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How to Use Orgone Pyramid?

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You have probably heard of the orgone pyramid, its importance, benefits, and uses. But how does one actually use an orgone pyramid for EMF protection to attract healing, love, and money? There are many ways to use this orgone generating tool. An orgone pyramid cleanses the negative energy around us. It has the same vibrations as chi or prana. Also, it neutralizes electromagnetic waves in our bodies. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can use an Orgone Pyramid to enhance your well-being.

How to Use an Orgone Pyramid?


Orgone pyramids usability with illusion of power.


There are several ways to use the orgone pyramid. However, the first thing to do when you receive an orgone is to clean it, meditate with it, set your intentions, and place it close to you.

Cleanse your Orgone Pyramid

Before using it, you must purify the pyramid to remove any negative energy. This can be done by smudging it with a sacred plant, immersing it in salt water, or exposing it to healing sounds. We will talk more about this later.

Meditate While Holding the Orgone Pyramid

To use an orgone pyramid for meditation, place it directly in your hand or front of you during the session. If you have a meditation room, you can place it anywhere in that sacred space or area. Naturally, the pyramid vibrates on a spiritual level, as it is an important form of sacred geometry. The energy of the pyramid helps to raise your vibrations so that you can reach the next level of spiritual development.

As you begin to feel its energy, try directing it to the part of your body that hurts. You can also project it onto another person who needs healing. You must stay focused without being disturbed.

Use it For Energy Healing

Surround yourself with orgone pyramids. To benefit quickly and intensely from pyramid power, you can form a pyramid grid around your body during a crystal fix or even while sleeping. The orgone pyramids draw energy effortlessly and your vibrations will rise. It will light up your entire aura.

If you have a practitioner doing bodywork for you, ask them to use your crystal healing pyramids as chakra stones. They can be placed on the body directly. This draws energy to your chakras. When you use the pyramids in crystal healing, you benefit from both the power of the pyramids and the individual healing properties of the crystals you use.

Use the Orgone Pyramid for Reiki

Orgone pyramids are perfect for Reiki because Reiki works with important universal symbols. It’s possible to buy orgone pyramids with Reiki symbols already etched into the stone. However, at Orgone Energy, we prefer unengraved orgone pyramids to allow you to change your intentions according to your life needs and experiences. Infuse Reiki energy into your orgone pyramid to intensify the powers. Entering your intentions into a crystal helps focus the healing benefits on your particular needs. It can be for more health, love, money, spirituality, or whatever you want.

Use Orgone Pyramid While Doing Yoga

To benefit from the power of the orgone pyramid while practicing yoga, keep an orgone pyramid within reach of your location. Yoga requires a lot of concentration when holding positions. When you have the orgone pyramid in your line of sight, you have a focal point to look at. Since the pyramids help to raise your vibration, not only energetically but also in your physical body, they are the perfect choice as a yoga tool. Practicing yoga keeps your mind and body fit, while the pyramid also increases your mental and physical condition.

Use it to Preserve Beauty and Youthfulness

To use the orgone pyramid to preserve beauty and youthfulness, place it next to your bed. The pyramid brings restful sleep, which invariably preserves your appearance. Another orgone pyramid should be placed near your dresser or mirror, the place where you take care of yourself. Another popular option is to place your bed in a giant copper pyramid. 

However, we find that orgone pyramids are just as good and much more practical. Kings and queens revered the powers of preservation of the pyramid; its benefits have been proven for centuries.

Use Orgone Pyramid for Good Health

Place your orgone pyramid in or near your water jug ​​to create an elixir. Leave the stone there for 1 to 2 hours. It will boost your water supply and become a direct physical benefit once you drink it. The power of the pyramid will help you maintain good health and your physical body.

Please note that the orgone pyramid must be cleaned before being placed in the elixir. Also, not all stones can be used to craft elixirs, as some can have negative effects. Angelite and selenite, for instance, cannot be in the water because they are soft stones that will dissolve eventually. 

