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Do Orgone Devices Really Work?

Many believe Orgone devices have the ability to have a positive effect on your physical and mental health. But do they really work? 


Many believe Orgone devices have the ability to have a positive effect on your physical and mental health. But do they really work? 

Orgone energy is everywhere. It is ideal to use orgone energy  and promote it in such a way that it moves freely and does not get stuck or stagnate. 

Having orgone devices in or around your home can protect you from negative energies as it is safe to keep things flowing. We are a world based on technology and wherever we look there are satellite dishes, mobile phones, Wi-Fi connections, and more. These technologies can generate electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and regular exposure can cause side effects in some people. 

Symptoms can include loss of libido, depression, anxiety, headaches, and a general feeling of depression about energy levels.

What is Orgone Energy and How Does it Affect the Human Body?


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Orgonite offers protection from this as it absorbs this energy, purifies it, and transforms it into something more positive that can be absorbed. Rather than bringing a toxic mix to the table, this new energy can overflow with gentler vibrations and lead to greater calm, a deeper sense of healing, and purifying breaths that dramatically reduce tension and stress.

Besides clearing EMF, orgonite devices can be a wonderful sleep aid and help you really focus on your meditation potential. Also, the living energy around orgonites can help plants grow, clean living spaces, and detoxify water.

In this new sunny environment organized by Orgonite, our health can flourish. Orgonite not only keeps your health in tip-top shape, but it can also help balance your mood and give you more energy just when you need it.

History of Orgone



The orgone is a spiritual and pseudoscientific concept described as hypothetical or esoteric universal life energy and was originally proposed by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s. As developed by Charles Kelley – Reich’s student – following his death in 1957, the orgone was created as a creative substrate in all of nature, an anti-entropic concept of the universe, comparable to  animal magnetism of Mesmer, the Odic power of Carl Reichenbach, and the vitality of Henri Bergson. The orgone was seen as a massless and omnipresent substance, similar to the luminous ether, but more closely associated with living energy than with inert matter.

It could supposedly merge to create an organization on all levels, from the smallest microscopic units, known as “bions” in orgone theory, to macroscopic structures like clouds, organisms, or even galaxies. Reich said that constrictions or deficits in the body are the main cause of many diseases, just as constrictions or deficits of libido could cause neurosis in Freud’s theory. Reich developed special “orgone energy accumulators” - devices that visibly collect and store orgone energy from the environs, to improve general health or even control the weather.

How Does Orgone Affect the Human Body?


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After further research and experiments, Dr. Reich proved that orgone radiation is the same energy that the sun emits. He was able to cultivate and inoculate what he termed “SAPA Bions” from cosmic orgone energy. When he placed living cancer cells next to the orgone bions, the cancer cells died.

During the experiments, Dr. Reich discovered life’s growth patterns by identifying the concept of morphogenetic energy fields that can form shapes. He stated that orgone is omnipresent and the basis of all life processes. Also, he made this connection by observing the same principle in the formation of galaxies as on the macro-biological or cellular level. When Reich disclosed his research to Albert Einstein, he exclaimed: “It would be a bomb for physics.”

Dr. Reich was able to apply his previous research on mental disorders to orgone behavior. When energy is blocked by traumatic memories and then stored in body tissues, it can lead to muscle tension. He called this structure and blockade “Armoring”. This stagnant energy becomes DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy). Dr. Reich believed DOR is largely responsible for environmental damage, mental and psychological disorders of life forms as well as physical degeneration of the body. He discovered the therapeutic use of Orgone’s ability to clear energy blockages present in the body and often linked to serious illnesses, including cancer.

How Does Orgone Really Work?




Reich could show that orgone radiation has a similar energy to the sun’s rays. As part of his research, he carefully cultivated SAPA bions from Orgone Energy. As we stated earlier, he put cancer cells next to these orgone bions, and they died. Reich’s research, therefore, applied the theory that orgone might somehow be responsible for helping people fight disease and other illnesses, not just in the physical body, but in the mind as well.

