Orgone pyramid with a quartz crystal

Orgone Pyramid Kit

Want to make an orgone pyramid? Awesome! Let’s take a look at some of the orgone pyramid kits you’ll need for crafting it.

Orgone pyramids are made by mixing composite resin with crystals and metal filings. During the curing process, the resin mass constantly contracts and compresses the quartz crystal in layer 1. This creates a piezoelectric effect in the crystal, causing its ends to electrically polarize. This is believed to be what makes the orgone pyramid so effective as a generator of positive energy. In addition, the effect can be increased by using different materials. For example, copper and amethyst help with intuition. Black tourmaline improves understanding and increases self-confidence. And rose quartz enhances inner harmony and peace.

What’s Included in an Orgone Pyramid Kit?

Orgone Pyramid

A basic orgone pyramid is simply fiberglass resin, metal filings, and a quartz crystal that hardens into any shape. There is no “correct” shape or size for the orgone pyramid, and its area of ​​effect appears to scale linearly with volume. 

However, there are specific, tested, repeatedly validated, and widely used effective designs that span the field and personal devices that have emerged from the fearless labor of dedicated and talented poets around the world. These designs contain the basic orgone pyramid kit as detailed in many orgone pyramid web graphics and are available from many reputable suppliers.

Metal Shavings

Any metal will do the job: iron, steel, aluminum, brass, silver, copper, gold, etc. Generally, aluminum is the most commonly used as it is the cheapest and easiest to find. One thing to keep in mind is that the shape of the metal filings can have a subtle impact on the energy of the orgone pyramid. Regardless of these subtleties, the orgone pyramid will be functional if you follow the basic rules.

Quartz Crystals

Quartz crystal (or another piezoelectric crystal like tourmaline, citrine, or amethyst) is a must for the orgone pyramid. It is usually cheaper to buy them in bulk. Once you figure out how to make an orgone pyramid, you may want to add more crystals.

Quartz crystals are minerals that all have the same basic composition, silicon dioxide, also called silicic acid (SiO2). Quartz is the most abundant mineral on earth. You can find it in many places in nature: river quartz, rock crystal, beautiful double or single-ended quartz; both are perfect for use in an orgone pyramid. You don’t need to buy quartz crystal as it is quite easy to find in nature.


Most people use polyester resin because it has good shrinkage for an orgone pyramid (the more pressure you put on the crystal, the better) and it’s a relatively cheap option. With polyester resin, you have two options: you can use regular resin, which has a brownish-yellow tint, or you can use the more expensive water-based clear casting resin. If you’re just starting, we recommend regular resin as it can take some practice to perfect your orgone pyramid casting skills and it’s best to start with a cheaper option if your first few pours don’t go well as you wish.

(Note: When purchasing a resin, be sure to purchase the hardener/catalyst as well. Some suppliers sell both together, but sometimes you need to purchase them separately.)


When it comes to resin casting, you can use metal, glass, some types of plastic, and silicone molds. For beginners, we recommend silicone as the pyramid comes off from the mold easily, but if you use a release agent or some other type of lubricant (even vegetable oil will do) you can experiment with other kinds of molds.

Glass – Many orgone pyramid makers use martini glasses to create awesome orgone pyramids. Use a release agent beforehand (WD 40 works well) or spread a thin layer of oil on the inside with a paintbrush.

Silicone – If you want to experiment with different sizes and shapes, eBay and Amazon have a wide range of silicone bakeware in different sizes and shapes. You can even find pyramid molds.

Metal – This is another great idea for a mold, but be sure to use the release agent again! Amazon sells stainless steel pyramid molds.

Plastic – Only certain plastics can be used with resin. In general, opaque plastics are better than transparent ones, since the latter tend to melt.

