EMF Protection For Digital Watches, Fit Bits And Hearing Aids

Fitbit and other smart watching like the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear are really gaining a lot of popularity. They offer additional functionalities to a normal watch, allowing users to keep track of their fitness, read a text message, and so on. Giving them a James Bond feel. According to Nielsen, about 3% of the Canadian population has a smart watch. That is 16% of the population that wear watches. The number is surely to pick up as these watches introduce much more and cooler functionalities.

What we tend to forget when we buy these smart watches is the fact that they have an EMF. This means they expose us to electromagnetic radiation. Even though the radiation is low in frequency and non-ionizing, it is still dangerous because when wearing the watch around your wrist, it is in direct contact with our skin. This can pose quite a risk since the radiation is directly being transferred to the cells for as long as you wear the watch. Giving it the chance to change the makeup of the cell. If you constantly allow radiation to transfer into your cells it will eventually cause your DNA to deform which can lead to cancer.

Since the frequency is low, it doesn't take a whole of measure from your end to combat it. Something as simple as the FitBit, Watch & Hearing Aid Protector can help you neutralize the impact of the radiation from wearables like smart watch and hearing aid. It does not require any additional effort from you. All you need to do is put the protector on the backside of the watch and it will work on its own to harmonize the radiation.

You can use the FitBit, Watch & Hearing Aid Protector on the following:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Portable Phones
  • Cordless Phones
  • Smart Watches
  • FitBits
  • Digital Hearing Aids

Eliminate Harmful EMF Emissions

FitBit, Watch & Hearing Aid Protector are specifically designed to protect you from harmful emission and energy that smart watches and other smaller devices emit. It does this by creating a healthy life force chi around you. The chi scatters the electronic emission,  reducing their harmful effects. Since the protector is applied directly onto the device, it ensures none of the harmful emission touches your skin allowing it to transfer into your cells.

Not only does the FitBit, Watch & Hearing Aid Protector protect you from the harmful emission of the device, it also ensures you are safe from any radio signals picked up by the device. Since most of these devices use WiFi and Bluetooth, you are exposed to electromagnetic radiation from their signals so need protection against those also.

Improve Your Personal Space with the Protector

If you constantly feel down, lethargic, or stressed for reasons you do not know, then it is probably due to excessive exposure to radiation around you. The FitBit, Watch & Hearing Aid Protector puts a protective shield around you for a proximity of ten meters. So not only you but the people that are around you are also protected. The protector harmonizes the atmosphere around you by neutralizing the positive ions which pollute it. This allows oxygen more room in the atmosphere, leading to better breathing for you and those around you.

You no longer have to put up with the nauseous, headache feeling you get from excessive exposure to radiation due to the electronic devices around you. With the FitBit, Watch & Hearing Aid Protector you get 100% protection from electromagnetic radiation from all sources. Ensuring your DNA is safe from transformation and you live a healthy, radiation-free life.

What is the difference between a Phone Harmonizer and Smart Watch Harmonizer?

Functionality wise there is no difference. They both act to harmonize the positive ions emitted by the electronic devices they are used on. There is a difference when it comes to size. The Smart Watch Harmonizer is smaller in size so it can easily fit on small wearable. Even though it may be smaller in size, it is equally effective as the Phone Harmonizer.

You can pair the two together, especially if you have several devices that you use at one time. This will give optimal protection from the radiation for you and those around you. We tend to buy electronic devices in hopes that they make our lives much easier without ever thinking about the negative impacts they may have on us. With the proper protection, you don’t ever have to worry about the negative impacts electronic devices have on you and your family. So protect yourself today with the FitBit, Watch & Hearing Aid Protector.