Reich’s work led him to believe that energy could be blocked and stored in the body by trauma, especially in muscle tissue, which in turn would lead to stuck tension. The energy would stagnate and become heavy and become what the scientist called the Deadly Orgone Energy. This stagnant energy is believed to be responsible for all kinds of negative energy and chaos that have sucked good out of the world. If you think of energy as a standing pond, we all know that dead water can become a harsh and toxic environment in which life does not thrive.


While flowing water is full of movement, it wonderfully stimulates all kinds of life and vitality to flourish. It may be similar with regard to dead stagnant energy, and Dr. Reich was interested in finding ways to get this energy back into motion. He believed that all forms of trauma were imprinted on the place and the person. Whether it’s an act of violence or bad memory, the electromagnetic fields of technology, or anything that creates blockages in the mind and body. It adds to the “armor” of the body and prevents the beauty of creativity, positive intention, and love from flowing.


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In individuals, this DOR can be responsible for emotional and physical turbulence and degeneration of the body. However, the damage caused by DOR exceeds our human makeup and can even cause environmental damage and deterioration on earth. After Dr. Reich arrived at this hypothesis about the harmful effects of dead energy, he decided to develop orgone energy accumulators, which he believed had the potency and power to convert energy from dead orgone into positive orgone energy.

By “matching” your home with Orgone energy devices, you can transform deadly orgone energy emitted by electrical devices like refrigerators and washers/dryers, computers, wireless routers, portable devices, and more. Just place an orgone energy device in your home. In fact, one device,  Geoclense®  can protect your entire home. These objects are modern adaptations of Dr. Reich’s original orgone energy accumulator.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of the “orgone” corresponds to religious concepts in many ancient cultures about Prana, Chi, Ether, and what quantum physicists today term Zero Point Energy. The ancient cultures had wisdom about this energy and how to use it. Today, we’re finally rediscovering that balance between wisdom and technology and we can apply this knowledge to understand ourselves, nature, and how we can use it to heal our bodies and planets.

How Can We Protect Ourselves from Deadly Orgone Energy?



Simply holding an orgone device or being near one, removes negative energy from your field, creating a more balanced, higher, and healthier state." Orgone and orgonite protect you from deadly orgone energy. The word orgonite comes from ‘orgone’, the name that Dr. Wilhelm Reich gave to the vital energy that is present in all nature. Orgonite is a substance that functions as a highly efficient, continuous-working, self-contained energy conversion device, attracting negative life energy and converting it into positive energy.

Orgonite has become quite popular as a spiritual remedy and as a protection against EMF. Simply holding an Orgone device or being near one, removes negative energy from your field, creating a more balanced, higher, and healthier state. Although Dr. Wilhelm Reich never made orgonite as is currently done, his pioneering research led directly to the design and manufacture of orgonite pyramids, orgonite pendants, and other orgonite products for the home.

What are Orgone Devices?

Many people would not build an orgone energy accumulator at home, and the Cloudbuster is definitely not suitable for everyday use. Fortunately, as noted above, despite historical doubts and judgments about Reich’s work, there are everyday orgone devices designed for home use.

The Geoclense® is a popular Orgone Energy product designed to protect an entire home from EMF radiation. This orgone device produces a negative charge resonance field generator designed to balance the noxious, unhealthy positive charge resonance created by 5G and all forms of EMR, RF, Wi-Fi, Earth Radiation, and Bioplasmic Radiation.

Indeed, these household orgone devices function as an energy filter system. Additionally, orgone jewelry and pendants are popular for those who are desirous of staying protected 24 hours a day. If you wear an orgone pendant or an orgone bracelet around your wrist, it has the extra benefit of being close to your skin. Direct contact with the skin can ensure that stagnant or negative energy swirls and purifies in the body and is ready to take you to healthier and more positive places.

Besides cleansing energy, orgone devices and jewelry can contribute incredibly to chakra cleanliness. There are 7 energy points in the body and each is linked to a specific area of ​​our emotional and physical health. As mentioned earlier, orgone energy is directed towards the switching blocks and inviting life to flow. Our chakras repeat this because they sometimes get stuck and prevent all this universal energy from helping us reach our full potential. While orgonite does its important job of rotating positive energy and clearing filters and obstructions, it also helps keep the chakras clean and flowing.