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EMF Detector Apps - Do They Work?

EMF Detector Apps - Do They Work? To gain a better understanding of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detector apps, we first need to understand EMF itself and how it works.

EMF Detector Apps - Do They Work?

To gain a better understanding of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detector apps, we first need to understand EMF itself and how it works.


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Although invisible to the human eye, electromagnetic fields are present in our natural environment everywhere we go; even our own body produces electromagnetic fields.


EMF can be described as a physical field that is produced by the presence of electrically charged objects. Electric fields are amplified by the amplitude of voltagethe higher the voltage, the stronger the field. The field exists even if there is no current and extends indefinitely through space.


Electric fields are formed from the buildup of electric charges within our atmosphere which are mostly associated with thunderstorms, sunlight, and the earth itself.


These are some of the natural sources of EMF that we can find in our environment. There is also the unnatural or man-made source.

With all of the advancements in technology, man has been able to create different EMF along the electromagnetic spectrum.


For example, radio waves of high frequency transmit information such as with radio stations, and TV antennas and cellular towers are high in frequency. However, an X-ray used at the hospital is lower in frequency but still runs along the spectrum.

Now that we have established that EMF is a major part of our life and the environment around us, we need to understand that like with everything good there is a bad side also. EMF emits electromagnetic radiation which can be bad for humans.



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The Health Risks Associated with EMF


EMF exposure symptoms


Many symptoms are reported each year due to exposure to electromagnetic fields; however, no scientific evidence exists to fully support the link between the following symptoms and possible exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Some people have reported experiencing headaches and anxiety, suicide, depression, fatigue, and even a loss of libido. There have also been reports of sleep disturbances even when the exposure to EMF was very minimal.


In addition to these symptoms and depending on the exposure, a person may also suffer from light sensitivity, memory problems, a persistent ringing in the ears, and even heart arrhythmias.


It's also possible that these symptoms may not surface for months or even years following exposure to harmful levels of EMF waves. Therefore, you should be diligent when it comes to knowing where and how much of this electromagnetic radiation you are being exposed to.

EMF can be detected with the help of EMF meters.


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What are EMF Meters?


EMF meter

EMF meters detect moving electrically charged particles and the fields they emit. These fields create alternating currents (AC) and direct currents (DC) while the EMF meter gives you a measurement of the field produced by AC.

These are the typical currents of electricity that surge through our appliances at home such as the television and microwave. These current alternate back and forth roughly 50 to 60 times a second. DC is stationary, so it's used as a background signal.

EMF meters are used to diagnose problems with power lines or electrical wiring. However, they have also become popular as a tool used by ghost hunters to detect ghosts.

You can easily purchase an EMF meter, and they are readily available on the market and are not too expensive. There are two types of meters, a single axis, and tri-axis.


Tri-axis EMF meters are more expensive and give an in-depth reading, whereas a single axis EMF meter only measures the reading in one direction and has to be moved manually for readings in other directions.


EMF Detector Apps


EMF detector apps


If you want an even cheaper solution, then there are also apps available for download for iPhone and Android devices that claim to serve as EMF detectors. The apps use the magnetometer that comes equipped with the phone and is also used in the compass app.

The magnetometer is simply an instrument used for measuring magnetic forces. When using your cell phone, the digital compass is based on this sensor and allows for the phone to find the orientation in relation to the Earth's magnetic fieldthis is also how your phone always seems to know which way is what when you use digital maps.


If your phone is equipped with a digital compass, then you can be sure that it also has this magnetic sensor.

Can EMF Meters Detect Ghosts?


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If you were to ever watch a ghost hunter show on television, you might notice how often professional ghost hunters rely on EMF meters to hunt ghosts and measure the activity of paranormal entities.

It’s like they almost swear by these devices and consider these EMF meters as an actual ghost finder rather than just a reading of the Earth's magnetic field and electromagnetic wavesthis made us wonder if these meters are actually capable of detecting ghosts.

Well, if you are looking for a short and simple answer to that question then, no. 


No scientific study currently exists to prove that EMF meters and EMF testing can detect ghosts. However, if you ask experts and ghost hunters, then they would tell you that at “haunted locations” they visit, the fluctuation in EMF is commonly found.

Even though there hasn’t been a link to EMF meters and ghost detection, many continue to believe that the fluctuation in energy fields has a distinct connection to paranormal activity. However, it's inconclusive since there is no sure way to actually tell if a ghost is present or not.

Similar to the EMF meter, ghost hunters also rely on a voice recorder device that is used with an EMF meter to capture electronic voice phenomenon (EVP).


EVP is the communication and sound form that detects the presence of a ghost. It can be intentional or unintentional.


EVP tends to be very short and brief. Usually, during ghost hunting shows, EVP is analyzed toward the end when ghost hunters have collected all their EMF readings and completed their investigation of the “haunted location.”


EMF and EVP Ghost Hunting



When used alone,  neither EMF meter reading or EVP put up a strong case of detecting something paranormal. However, if the two are used togetherin the case of a ghost hunter getting a spike in EMF reading and has an EVP in the same spotthen there is more of a possibility that the location is haunted.

Please note, EMF readings vary throughout the house and in areas where dense wiring is present there will always be a spike on the EMF meter. So, there are a lot of different factors that need to be taken into consideration.

If ghost hunters believe that each spike in the reading of a certain location means the presence of a ghost, then what exactly is the logic behind this?


