Orgonite Properties that May Surprise you

Are you feeling bored both mentally and physically? The answer may be adding the healing properties of Orgonite into your life. 
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Are you feeling bored both mentally and physically? The answer may be adding the healing properties of Orgonite into your life. 

Negative or stagnant energy tires us and bores us both mentally and physically. Dr. Wilhelm Reich figured out a way to bring stagnant energy into life energy. Orgonite elements have attractive, repellent materials that produce universal life energy that is good for your body. If you’re curious about orgonite properties, we will surprise you with the healing properties of orgonite.


Orgone Meaning & Healing Properties

properties of orgonite


Orgone energy is the creative force of nature that is not a form of electromagnetism or matter, but it is of fundamental importance to both. It’s the specific life energy, but life is only a specific manifestation of it. Our knowledge of this energy is partial and fragmentary in essential points, and undoubtedly to some extent imperfect. However, Reich’s work provides a consistent and clear picture of what orgone energy is and how it works. The following properties of orgone energy were derived by Reich.


It Has no Mass

The orgone energy has no weight or inertia; meaning it has no mass. This is one reason it’s difficult to measure with traditional techniques. However, mass highly depends on the properties of the mass-less orgone energy field at which point all matter is surrounded. The measurements of inertia or weight reflect the properties of this field, as well as the object it contains.

It is Everywhere

Orgone energy is present in varying concentrations or degrees but is nowhere missing. It’s present in a vacuum, either in the atmosphere or in space. In this sense, it is like the ether of physics before the 20th century.


It’s the Medium for Gravitational and Electromagnetic Phenomena

Like the ether, the orgone energy is also the substrate of the most fundamental natural phenomena. It’s the medium in which light travels and gravitational and electromagnetic fields exert force. One of the main tasks of "orgonomics" is to integrate our knowledge of orgone energy with the facts about these known phenomena from orthodox physics.


It is in Constant Motion

You can observe orgone energy’s continuous movement under suitable conditions. There are about two distinctive types of motion, pulsation or expansion, and alternating contraction and flow, generally along a curved path.


orgonite properties

It Forms Units that Represent the Focal Points of Creative Activity

Units formed from orgone energy can be living or non-living things, e.g. ion cloud, cell storm, plant planet, animal star, and galaxy. All these units from orgone energy have something in common. All of them are “negative entropic” in the sense discussed above, so they draw energy from their environment. They all also have a “life cycle” that involves growth, birth, decline, and maturity.

Matter is Created From it

Under the right conditions, matter comes from the energy of the mass-less orgone. These conditions are not uncommon or unusual, and Reich believed that new matter was constantly being created on the planet.


It’s Responsible for Life

Orgone energy is life energy and as such is responsible for the special properties that distinguish living beings from non-living things. This can be expressed as follows: Certain orgone energy units develop the special properties of life, which represent a type of chain reaction of the creative process. The properties that seem to characterize the living as opposed to the non-living orgonotic units include:

  • Reproduction of homogenous units from 1 or 2 parents
  • Development of the units towards further development
  • Presence of awareness – the ability to experience feelings at least to a certain extent and perceive the environment
  • Presence of will – the ability of a person to control his movement

The first two properties seem to apply to all living things. As far as we know, the latter only applies to animal life.


orgonite properties

Separate Orgone Energy Streams can be Attracted and Superimposed

The superimposition property is the basic form of the creative process. In free space, the overlapping orgone energy flows often show the shape of two energy flows converging in a spiral. This shape is most clearly visible in spiral galaxies, as well as in the form of hurricanes as well as other cyclonic storms. At the opposite end of the scale, mass particles are produced by the superposition of two small energy flows.

It Can be Controlled and Manipulated by Orgone Devices

Perhaps the first orgone device was Mesmer’s “Bacquet”, a raw but evidently efficient form of the orgone accumulator. Reich has developed various devices for controlling orgone energy. The orgone energy accumulator is the best known of these devices. The accumulator is a housing that is formed by an arrangement in layers of metallic and non-metallic materials, which cause a concentration of energy within the housing.

Healing Properties of Orgonites

You will feel better when the energy flows freely. Most believers name the energy that surrounds the body's aura, which can either be bad or good. Orgonite, along with crystalline quartz, converts negative energy and gives you the feeling that a charge has been lifted.

Once there is a new energy flowing in your body, relationships will improve as your state of joy is renewed. You can have good relationships with your family and colleagues because you’re happy with yourself. Be sure to give orgonite to your loved ones.

If you have lucid dreams, orgonite should help you sleep better. Sleeping is easier as you get used to the energetic environment. According to some studies, orgonite can be used to cure chronic insomnia.

Orgonites protect you from detrimental electromagnetic fields in most electronic devices we use, such as cell phones, computers, refrigerators, TVs, radios, and many more. Many of us don’t know how electromagnetic fields affect our brains.

Orgonite will help you grow spiritually, which is obtained by purifying your energy. When you believe in something, you can focus on the positive side as well as question everything. It is used in retirement centers, which means that it is a good stress reliever.

Bring Orgone Energy into your Life



Every day we face challenges and a great way to end the day is returning to an atmosphere that rekindles lost energy. Orgone energy offers many different options for bringing the healing power of orgonite into your life. 

We have options for protecting your home, personal protection and even special products for when you are on the go or travelling. 

Quantum Orgone Pendents

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