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How to Charge an Orgone Pyramid

Orgone pyramids are popular devices to aid your mental and physical health, however it is important to learn how to charge an orgone pyramid. 

Orgone pyramids are popular devices to aid your mental and physical health, however it is important to learn how to charge an orgone pyramid. 


Not many people who use orgonite and orgone products like the orgone pyramid know they need a re-energizing cleaning routine. Orgonite is largely self-cleaning and shouldn’t require normal cleaning, especially if it contains a stone-like selenite that keeps orgonite clean.

If the orgonite is in highly energy-polluted areas, such as a strong geopathic area, a space for a television, or many electronic and electrical devices, the capacity may be depleted. For this reason, we recommend cleaning and charging the orgone pyramid as with the healing stones to eliminate negative energies.

How do you Clean an Orgone Pyramid?


Orgonite pyramid


This can be done just like purifying/charging quartz. The metal shavings/resin mixture cannot change, only the crystals inside can be influenced by the surrounding energies.

In orgonite, however, the quartz is automatically cleaned all the time. It’s virtually impossible to get to a point where an orgonite becomes saturated and the quartz is negatively charged.

To clean/purify an orgone pyramid, you just need to do the same thing that you would do with quartz.

In fact, the resin lets in many frequencies of light even when it is not visible, and also many frequencies enter the resin outside of our field of vision. There are several methods to clean an orgone pyramid.


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Flowing Water


cleaning orgonite pyramids


You can rinse the orgone pyramid (1 to 2 minutes) under running water. However, do not allow the orgonite to soak in water for too long. Resin tends to turn white if exposed to water for too long. From an aesthetic point of view, washing has no effect. However, stagnating water is not the most energetic water. The best water always comes from natural sources where the water flows freely along winding paths.




charging orgonite pyramids


Orgone pyramids cherish daylight! Leave your orgonite piece outside in the sun to give it a lift. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight as prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause clear healing stones such as citrine, rose quartz, and amethyst to fade.

It won’t affect the viability of your orgonite, but it can be a stylish concern for you. Ideally, orgone pyramids thrive where there is a lot of positive energy, for example in nature. The more you keep it in nature, the better you prevent the risk of breaking your orgonite for a while.

Mental Filtration

The best way to clean an orgone pyramid is through mental cleansing. Here’s how: Take the orgone pyramid in one palm and place the other hand on top of it. Humbly ask the fairies, God, and angels (higher world) to purge the orgone pyramid of all negative energy in itself. You can use the following sentence for this purpose: “All the negative energy from the orgone pyramid comes out!”


If you’ve developed clairvoyance skills, you may see the orgone pyramid evaporate mist or negative energy smoke and you’ll feel a tingling sensation in your hands with the orgone pyramid.


Otherwise, what matters is your intention, belief, and intention to purify the pyramid! Cleaning time depends on the congestion and size of the orgonite. The negative energy conversion of orgonite usually takes a few minutes.

Incense and Sage




Burning sage not only makes your home smell WONDERFUL, but it also removes stagnant energy from your orgone pyramid. Sage is an herb in the mint family that is native to the Mediterranean. The botanical name of Sage comes from the Latin word “salvere”, which means “to be saved”.

Cleansing an orgone pyramid with sage is quite easy. You can soak your orgonite in the smoke and keep the intent of purifying it. It is especially the best option for harder to pick up and a larger orgone pyramid.

Lay it on the Earth

Keep your orgone pyramids out on exposed earth. Some people even recommend covering the chunks in the ground for a day or more, but this is not recommended for ornamental pieces as it could aesthetically damage them.


The best time to clean your orgone pyramid is during the full moon. During the full moon, the moon is at its brightest and its energy is stronger. Place your pyramids under the moonlight at night and let the purifying vibrations of the moon take over. You can just leave your pieces outside overnight or on the windowsill.

In summary, if you want to clean an orgone pyramid, the easiest way to do this is to let it soak in the sun for a few hours or rinse it off for a few minutes. Also, you can program/influence it with your prayers and thoughts, just like any other semi-precious stone.

How do you Charge an Orgone Pyramid?


charge your orgonite pyramid


After cleaning your orgone pyramid, you can use “your energy” to charge it. When charging your orgone pyramid, place your hand on your fist so that your thumb is pressed under your fingers. Orgone energy is charged every few seconds as you exhale. Also, you can use this procedure for charging and cleaning healing stones.