Well, Professor Johnjoe McFadden from the University of Surrey has proposed that since the conscious mind consists of an electromagnetic field, the field remains when we die rather than disintegrates. 

So, EMF meters can detect these fields in locations throughout the homes and so on. But once again, we need to reiterate that currently, no scientific research exists to back these claims.

Now that we have an understanding of EMF and how readings are measured let’s look at EMF detector apps and see if they actually work.

How Relevant are EMF Apps and Do They Work?

EMF detecting apps downloaded from the app store can detect EMF sources to an extent, but we don't suggest that you rely on the readings you get from mobile devices.

Mobile phones can pick up on electromagnetic frequencies since this kind of application is designed to communicate through radio frequency; but this is in a trivial sense, as they rely on communication through these signals but are not great at detecting them.

Now, some apps use the magnetometers that are in phones to aid with EMF detection. This may also work, but again, only to a certain extent since the magnetometer is heavily dependent on the earth’s magnetic field.


With this reliance, there will be fluctuations as you move around, and you won’t get an accurate reading of the alternating current with the application.

So, whether you are planning to use an EMF meter to detect ghosts or you plan on running a check throughout your home for EMF levels, we recommend you get an actual EMF meter rather than rely on these iPhone/iPad/Android apps that aren’t always accurate and reliable.

It's important for you to constantly check the EMF of your home. The reason for this is the fact that too much exposure to EMF can be dangerous as we have already previously mentioned in this article. So, let's dive in and get a closer and more in-depth look at the dangers you can face due to prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

More Dangers of EMF

EMF are essential for human cells as they also provide energy to them. We are designed to have a certain frequency of EMF for our body and cells. Our tissues require a certain amount of EMF to stay healthy. If we don't receive the allocated amount, then our tissues become weak, and same is the case if we are exposed to too much of it.

There is still some controversy over whether EMF is dangerous or not. However, if we take the sunlight as an example, we can get a better idea of whether it is or not.


Sunlight carries low-frequency EMF, and if we are exposed to it for too long our skin gets burned making it harmful for our skin in the long run; this proves that even when it comes to low-frequency EMF, with long term exposure, there is harm.

Today, we have technologies all around us that emit low-frequency EMF:

Microwave ovens, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, and so on. We are constantly exposed to the radiations these devices emit and even though we don’t know as of yet the actual side-effects, with time we will be able to tell.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has set in place a guideline which highlights safe EMF exposure for humans and numerous countries have their own guidelines in place.

Since there are many big industries behind the emission of low-frequency EMF, there is a conflict of interest.

These companies try to play down the role of EMF radiation being dangerous for our health. However, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has conducted studies and classified low-frequency EMF radiation as a possible carcinogen of class 2B. The effects of EMF radiation exposure are not just limited to cancer.


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If you have low immunity, then you are at greater risk with excessive exposure to EMF. Here are just a few symptoms you may come across:

  • Stress, fatigue, and sleep disturbance

  • Skin rashes or burning sensation

  • Muscle aches in different parts of your body

  • Burning sensation in the eyes

  • Infertility

Some cancer clusters have also been linked to exposure to high frequencies of EMF. Therefore, we can conclude that EMF radiation is not safe, and it's better to take the proper precautions to limit our exposure to it.


How Can You Combat EMF Radiation?

We know it isn’t easy to give up on the technology we are now so accustomed to. However, we do need to counter the electromagnetic radiation they release because of the negative impact on our health in the long run.


It starts with feeling lethargic and becomes more serious with longer exposure and time. Children with developing immune systems are more prone to symptoms and can also have trouble sleeping. Therefore,  you need to neutralize the impact of the radiation and make your home a safe haven for your whole family.




If you are looking to negate the impact of EMF radiation that surrounds you, then we recommend trying Geoclense as your new radiation detector. It has the potential to harmonize radiations from the following electromagnetic fields:

Man-made radiation

  • Smart Meters

  • Bluetooth from phone, computer, and other devices

  • Digital television

  • Microwave ovens

  • Baby monitor

  • Electrical appliances

  • Cellphone towers

  • High voltage power lines

  • Wi-Fi modem and router

  • Metal House Frames and home rooftop

Natural Radiation

  • Pipes including water, sewage, and storm

  • Seismic fault lines

  • Radioactive geological matterCoal and Uranium


The Geoclense is easy to use. You simply plug it into a power plug and turn it on. You will start to notice the difference in just a few days. You will also begin to feel more energetic and livelier. The best part is, you will only need one for your home so that it won’t be too much of an investment. Since it doesn’t require electricity, there are no additional costs associated with it.



If you plan on traveling overseas and want to take a Geoclense with you, then you can buy an extra one with a plug that is compatible with the country you are visiting. There are numerous different Geoclense options for different voltages and sockets so you can easily protect yourself no matter where you go.


Since the Geoclense negates the impact of EMF radiation and helps neutralize the home, there may be a chance that it has an impact on the presence of paranormal entities you may feel or experience within your home.


Impact on ghosts or not, the Geoclense will certainly have you feeling much better overall and significantly negates the harmful impact of EMF radiation you are constantly exposed to. So, protect yourself today from all the negative impacts of EMF radiation and get the Geoclense.

To get the most benefit from it, you can pair it with a Wi-Fi Radiation Patch. These patches can be placed on your phone and computer and can help you combat the excess radiation off these particular devices. Pairing the two combats the negative radiation which can successfully harmonize your home for better living.