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How to Protect Yourself From WiFi Radiation

How can you protect yourself from WiFi radiation? Wi-Fi signals are all around us. They offer us a great technological convenience but also emit EMF.

How can you protect yourself from WiFi radiation? Wi-Fi signals are all around us. They offer us a great technological convenience but also emit EMF which can cause physical and mental health issues. 


No matter where you go today, there is virtually no escaping WiFi signals. At home, a restaurant, while driving, you name it and you will pick up WiFI signal from one source or the other. WiFi has made the transferring of data much easier and wireless.

About a decade ago, the only way you could get internet on your cell phone was if your cellular carrier provided EDGE service. There was no physical way of connecting an internet to your phone.


Today, every cell phone is able to receive WiFi signals for easy access to information online. Not only with cell phones, WiFi has made portability with computers, laptops, tablets, amongst other electronic devices.


The only way you can escape the reach of WiFi signals is if you choose to go live in the wild where there is no ISP coverage. But it is virtually impossible for the average person to give up everything and do that.


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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

WiFi router or stations have an electromagnetic field (EMF) and emit radiation. With exposure to electromagnetic radiation our body goes through EHS.


EHS can result in recurring headaches, irritation of the skin, dizziness along with additional discomforts we experience due to sensitivity to EMF and its sources.


EHS has become common because there is a constant exposure of our bodies to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, power lines, WiFi routers, and other electronic devices.


If you work for long hours on the computer, you will notice yourself feeling lethargic and may experience headaches. Once you move away from the computer, you will automatically start to feel better. This is also the case if you use your cell phone for long periods at a time.


EHS is also more common because we are no longer exposed to electromagnetic radiation from limited sources. It constantly surrounds us thanks to WiFi signals and other radio and cellular waves.



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Now there is no direct link between EHS and EMF exposure. Numerous studies have been conducted while some do credit EHS to EMF there isn’t a absolute link that can be established, scientifically. However, that doesn’t mean that WiFi and cell phone signals do not contribute to EHS.

How is EMF from WiFi Harmful?


Is EMF Harmful?


WiFi uses radio waves which determine its EMF. The waves are low in frequency and not too harmful for us. You can put a WiFi router next to your head for an hour and probably will not really feel any different. This is because the electromagnetic radiation that you expose yourself to through WiFi is not that powerful rendering it virtually harmless.


So Why Are People so Worried if it is Harmless?

It isn’t the intensity of the WiFi signal or cell phone signals that is making it harmful. Like in the case of ionizing radiation, just a small dose of a gamma ray or x-ray can alter your cell make up, leading to cancer or other fatal outcomes. The fact that we have a constant exposure to WiFi signal, cell phone signal, and other electromagnetic radiation adds up and can put our health at risk even if it is low in intensity.

Think of it like going out in the sun. The exposure to sunlight doesn’t harm you right away, you can easily stay out for an hour or more without being sunburned. However, if you stay out too long you will eventually burn your skin.


Too much and constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation is bad no matter what the source or intensity is.


Like we have mentioned, there is radiation from EMF all around us and we need to be vigilant. Even though studies have not been able to conclude a direct relationship between EHS and EMF the two, are closely related with one being the cause of the other.


What Can I Do To Protect my Health?


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Well, like we stated in the beginning the only way to rid yourself of all the EMF radiation is to go live out in the wild. But we know that is not feasible.

Since we can’t run away from it, we can try to take precaution and stay a safe distance from it.

Like other waves, EMF and electromagnetic radiation follow the inverse square law. The law states that if you were to double your distance from the source, then the impact of the source would drop to a quarter. So as you distance yourself from a WiFi router you reduce the impact of its energy field or electromagnetic radiation. You need to remember it’s intensity is already quite low so it isn’t like you need to run away from it.


Our Recommondations: 

  • We recommend that you keep the router at a high altitude, so it gives you good coverage and also keeps your contact with it as low as possible.
  • Never sleep within a distance of 1-2 meters of the router as the radiation will pass to you throughout the night.
  • Place your router it in a room that is not used too often because even though the signals can pass through walls, their intensity is greatly lowered in the process.


You won’t find many studies that determine the exact distance to keep away from a source of electromagnetic radiation like WiFi routers because they are low in intensity. We still recommend staying clear of being constantly near a router and to stay at least 1-2 meters away from it.

This will protect you from EHS and reduce the impact of electromagnetic radiation thanks to the inverse square law, the further away you get from the source the intensity of it reduces by double.


Harmonize Your Home From Electromagnetic Radiation

Radiation from WiFi isn’t our only problem. We have to deal with radiation overall from different sources from your cell phone to the microwave oven. As we become more and more reliant on electronic devices we surround ourselves with more EMF radiation. Since these devices have become a necessity we can’t do away with them completely but we can take measures to negate their negative impacts.


The Geoclense Negative Ion Generator Home Harmonizer doesn’t get rid of radiation. It instead releases negative ions to combat the positive ions emitted through EMF. To harmonise your home and have an overall positive impact.

It doesn’t matter the source of EMF radiation, Geoclense constantly works to neutralize the chi of your home. It is a great way to rid yourself of EHS. You are sure to notice a difference within a week of trying Geoclense as you will feel less stress-out, lethargic, and fewer to no instances of headaches from excess use of electronic device.

Geoclense will protect you from the following radiation amongst others:

Man-made radiation

  • Smart Meters
  • Bluetooth from phone, computer, and other devices
  • Digital television
  • Microwave ovens
  • Baby monitor
  • Electrical appliances
  • Cellphone towers
  • High voltage power lines
  • WiFi modem and router
  • Metal House Frames and home roof top
  • Among other EMF radiation producing products

Earth Radiation

  • Pipes including water, sewage, and storm
  • Seismic fault lines
  • Radioactive geological matter (Coal and Uranium)


Geoclense is a simple and portable product that you can plug into a socket and it does its work on its on. It can negate the impact of radiation emitted by power lines that are up to 200 meters away, which shows you just how powerful it is.


Even though it requires an electrical socket, it does not use electricity to work so there is no burden on your electricity bill.


It has exceptional range as just one can easily harmonize your home inside and out. It will neutralize the whole property including your front and backyard.



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If you are worried about electromagnetic radiation and EHS when you travel, You can rest easy. The Geoclense comes in different sockets that can easily work in numerous countries so you can buy one according to the country you will be traveling to. Making your business trips or vacation stress and headache free.


So it is time you take a step to protect your health from EHS and the negative impacts of EMF radiation. Not just for yourself but your family also. Geoclense allows you to neutralize the negative impact of radiation keeping everyone safe and everyone inside a lot more productive.