Shungite Pyramid Meaning

Learn the shungite pyramid meaning and how they can benefit your life. 
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Learn the shungite pyramid meaning and how they can benefit your life. 

It’s believed that shungite items, especially those  in the form of a pyramid, have a positive influence on the body and internal health of man. 

These pyramids are an ideal tool for home EMF protection. They can create a positive and protective biofield around themselves in a radius of up to five meters and more. 


It has been proven that placing the Shungite Pyramid in the study or bedroom contributes significantly to your health and well-being.


The pyramid shape has been popular since the advent of humans for its symbolic meaning and magical properties. 



Check out Shungite Pyramid Benefits



Placing a shungite pyramid in your home or office will add a lot to your healthy life.


If you want to protect yourself from electromagnetic fields, place the shungite pyramid near the wireless router, computer, or TV. 

Use shungite pyramids as part of your home decor to strengthen your energy field and bring inner harmony and calm into your daily life. 


Besides improving your physical well-being, the pyramid will stabilize your relationships with loved ones and colleagues

Read on to discover the meaning of the shungite pyramid.

Shungite Pyramid Meaning


shungite pyramid benefits

The pyramid shape is commonly used in mineral and crystal products, not only because pyramids are pretty, but there is also symbolism that goes back centuries. 

In ancient Egypt, pyramids served not only as burial sites but as powerful healing chambers as well.


The Egyptians believed that the pyramids symbolized the sun’s rays because they capture the healing energy of the sun, helping the body fight diseases and negative energies.


It’s not widely known, but the pyramids were built long before ancient Egypt. In Russia, near the Republic of Karelia, on the Kola Peninsula, pyramids twice as old as the Egyptian pyramids have been found. Scientists say shamans used the pyramids to connect with the earth and its healing energies.


Shungite pyramids collect and emit energy. The pyramid’s bottom represents a solid, earthly base that makes you feel grounded and powerful, while the pointed top represents the ability to reach higher realms of consciousness. 


An Inexhaustable Form of Energy


shungite pyramid meditation


Meditating with a shungite pyramid will relax your body and mind. By placing a pyramid on your table, you turn it into a unique decoration and it also protects you from all kinds of EMF radiation and negative energies.


Shungite pyramids are an inexhaustible source of energy and, thanks to their shape, they can share their protective properties with a large surface


Using Shungite pyramids in the home will protect you not only from electromagnetic fields but also from those around you. 


An Effective EMF Shielding Tool


Shungite for EMF Shielding


The shungite pyramid is an effective EMF shielding tool and can be placed next to a variety of electronic devices, e.g. microwaves, TV, laptop, etc. The pyramids are also great when it comes to protecting larger areas – bedrooms and apartments. 

The shungite plate for cell phones, in turn, ensures that you are effectively shielded from your phone’s electromagnetic fields.

There are polished and unpolished shungite pyramids and both are commonly used for healing and protection. They offer the same effects in terms of crystal vibrations and EMF protection, differing only in appearance.

The decisive factor is the size of the shungite pyramid, which determines its radius of action. The larger the pyramid, the greater its radius of action and the more comprehensive the protection it offers.

Benefits of Shungite Pyramids



Pyramids have been considered powerful sacred structures since ancient times. A pyramid shape is believed to harness, amplify and focus higher vibrational energies via its apex. Here are some benefits of shungite pyramids.

EMF and 5G Protection



If you have been looking for a harmonizer or blocker to reduce the EMFs in your space, you may have discovered authentic shungite nuggets. 

The Shungite pyramids is a unique product that protects you from radiation from any device, including your mobile phone, Wi-Fi router, laptop, or computer.

Harmonization of Space



Shungite can remove negative energies from your personal space, home, or office. Our Shungite pyramid’s  radius of action is 1.5 times that of quartz, jade, and lapis lazuli

Placing it at the highest point in your room can transform the environment in your home or workspace from a negative or stressful environment to a more peaceful one. It’s considered more powerful than an onyx crystal or an orgone pyramid.

Increases Positive Energy



Shungite is a natural pain reliever and powerful healing stone known for its ability to disperse negative energies. 


When you feel called to a Shungite pyramid, you probably want to infuse your space with cleansed, focused, balanced, and positive energy that will help increase your sense of security and focus by neutralizing chaotic or negative vibrations. 

Perhaps you need the Shungite Pyramid at the office to remain emotionally balanced, even when your deadlines are tight.

Or maybe you are drawn to a shungite pyramid because of the need for grounding and stability at home. 

Wherever you want to feel a surge of soothing balance, bring a pyramid into that space and allow its protective and grounding properties to harmonize your energy field and bring harmony into your life.

Sizes and Ranges of Influence of Shungite Pyramids

  • 3cm base: approximately 1.2 inches – range of influence: up to 3.5cm (1.1m)
  • 5cm base: approximately 1.96 inches – range of influence: up to 7.5cm (2.3m)
  • 7cm base: approximately 2.75 inches – range of influence: up to 10.5cm (3.2m)
  • 9cm base: approximately 3.54 inches – range of influence: up to 15.0cm (4.6m)
  • 15cm base: approximately 5.9 inches – range of influence: up to 49.0cm (15m)

How to Use Shungite Pyramids



Place a Shungite pyramid in places where you spend most of your time during the day (beside your bed, in your sacred space, on your desk in your workspace, etc.). 

Placing the shungite pyramids in your workplace or bedroom contributes a lot to health and well-being.

Placing a shungite pyramid in your workspace is believed to enhance work efficiency and the productivity of those around you. It creates a field around you that enhances favorable emotional and nervous conditions to affect emotions and moods in the office positively.

Place a pyramid close to all devices that are sources of different types of radiation, such as televisions, computers, microwave ovens, radio receivers, Wi-Fi access points, etc. to neutralize electromagnetic fields.

To strengthen your energy field and bring inner harmony and calm into your daily life, use Shungite pyramids as an interior decoration item. 

Besides improving your physical well-being, the pyramid will stabilize your relationships with loved ones and colleagues.