Smart Meter - Are They Dangerous for Us?

Smart meters have become more and more common in homes as they make it easier for gas and electric companies to get a reading on how much utility has been used by consumers. With the help of HAN which is a signal similar to WiFi and bluetooth, companies easily get data from smart meters, so a person doesn’t have to physically come to check the reading.

This makes the process much smoother for both customers and the companies as no one is disturbed. However, we tend to forget that smart meters have an electromagnetic field (EMF). This means that like any other device that has an EMF, it exposes us to electromagnetic radiation. Similar to electrical appliances, the radiation is non-ionizing meaning it is low in frequency but that doesn’t mean it has zero impact on us. You will need to treat the smart meter like any other EMF generating device in your home.

Apartments tend to be even worse than houses when it comes to smart meters. Since each apartment needs a smart meter of its own, they put all the smart meters in one specific spot for all the apartments. This makes that particular space stronger in terms of the concentration of radiation produced.

You can easily be living in a small apartment without even knowing that the wall in your bedroom or living room is hiding multiple smart meters. A case was presented where a person living in a one bedroom apartment in the basement had 8 smart meters outside the wall of their bedroom. The 8 meters covered all the apartments in the building. Not only did they have meters but then the WiFi router and other electronic devices of their own that also have an EMF. Though non-ionizing, the excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation can pose a serious health risk.

What can you do if your apartment has Smart Meters fitted in or directly outside of it?

If you have any more than 4 smart meters, you are constantly exposed to along with other electronic devices then you will need extra protection. You can get protection with Geoclense Orgone Generator which is designed to combat any type of manmade electromagnetic radiation. Since this would be an extreme condition, the Geoclense will most probably not be enough on its own to harmonize the apartment. You would also need a minimum of 2 Dome Orgone Schumann Generator to assist with the process of neutralizing the positive ions from the smart meters and other devices.

The Geoclense can be plugged anywhere in the apartment. It doesn’t particularly have to be plugged near the wall that has the smart meters. It will do its work by releasing negative ions that will neutralize the positive ions in the atmosphere. The two domes would work better if they are placed near the source of the radiation. The domes help neutralise the source so work more effectively and efficiently if they are directly on the source or in close proximity to it.

The Geoclense and the Dome can help protect you from the following sources of radiation:

Man-made radiation

  • Smart Meters
  • Bluetooth from phone, computer, and other devices
  • Digital television
  • Microwave ovens
  • Baby monitor
  • Electrical appliances
  • Cellphone towers
  • High voltage power lines
  • WiFi modem and router
  • Metal House Frames and home roof top
  • Among other EMF radiation producing products

Earth Radiation

  • Pipes including water, sewage, and storm
  • Seismic fault lines
  • Radioactive geological matter (Coal and Uranium)

You can find out more on the benefits of the Geoclense by clicking here.

In extreme cases such as the one presented above it is important to make sure you get the most protection as possible. If you aren’t exposed to radiation in high concentration then you can easily protect yourself with just a Geoclense. However, when it comes to radiation it is always better to be safe than sorry since it involves your family's health.

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