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Are you interested in making an energy-free generator or lowering your utility bills and saving a few coins? If so, then the Orgone Energy Motor might be the perfect option for you. Many factors can disrupt your monthly budget and the utility bill is one of them. Electricity is getting more and more expensive these days, so you have to sacrifice a lot of your monthly budget.

Based on the revolutionary concept of Orgone Energy, a new energy-generating device has resurfaced called the Orgone Energy Motor, the device that, on autopilot, generates free electricity wherever it is needed. Read on to understand this decades-old concept and how the makers of the Orgone Motor used it to create a generator so intriguing you won’t believe your ingenuity.

Apart from helping to reduce your electricity bills, orgone energy can also be beneficial for your health. For instance, there are Orgone Generators, Orgone Necklaces, Bracelets and many more have been shown to help mitigate the negative effects from EMF exposure.

What is the Orgone Energy Motor?

Orgone Energy Motor Parts


An Orgone Energy Motor is an energy source or, as some technically call it, a home power station. The device can generate enough electricity to power appliances, fans, televisions, computers, and just about anything, small or big. First, the program was based on the discoveries and extensive research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, whose invention and work was amazing enough to attract scientists from all over the world.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich was a renowned scientist who appeared frequently in the leading academic journals of his day and presented himself as one of America’s most important “scientists.” So when there was a review of the Orgone Energy Motor by members of a select group of leading academics who offered the American people an easy way to generate their free energy, it seemed like Dr. Reich’s Orgone Motor was about to take its place, one of the most intelligent inventors in history.

Unfortunately, his work to reduce energy bills was interrupted and facts and information swept along. There’s information that all this is done out of conflicting interests and selfishness. Ultimately, some people don’t want the public to understand the truth about this unit: a free energy device/technology can run for thousands of hours, harnessing the incredible natural forces that already exist on the planet.

However, surviving blueprints of the Orgone Energy Motor have been discovered in Kansas. They’re holding a man who claims to have been one of Dr. Reich’s assistants. Based on this discovery, a program known as Orgone Energy Motor was developed and that is the content of this review.

According to various reviews, this Orgone Energy Motor device works on the principle of magnetism. The magnetic force creates a permanent imbalance between the stator and the rotor, constantly focusing the flow of energy in the same direction as the motor turns so that the type of motion obtained is continuous and slightly permanent.

Orgone Energy As a Motor Force

In 1940, while researching the nature of emotions, psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich discovered a previously little-known cosmic energy that functions as life energy in biological systems. Additional research over the next 7 years revealed that this energy, “orgone energy”, could be collected from the atmosphere, concentrated in a casing, and used as a propulsive force.

In 1937, believing that human emotions were essentially bioelectric in nature, Reich studied changes in electrical potentials of the skin in subjects in various states of emotional expression. This study confirmed his clinical impression and his theoretical concept that “something moves” in the organism in emotional states.

However, this “something”, although electrically measurable, could not be electricity per se, as the large amounts of emotion felt and expressed by study participants could not be explained by the few tens of millivolts recorded on the surface of the skin. Furthermore, the use of electricity on the body has always been perceived as strange and unsettling.

To further delineate the nature of “something,” Reich examined biofuels and food under the microscope. He found out that all foodstuffs, no matter their nature, when cooked, break into microscopic vesicles that move from one place to another, exhibiting an internal pulsation and a bluish tint to their transparent liquid contents. Reich called the vesicles “bions.” Reich then discovered that inorganic materials such as coal, sand iron filings, and earth, when sterilized by autoclaving or exposed to red-hot heat, also break down into bions that resemble those made from organic material. Additionally, carbon and sand bions can be grown when placed in growth media.

The bions exhibited some exceptional properties. These included the ability to destroy or immobilize bacteria, produce a strong inflammatory response when brought close to the skin, chew the cud, and charge rubber with static electricity. The atmosphere in Reich’s laboratory in Oslo was still “heavy”; metallic instruments are spontaneously magnetized; spontaneously fogged photographic plates; Reich was tanned even in winter and felt extraordinarily strong and well, aside from an eye infection, which was apparently related to looking at the bions under the microscope.

Orgone Energy from Bion and the Atmosphere


However, Reich feared the cultures might emit radioactive radiation. He consulted a radiation specialist who ruled out radioactivity. The experiments of the following months convinced Reich that the radiation from Bion’s cultures couldn’t be explained by any known form of conventional energy. He had to conclude that he was working with a force of nature previously unknown to Western science.

He called it “orgone energy” because of its ability to be absorbed by organic matter and the fact that his research began by clinically examining the function of the human orgasm.

The orgone energy reappeared in the form of “purple mists” and fine whitish sparks that resembled lightning. To make the reappearance more visible, Reich placed plates of bion culture in a metal-lined wooden box, believing that the metal would reflect the radiation inside the box and thus make it more visible, while the wood would block the radiation from escaping. Thanks to a glass panel on one side of the box, he could actually see the reappearance better.

However, to his surprise, he discovered that the effects of the light persisted after removing the cultures and even after thoroughly ventilating and washing the enclosure. It was at this point that Reich realized that orgone energy was everywhere and that the structure of the enclosure somehow helped to concentrate the energy of the atmosphere.

