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Orgonite Pyramid Benefits

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7 Orgone Pyramid Benefits

An Orgonite crystal device or an Orgone matrix is a device that helps with working with ethereal energies (Prana, Reiki energy, Chi, biomagnetic energy, and lifeforce energy). Orgonite releases Orgone energy when stimulated by other forms of energy and has the capacity to change Orgone energy from one state to another. It is particularly suitable for dissolving negative energy in a space and transmuting it into balanced and healthy energy. This makes it particularly useful in a variety of alternative health as well as other traditional metaphysical applications.

What Does an Orgonite Pyramid do?

The primary function of an Orgonite pyramid is to convert negative energies into positive energies. This occurs in its internal crystal matrix. An Orgonite pyramid creates a positive Orgone/Chi/ prana energy known for its positive impact on the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental areas of life. It’s a powerful tool that can be used for general wellbeing and protection and also helps in healing by creating an energetic and balanced environment.

The Orgonite resin shrinks slightly during the curing/making process. When it does, it pushes and exerts a permanent pressure on the quartz crystal. This constant pressure creates a known piezoelectric effect inside the crystal. In short, the endpoints of quartz crystals are electrically polarized.

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Do Orgone Pyramids Really Work?

Orgone Pyramids are undoubtedly a lovely piece of eye candy to behold, but not only are they beautiful, but they also have the powerful ability to bring us healing and balance. Orgone pyramids can clean up the energies in the room, at work, or living rooms and protect people from electromagnetic radiation. However, they have also been shown to have health benefits. Laboratory studies have revealed that living body cells when exposed to this resonance, strengthen their immunity, and achieve optimal physical and mental health.

What are the Benefits of Orgonite?

  1. Shields from EMFs

Orgonites are known to reduce the harmful effects of EMFs. It doesn’t reduce the radiation as such, but it can reduce its harmful effects. Orgonites can be particularly helpful for people sensitive to emissions.

  1. Vivid Dreams and Better Sleep

The positive energies in an orgonized room enable the sleeper to enjoy a much better and deeper sleep quality without worry. An Orgone pyramid can help with sleep disturbances and disorders. As a result, they eliminate the feeling of tiredness and morning laziness and cause an increased energy level from the start. Dreams are more vivid, and there are fewer nasty dreams that translate into wonderful health benefits.

  1. Improved Mental Clarity

When all PORs are transferred into the atmosphere, individual mood changes positively. Orgonite pyramids also have the additional effect of producing negative ions (oxygen atoms that are charged with an additional electron), which have a positive effect on mood due to high serotonin levels in the blood.

  1. Healthy and Accelerated Plant Growth

Orgone energy affects all living things, since it is vital energy, from humans to animals and plants. If there is an Orgone pyramid, you can see this effect first hand. Plants thrive better in the presence of Orgone energy. Lots of experiments have been done to determine it, and they have successfully tested it. Another positive influence of Orgonite can be seen in food. It serves as a preservative and the food stays fresh longer than usual.

  1. Supports Faster Wound Healing

Orgone energy accelerates wound healing. It should be noted that this is not a medicine. Therefore, actual hospital visits are advised and wounds should be properly cared for and treated. However, Orgone pyramids stimulate faster wound healing after the needful treatments.

  1. Soothing Effect on Animals

Like humans and plants, Orgone energy is beneficial to animals. The presence of an Orgone pyramid has a positive effect on pets. This will reduce their fussing and calm them down.

  1. Tower Busting

It has been widely found that the widespread use of cell phone towers creates a thick layer of DOR or negative Orgone energy around the areas between them. This saturates our communities and homes with negative energies that promote drought, negativity, fear, etc. We are not saying the negativity of the world is caused by the towers, but rather that they simply stimulate or intensify them. However, it has been found that this can be solved by placing or burying Orgonite at the base of a cell phone tower. Thousands of conscientious and selfless people from all over the world have started and are slowly helping with the so-called Orgonite donation movement.

Can Orgonite be Harmful?

Aluminum and quartz are non-toxic unless the aluminum is ingested or comes into contact with food and is heated (which causes microscopic parts of aluminum to enter the food), which is not really a problem here. Orgonites can’t be eaten! Synthetic resins such as epoxy and polyester are toxic in their raw state. Therefore, it is recommended to use protective agents and masks in the manufacture of Orgonites. The smell of the polyester resin is strong enough and breathing it in is definitely not good. The epoxy does not smell that bad, but it can still be very toxic, even if it doesn’t smell much. The epoxy/resin must not come into contact with the skin, even in a liquid/uncured state.

Once the resins have hardened with the catalyst, they fully polymerize and lose their toxicity. If you didn’t know, polyester resin is the most common resin used to make all common plastic packaging. From the point of view of the material from which they are made, Orgonites are not harmful to health. The only time they are dangerous is before they harden. Once polymerized, they become inert and non-toxic. The polymerization process of the resin is quite fast, after a few hours, but the polyester takes a few days to release all the styrene vapors. Orgones only have positive results in terms of effects on living bodies and humans/plants, but sometimes they can be too strong and cause temporary discomfort. For instance, if you have never been near Orgonites and you are suddenly surrounded by hundreds of these, the healing benefits they have can happen too quickly and, like detoxification too fast, can be uncomfortable.

Orgonium is a great alternative to orgonite as it has less long-term effects. Although they have similar functions, orgonium differs from orgonite in its resin types and formulation. Orgonium is a resonance device developed to vibrate at high frequencies. These frequencies are tailored to be in harmony with the nervous system of the body as well as the energy and auric fields. The frequencies promote the balancing of energies and purely mimic natural earth resonance. Orgonium works to produce negative ions and these ions contain many beneficial properties including creating a more elevated mood, maintenance of alkaline pH levels, and help to relieve stress. Orgonium can also strengthen immune levels, encourage better sleeping habits, and improve feelings of relaxation.

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