Safety Equipment

Organic resins give off toxic fumes before and during the curing process, making them ideal for working in well-ventilated areas like patios or porches. Also, you can wear gloves and protective gear, so don’t worry if the catalyzed resin splashes on you as it spreads everywhere, especially on the first pour. Laying down a tarp for the first time can be very helpful when cleaning, as the hardened resin should fall off the tarp.

Additionally, invest in a good-quality respirator that protects you from organic vapors. Calculate the amount of resin you will need. When creating personal and field devices, the best way to configure them is to create them in the same session and slightly overestimate them. This way, when your hopper is full, you can make as many orgone pyramids as the extra epoxy allows. Furthermore, spray your orgone pyramid molds with a light coating of oil. Wipe with a paper towel to spread evenly (if needed).

Additional Safety Equipment


Here is a list of other equipment that will be helpful:

Orgonite with pearl shimmer powder to cover your workspace. Once you spill resin on your countertop, it is hard to get rid of!

An apron or at least some clothes you are not fussed about.

Disposable spoons/knives: used to stir the resin. You can use sticks as well.

Plastic cup to pour the resin

  • A fan – This will help keep fumes away from you, particularly if you have to work indoors. You can use a fan near the window, facing outside, so it sucks in the fumes and blows them out the window.
  • Pigment – If you want a colored orgone pyramid, you can use a pigment (like a liquid pigment that comes in a set of eight colors) or if you prefer a little more sparkle, you can get a set of Pearl EX powder pigments.
  • Nail polish remover dissolves spilled resin. It must be the type that contains acetone.
  • Vinegar: This does the same thing as nail polish remover, but it is best applied to your skin in case you spill resin.

Basic Rules for Making an Orgone Pyramid


As mentioned earlier, an orgone pyramid is made of resin, metal filings, and a small piece of quartz crystal. The basic rules for making a functional orgone pyramid are quite simple:

  • A mixture of approximately 50 percent resin, 50 percent metal filings
  • Any metal is good
  • And add some quartz crystal to the mix

The ratio of 50 percent resin to 50 percent metal is easily achieved by simply comparing the volumes of resin and metal filings. It’s the easiest thing in the world. It has to be estimated by volume, as with aluminum, for instance, 1 liter of aluminum filings by volume (about 100 to 200 g) is generally much lighter (by weight) than 1 liter of resin (about 1.2kg). On the other hand, 1 liter of steel filings weighs 3 to 4 times more than 1 liter of resin. For this reason, it is often quoted as roughly 50/50 by volume, as depending on the metal, the ratio will vary greatly from a weight perspective.

Simply put, just take two cups/glasses, etc. of the same size, one filled with metals, the other filled with resin, and mix the two together in another larger container and add quartz. Making an orgone pyramid is as simple as that.

Is it Worth Purchasing Your Own Orgone Pyramid Kit?


Purchasing an orgone pyramid kit to make your orgone pyramid is a fun project to help balance the energy in your home. However, it is not an inexpensive endeavor. In fact, you could forego this project and protect your entire home with a much more proven method like Geoclense. So while this is an interesting project for those who really want to experiment with resin or gemstones, for the rest of us, it’s probably best to stick with purchasing an Orgone Pyramid.

Final Thoughts

Electrosmog, also known as dirty electricity, describes what people are constantly exposed to in our modern high-tech society. None of our senses recognize it, so it is an unknown phenomenon. Electrosmog is wasteful electromagnetic energy (also called “EMF”) that leaks through the many electrical devices around us. Toxic and negative energy moves through the orgone pyramid, creating electromagnetic friction caused by the mixing of crystal and metal in the resin.

An Orgone Pyramid does not eliminate electromagnetic energy; on the contrary, it reorganizes the energy pattern into a harmonized body pattern. Think of an orgone pyramid as a filter for the toxic energy around you. Although orgonite can be easily shaped into different shapes, a common shape is a pyramid, as pyramids are known for their ability to transmit and amplify energy. Making orgonite in a pyramid shape is an easy way to increase its beneficial effects.