system. The soothing and gentle energy of the Earthcalm Scalar Nova Resonator Pendant will help you sleep more deeply as it calms your nervous system.

This pendant has been tested independently against EMFs and proven effective in restoring and in certain cases, improving the body’s healthy and natural balance. When wearing the Earthcalm Scalar Nova Resonator Pendant, many people initially feel relaxed, “a rush” of energy, a sense of well-being, clarity of mind, warmth, and alertness. And as time progresses, muscle and joint pain evaporate, chronic headaches disappear, “mind fog” disappears, sleep comes more easily, and healing occurs in the area of old injuries. 

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Earthcalm Quantum Cell

This is essentially a sticker that you can attach to the back of your tablet, cell-phone, cordless phone, router, baby monitor, etc. and it will offer protection against the EMFs produced by these devices. The Quantum Cell can research the damage caused by DNA effectively and increase human DNA conductivity. You can use this product by sticking or taping it to your device. The Earthcalm Quantum Cell also relieves anxiety and depression, chronic headaches, tinnitus, normalizes blood pressure, increases energy, improves sleep, and much more. 

Earthcalm Sanctuary Band

The Earthcalm Sanctuary Band is a pretty simple product that packs powerful technology inside. The band is designed to help protect your body from erratic frequencies, including EMF radiation. It is essentially a waterproof bracelet with a snap buckle that can be worn around your ankle or wrist. 

Earthcalm Sanctuary Pendant

This is a pendant version of the EarthCalm Sanctuary Band. The pendant is the newest adaptation of how Earthcalm started. The pendant has a smaller “power pendant” that rests on the back of the wearer’s neck. The second pendant is intended to work in conjunction with the primary one, thus improving the protective technology strength. The EarthCalm Sanctuary Pendant is made of fine silver and handcrafted. This product is 100 percent waterproof, so you don’t have to take it off when going to the pool or shower. It uses the “Sanctuary 2” technology of Earthcalm, which is the most powerful level of personal EMF protection system available today. This pendant is simple to wear, just like the band.

Nova Resonator Child Band

This product is similar to the Sanctuary band, however, it utilizes a slightly different technology known as “Nova Resonator '' which is meant to be better suited and gentler for children. It is made of soft paracord material, so it is completely waterproof and should be very difficult to damage.  It’s specifically intended to protect children against man-made EMF radiation.

The information provided in this post is for educational purposes only and shouldn’t be interpreted as a recommendation for a particular treatment plan, medical treatment, or course of action. Additionally, the information contained herein isn’t intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition or disease.  

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