Before using a crystal for a gemstone elixir, you must research the stone or ask questions. Alternatively, each stone can be placed close to the water source for a similar effect.

Use it for Food Preservation

Maximize the preservative power of the orgone pyramid by placing it in your fridge to store food. This not only increases the shelf life of your food but also preserves its nutritional value.

Where to Place your Orgone Pyramid


Once you have programmed your intentions, place the Orgone Pyramid near you to receive its vibrations. You can place it in different places depending on your intention, which we will discuss below.

EMF Protection

Place the orgone pyramid near your Wi-Fi router or other electronic devices.


If you want to relieve stress or pain, you can carry your orgone pyramid everywhere you go.

Attract Money

Place it in your workspace for abundance.

Attract Love

Put it by the bed, or under your mattress to heal the heart.


Place your pyramid in the tub while you take a bath.


Put it at your desk at home or work.

Peaceful Sleep

Place the device next to your bed for a good night’s sleep.

Generate Positive Energy

Bury the orgone pyramid under the trees which help to share the surrounding energy.

Spiritual Awareness

Meditate while holding your orgone pyramid.

How to Clean an Orgone Pyramid


Orgone can absorb negative energy while working, so it should be cleaned regularly.

Here are some ways to cleanse your orgone pyramid:

Smudge it With Sacred Plants

Smudging is an ancient cleansing technique using sacred plants such as Palo Santo and white sage.

To Cleanse the Orgone Pyramid with Sacred Plants:

  • Light the top of the sacred plant.
  • Hold the pyramid in your left hand.
  • Let the smoke from the burning, sacred plants envelop the pyramid for 30-60 seconds.
  • Visualize all the negative energy coming out of the crystal.
  • Open the window or door to allow smoke to escape.
  • Soak it in salt water
  • Salt has been used in many spiritual practices for its powerful cleansing energy.

Clean the Orgone Pyramid with Salt Water:

  • Fill a container with salt and water.
  • Place the orgone pyramid in the container and let it soak for at least one or two hours.
  • While you wait, visualize all the negative energy emanating from your orgone pyramids.
  • Rinse and dry your pyramid.
  • Expose it to healing sounds. You can use a recording of a tuning fork, healing bell, or Tibetan singing bowl, which you can easily find online.

To Cleanse the Orgone Pyramid with Sound:

  • Play a recording of the healing sound for about 30 minutes.
  • Visualize all the negative energy leaving your orgone pyramid during the cleansing process.

How Will I Feel Holding an Orgone Pyramid?


Holding an Orgone Pyramid is a joyful experience, and the more you practice, the more joy you generate. Holding a pyramid is definitely an invigorating and intense feeling. It creates a vortex of energy in your hand that spreads throughout your physical body and around your aura. Basically, it channels the wisdom and healing of the Universe right to your fingertips.

Some people report tingling in the hands or throughout the body. Other people can achieve a fuzzy state of mind that helps them enter a light trance. In this trance, they can escape from their thoughts and ego. Clairvoyant and psychic visions can be triggered in highly empathetic people. Yet another person may feel nothing at all until several more experiences.

Where Should I Place an Orgone Pyramid in my House?


Orgone pyramids bring positive Feng Shui to your home. They can be placed anywhere you like and provide universal healing energy regardless of location. However, to harness the power of the pyramid for specific purposes, the location of the pyramid becomes critical.


Orgone is a universal energy that exists everywhere. It promotes your concentration, offers EMF protection, improves your body system, and brings inner peace. And you can only harness this power by using an orgone pyramid or some other type of orgone crystal. Meditate with the orgone pyramid, place it in your workplace or take it with you wherever you go. This pyramid will protect you from harmful radiation, lift your spirits, and balance your crown chakra. Now that you know how to use an orgone pyramid, it is time to choose an Orgone Pyramid and make the most of this universal negative energy.