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Is Bluetooth Connectivity Safe Radiation?

Bluetooth WiFi Radiation

After seeing the highly Milligaus readings with my own eyes, I decided it was time to disconnect the cordless phones and replace them with good old fashioned corded phones. It seemed like a big technological step backwards, however, I felt good about it nonetheless. I still noticed that I was getting a high Radio Frequency (RF) reading from the electrical field around my computer, even though I had disconnected wireless and the cordless phones.

I discovered it was coming from my computers with Bluetooth transmitters, and from my bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and the readings were in the range of 1-2 V/m.

Much higher than the recommended maximum 200 mV/m! But hey, Bluetooth is safe right?

It is at such low power that it is harmless, isn't it? After doing some research I discovered that no tests have been done to show whether Bluetooth is safe or not. It is simply the companies selling Bluetooth technology that say it is safe.

So, I bought a corded mouse and keyboard and switched off my Bluetooth. I pulled out the RF Meter and now the reading in an RF field of 70 to 150 mV/m. I don't know if it was just placebo but my hand felt much better resting on a corded mouse and I have a much greater peace of mind knowing that I work in a relatively benign RF and electromagnetic field (EMF).  I have also discovered that most of the studies done on the health implications of wireless technology were funded directly or indirectly by the telecommunications industry including Telstra here in Australia.

It reminded me of pharmaceutical companies funding and influencing research about the safety of a new drug from which they stood to make billions of dollars. In other words, a major conflict of interest.

Is the solution, and it is simpler than having to revert back to corded phones, corded keyboards and a corded mouse with Blue Tooth? Or is there some other solution out there?

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