From our experience, we dare to say that the orgonite is a living being and like all living beings it has to feel love. We sometimes feel like orgonite asking us to pick them up and play with them. The more attention and love you give them, the better they will serve you. Sensitive people can feel the tickling energy flowing through their hands as if it were softened silk right from the start.

Where do you Put the Orgonite Pyramid?




As a rule of thumb, place your orgonite pyramid as close as possible to where you want its positive effect. If you want to convert electromagnetic waves from a Wi-Fi router, place the orgonite above, below, or next to it. If it’s a plant, place the orgonite pyramid at the base of the plant.

If you want to purify/energize water, place it right next to the jug/bottle, etc. If it is for you, just keep it in your purse or pocket, next to your bed, or under your bed if you have trouble sleeping. This could even be helpful. There are dozens of other examples out there, but the general rule of thumb is pretty simple, as you’ve probably figured out by now: place the orgonites as close as possible to where you want the effect to be achieved.


Where you think it is necessary. We can suggest the following ideas:

  • Near EMF radiation sources (TV, DECT, computer, microwave, WiFi router, smart meter, Bluetooth transmitter, etc.)
  • Near the starting point of water pipes to supply water to the house
  • Close to your bed
  •  Around the areas where you spend most of your time
  • In the vicinity of windows, therefore, they are repeatedly exposed to the sun
  • In houseplant pots or at the base of plants in general
  • Where most of your groceries, fruits, vegetables, etc. are kept

Just allow your intuition to guide you, you will have logical ideas about where to place them yourself!


In a vegetable garden, you don’t put orgonite pyramids at the base of every vegetable/ plant or you will likely need hundreds of pieces. It is easier to distribute them more or less evenly over the entire surface. One orgone pyramid per square meter is enough to have a positive effect on plants.

One of the best geometric designs for the garden is the hexagon (6 sides). After that, there are other forms, like the flower of life or seed of life, which are even stronger, but for that, you always need more orgonites, 18 for the seed of life and 108 to 114 for the flower of life. Another great way to position them is to follow the hexagonal pattern of the honeycombs.


The best place to put orgonites is near the tank. Most cars have their spare tire in their trunk. This is a great place to easily block some orgonites. The best effect is achieved by induction so that the orgonites do not come into direct contact with the metal of the car, wrap them in cellophane or put them in a plastic bag.

Look around you, there are many places to put orgonites on the trunk close to the tank. When unhooking the fabrics, there is surely space behind to place orgonites.


Aside from the general rule of thumb to place the orgone pyramid closest to where you want the positive effects, there are no strict rules. If you plan to leave it somewhere forever, you could also bury the orgonite to keep it in place forever.

However, if you move an orgone pyramid from one place to another or from one plant to another as needed, don’t bury it. This is because whether buried or not, orgonites have similar effects.


Are Orgonite Pyramids Safe? 


Are Orgonite pyramids safe?


While orgonite pyramids can offer many mental and physical health benefits, their health benefits can turn into toxicity when exposed to many common household items.  

The presence of these items can energize or irritate the orgone energy and drive it towards toxicity. Orgonite pyramids should never be used in rooms with the following orgone-irritating devices:

  • Fluorescent lights
  • Television sets
  • Computer or microcomputer
  • Microwave ovens
  • Electric blankets
  • X-ray machines
  • Clocks, wristwatches, or other devices containing radioactive

We are not sure about you, but we have at least one of these devices in almost every room of our home or office. This means that an orgone accumulator could actually cause more harm than benefit for many people. 


Fortunately, there is an alternative for those who want the benefits of positive orgone energy but do not have a clean environment. 


Orgonium works to produce negative ions, and these ions contain a lot of beneficial properties for both mental and physical health. Orgone Energy EMF protection products  can help with stress relief, helps the maintenance of alkaline pH levels of the blood, and creates a more elevated mood.

Orgone Energy devices can also improve feelings of relaxation, encourage better sleeping habits, and strengthen immune levels.



 While orgone pyramids may add positivity to where they are placed, orgonite pendants and necklaces give you positive energy anywhere as it will be present in your physical self. This is one of the easiest ways to show off your positivity.