Gauss Master EMF Meter Review

What EMF detector is right for you? Check out our Gauss Master EMF Review


To measure electric and magnetic fields (also known as EMF) from power lines, cables, appliances, and lighting, you can use a Gauss meter.


Gaussian measuring devices measure the strength of the magnetic field at the location of the measuring device.


Since the magnetic fields are aligned in space, the meter’s position affects the measured value. Gauss meters, also known as Teslameters, can also be used to locate the source of a field and measure the magnetic shield’s performance.

Minimize your Exposure




The Gauss Master EMF meter measures the strength of alternating magnetic fields, also known as electromagnetic fields (EMF), and allows you to locate the safest areas of your home or office to minimize exposure.


This meter measures the radiation level of the ELF magnetic field from kitchen appliances, computers, power lines, and more!


The easy-to-read scale, unique built-in audio signal, and auto power-off make it easy to use and a great way to identify hidden sources of ELF magnetic fields.


Do You Need an EMF Meter? 



Of course, it can be argued that EMF meters simply make you aware of the danger from potential EMF exposure, but does not protect you from it. 

If you know you are living with high EMF exposure or simply want to skip an unnecessary step, you can invest in Orgone Energy protection. 

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Our Geoclense is a simple protection product that has the ability to protect your entire home and property. Our stylish Geoclense simply plugs into your outlet to create a connection within your entire home. 



Our Car EMF Harmonizer make car trips a better experience. This generator is a great tool to help improve motion sickness or a way to prevent car sickness for children as well as improve road rage


However, if you do decide you need an EMF meter, the Gauss Master EMF Meter may be a good fit for you. 


Build and Design



The case of this EMF meter is not particularly appealing, but the display boasts an adjustable backlight, which makes it so much easier on the eyes. It also makes reading 1-axis data values ​​easier and helps the display to follow the indicator bar relatively quickly. This is very useful for displaying the access points in an area.


The Gauss Master EMF Meter measures 5.83 x 2.9 x 1.65 inches and weighs approximately 6 ounces.

The top has a screen that measures approximately 2.4" x 3". The screen displays a moving cursor as well as a large digital display showing milli-Gauss (mG).





Most experts agree that continuous exposure to more than 2.5 mG is not recommended.


This EMF meter shows you which ranges in the frequency range from 50 to 60 Hz which are above or below 2.5 mG.


  So what is special about this EMF meter?

It has an ultra-fast needle response and the audio output corresponds to the intensity of the radiation. Beyond that, it is portable, light, and durable, with two easy-to-read scales (0-1 mG and 0-10 mG) and a spectacular audio signal.



For many experts, it is a preferred measuring device for demonstrating the presence of detrimental electromagnetic fields and paranormal work to others.


It requires a 9 Volts battery (not included). The Gauss Master EMF Meter comes with an excellent guide on how to properly inspect your office, home, or schoolyard.

Pros of the Gauss Master EMF Meter

  • A dual application instrument, it can test magnetic field and electric field radiation at the same time.
  • Audible light alarm, if the test result exceeds the safety value, the instrument will sound an alarm
  • LCD value display for easy reading
  • Fashionable design, easy to handle by hand, easy to carry and measure in the field
  • It is used to test and learn the situation of EMF radiation indoors and outdoors
  • The audio output corresponds to the intensity of the radiation

Cons of the Gauss Master EMF Meter

  • The needle jiggles when you’re moving around, but the sound lets you know if there’s a “spike”


Instructions for Use



Insert the battery: Press in the direction of the arrow on the battery compartment cover on the back of the Gauss Master and insert a 9 Volts battery (not included).

To turn the meter on: Press the button on the side of the meter. For normal work (range 0-10 mG), briefly press the button on the left side of the Gauss Master.

When the meter is first turned on, you will hear a noise and the needle will jump to a high level, then set to the correct reading. The sound’s intensity corresponds to the magnetic field’s strength.

After a few minutes, the Gauss Master turns off automatically. Just press and release the button to reactivate.

10 Times More Sensitive




To make the EMF meter ten times more sensitive (range 0-1 mG), press and hold the button on the Gauss Master’s left side.

As soon as you release the button, the Gauss Master will turn off automatically after a few minutes. Simply press and hold the button again to reactivate.


Gauss Master is a uniaxial measuring device. This means that it only “looks” in one direction. Since the magnetic fields are aligned in space, you must rotate the meter to make sure you can “see” the magnetic field.


In general, where there is just one source of the magnetic field, simply turn the meter until you locate the position that gives the highest reading. If the EMF meter isn’t positioned correctly, the reading will be lower than it should be.


Final Thoughts

The Gauss Master EMF Meter sports an interface that looks pretty crummy and cheap. But appearances can be deceiving.

What was not spent on creating an attractive LED interface, was spent on manufacturing high-quality sensors. The analog interface is intuitive, even if it seems a little dated. Considering its low cost and extensive capabilities to measure and detect electromagnetic fields, this EMF meter is worth picking up.