How to Make Your Own Orgonite Pyramid

Learn to make your own organite pyramid with our simple step-by-step instructions. 

Orgone pyramids are formulated on the research of the Austrian psychoanalyst “Dr. Reich” from the beginning of the 20th century. Orgonite refers to a mixture of semi-precious stones, quartz crystals, resin, and metals in a combination to balance the life force energy, which we also refer to as chi, prana, or orgone. This energy is the strongest cosmic energy there is and resonates with the global Schumann fundamental frequency of 7.83 Hz. This resonance is seen as the “heartbeat” of our planet. Orgonite is a simple compound that anyone in their garden can make from widely available and relatively cheap materials that balance the surrounding energy by converting negative energy into positive energy, with many effects that are easy to confirm.

What Does Science Say? 

While many would believe such natural healing measures would not have any science to back them up, the opposite is true. In fact a preliminary study on the effects of orgone accumulators (like an orgonite pyramid) suggested that orgone accumulators may have a ‘significant effect on the human organism.’

What is an Orgone Pyramid Made of?

Orgonite pyramid


Orgonite pyramids are made by mixing composite resin with crystals and metal shavings. During the curing process, the resin compound contracts, constantly compressing the quartz crystal in layer 1. This creates a piezoelectric effect in the crystal, so its ends are electrically polarized. It’s believed that this is what makes the orgonite pyramid work so effectively as a positive energy generator. Also, the use of different materials can increase the effect. For instance, amethyst and copper help with intuition. Black tourmaline increases self-confidence and improves understanding. And rose quartz increases inner harmony and peace.

How Does  Orgone Pyramids Work?

The healing effects of the precious stones/crystals are strengthened in the orgone pyramids. When semi-precious stones and crystals are added to the mixture, the resin charges them electrically and pulls them together. Organic matter absorbs life energy, organic energy, while inorganic components distribute it in all directions. Orgone pyramids comprise a mixture of organic (resin) and inorganic (metal shavings) materials, which have the property of moving the orgone energy back and forth and balancing negative energies when stagnant. The DOR pyramids follow the same proportions as the Egyptian Pyramid of Giza, which makes the orgone device even more powerful because of the positive orgone pyramid effect.

Make Your Own Orgone Pyramid


Basic orgonite is simply made up of metal shavings, fiberglass resin, and a quartz crystal that hardens to any shape. There is no “correct” size or shape for orgonite, and its area of ​​effect appears to evolve linearly with volume. However, there are specific, proven, repeatedly confirmed, and widely used effective designs that cover the field and personal devices that have grown from the unwavering work of dedicated and talented poets from all over the world. These designs include the basic orgonite gifter tools as described in many orgonite web graphics and are pre-available from many reputable orgonite suppliers.

What You Will Need

Metal Shavings




You don’t want fine metal shavings or large metal pieces. Quarter-inch wide aluminum loops are very common and very effective to use on orgonite. However, any type of metal shavings made of iron, copper, brass, nickel, bronze, or even steel will work just fine. Just take your work gloves and a bucket to a machine shop near you and ask if you can fill your bucket with metal fillings.

Before you are given the shavings for free, they will likely ask what they are for (usually out of curiosity and not for any reason). Why don’t you tell them? If you don’t want to explain Orgonite to them, tell them about this website or give them the easiest honest answer you can get, such as an “art project” a “public service”, or a “science experiment”. You will be surprised at what people understand if you take the time to explain it in a meaningful and warm way.

Quartz Crystals



All funky, ugly, and smoky quartz pieces are perfect for orgonite field devices. Usually, you can find this type of quartz crystal for a cheap price at most decent gemstone and mineral stores, or you can buy quartz online from orgonite-conscious suppliers in appropriate quantities and sizes.

Fiberglass/Epoxy Resin

resin for orgonite pyramids


Fiberglass/epoxy is usually the most expensive component of an orgonite. It typically retails for between $18 and $25 per gallon at hardware and marine supply stores. Any type of organic resin will work just fine, but liquid resin (as opposed to “body filler” paste) has been proven to be the simplest to work with for making orgonite. Resin needs a chemical additive known as a hardener, usually included when purchased by the gallon, to catalyze the hardening process, which can last from several hours in hot and dry climates to days in wet and cold climates.



molds for orgonite pyramids


It depends on the type of orgonite device you want to create. However, any mold that can weather boiling temperatures should work just fine. Stay clear of plastics unless they are oven-proof, as the chemical reaction that occurs during the catalysis process heats the epoxy resin to temperatures that normal plastics can easily melt. In general, metal molds appear to work best in most cases, but inexpensive field devices can be crafted from large paper cups.

Note: You’ll need a mixing container such as a wooden stick, a bucket (preferably with a spout), old rags or paper towels for spills and splashes, as well as a flat and large surface for the orgonite to harden.


Organic resins release toxic fumes before and during the drying process, therefore working in well-ventilated areas such as backyards or porches patios is ideal. Also, you can wear protective gloves and clothing that you don’t mind if you get splashed with the catalyzed resin as it gets everywhere, especially the first time you pour. Laying a tarpaulin for the first time can be very helpful when cleaning, as the cured resin has to fall off the tarpaulin.

Install and prepare your ingredients as well as safety/protective equipment. If necessary, put on safety glasses, gloves, and a mask.

Calculate how much resin you will need. If you are creating field and personal devices, the best way to configure them to be created in the same session and easily overestimate them. That way, when your funnel is full, you can craft as many tower busters as the additional epoxy resin allows.

Spray your orgonite molds with a light layer of oil. Wipe with a paper towel to distribute it evenly (if necessary).

When you’re making a Holy Hand grenade, slide your marble down the funnel neck. Try not to stain the marble with oil as it should stick to the resin.

Is it Worth it to Make your Own Orgonite Pyramid? 


orgonite pyramid


Making your own orgonite pyramid is a fun project to help balance the energy in your home. However, this is not an inexpensive endeavor. In fact, you could forgo this project and easily protect your whole home with a much more proven method such as a Geoclense. 

So while this is a worthwhile project for those who really want to experiment with resin or gems, for the rest of us it is probably better to stick to our Orgone Energy line. 


Why do we Need Orgone Products? 

Electrical pollution, also known as dirty electricity, is one way of describing what humans are constantly exposed to in our modern, high-technology society. It isn’t recognized by any of our senses, so it’s an unknown phenomenon. Electrical pollution is unusable electromagnetic energy (also known as “EMF”) that permeates through the many electrical devices around us. Toxic and negative energy travels through the orgonite pyramid, which create electromagnetic friction caused by the mixing of crystal and metal in the resin.

An orgonite pyramid does not eliminate electromagnetic energy; rather, it reorganizes the energy model into a harmonized model for the body. Imagine an orgonite pyramid as a filter for the toxic energy around you. Although orgonite can be easily made into several shapes, the pyramid is a common shape as pyramids are known for their ability to transmit and amplify energy. Making orgonite in the shape of a pyramid is a simple way to amplify its beneficial effects.

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