Through further experiments, he discovered that orgone energy was attracted to and repelled by metals and absorbed by non-metallic substances. Thus, an enclosure composed of alternating layers of metallic and non-metallic materials, the innermost being metal, would establish an energy gradient from the atmosphere into the enclosure. Most of the materials used were rock wool, steel wool, Celotex, and galvanized iron, although fiberglass, plastic, and other metals could also be used.

Aluminum could be strictly used in physical experiments, but it could be toxic to living organisms. Reich later discovered through objective measurements that an enclosure composed of 6 alternating layers of the material concentrated eight times more orgone energy than in the surrounding atmosphere.

The interior of the “Orgone Energy Accumulator,” as Reich called the case, was tingling and warm, even though the metal wall inside was cold to the touch. This subjective impression was objectively confirmed by measuring the temperature inside the orgone accumulator. It was always several tenths of a degree to two degrees Celsius, warmer than ambient air or a real control box.

Reich was aware of the enormous importance of this discovery. It was a violation of the second law of thermodynamics, which classical physics considered inviolable. The orgone accumulator could increase its temperature without doing anything about it. A large number of studies conducted by Reich and, in recent years, by his students have confirmed this phenomenon.

Another method of objectifying the presence of an abnormal energy force is the behavior of a static electroscope placed inside the case. The so-called “natural loss of charge” of a statically charged electroscope slows down considerably inside the accumulator. No known classical electrical process can explain this phenomenon. Reich viewed static electricity as a typical manifestation of orgone energy. The natural leakage of the electroscope inside the accumulator is slowed because the electroscope discharges in a higher concentration of orgone than that present in the outside air.

The delay in the electroscopic discharge rate and the temperature rise inside the battery (temperature inside the battery minus the ambient air temperature, To - T) are parallel. Both depend on external energetic factors, especially weather, and can be used to predict future climate changes.

The Genesis of the Orgone Energy Motor

In 1947, after 7 years of research into the physical and biological properties of orgone energy, Reich purchased a Geiger-Muller (GM) field counter to prepare to study the interplay between radioactivity and orgone energy. At his Rangely laboratory in Maine, Reich discovered the GM counter initially responded normally, registering background noise caused by natural radioactivity and gamma rays of cosmic origin.

However, he did not respond to proximity to orgone energy accumulators. Within days, the instrument appeared inexplicably “dead”, unresponsive to background radiation and even a small X-ray source.

The device was serviced regularly but sat completely idle until about two months later when, during routine maintenance, the pulse recorder pointer immediately began spinning at a speed of one full revolution per second, a top speed for this device. This was equivalent to about 100 pulses per second, a huge response compared to the normal background count of 15 to 25 pulses per minute. In other tests, Reich achieved counts of 6,000 to 8,000 counts per minute (CPM), which translates to 1.15 revolutions per second, continuous rotation of the recorder.

At the time, the highest count ever attained with radioactive substances was 3,000 CPM with this brand of Geiger-Muller counter. Reich realized he was witnessing a possible motor force in orgone energy. The orgone energy was somehow converted into electromagnetic and mechanical energy by the GM meter. Through a detailed functional decomposition of the GM effect and the use of specialized vacuum tubes to enhance the concentration of orgone energy, Reich later found a way to drive an electric motor more directly with orgone energy.

Reich discovered that the outer metal cylinder of the GM device counter tube drew orgone energy from the atmosphere and that the GM effect could be removed simply by removing the metal cylinder from the glass counter tube. The effect of the motor reappeared immediately when the metal cylinder was replaced or the bare glass measuring tube was inserted into an orgone accumulator. The effect would fade before rainstorms and recover after a thunderstorm. This was consistent with previous observations of temperature and electroscopic changes within the accumulator under different climatic conditions.

These and other observations persuaded Reich that the motor effect was occurring because the counter tube had “absorbed” orgone energy from constant exposure to the high orgonotic environment in the laboratory. Since the counter tube comprises an inner metallic cathode and an outer non-metallic protective layer, the counter tube is essentially an orgone accumulator. The orgone energy within the counter tube was then excited by the electrical stimulation of the GM device into a state resembling a flash of sharp lightning. In this state, the device could count the orgone energy. A large number of control experiments showed that the GM motor effect of high CPM could only be explained by the excitation of high concentrations of orgone energy on the counter tube.

Reich received a more sophisticated Geiger-Müller counter that could be used to vary the gauge tube tension. Like the field meter, it initially only counted background radiation, but within three days it was registering bursts of 3600 CPM, and after 4 weeks it was showing continuous rotation of the pulse counter, approaching 2000 CPM at 1000V excitation.

The classic view of how a Geiger-Müller counter works are that radioactivity ionizes the gas inside the counter tube. The ionization then reduces the resistance to the passage of electricity between an anode and a cathode inside the tube. A circuit amplifies the electrical flow so that it can be read, thus indirectly recording the amount of radioactivity flowing through the counter tube. Thus, in the classical view, the incident radiation indirectly creates the impulse that activates the recorder. Reich’s next task was to determine whether or not this theory applied to the motor phenomenon with which he was working. Or could it be possible, he asked, that the pulses of atmospheric orgone energy counted by the GM tube directly activated the pulse recorder’s electromagnetic system?

To answer this question, Reich conducted an elaborate series of experiments in which he functionally disassembled the orgone-charged GM system using calibrated electroscopes and a voltammeter connected in various ways to the GM counter tube and amplifier. Thus, he discovered that the amount of energy leaving the tube varied between 100 and 500 electrostatic volts, an enormous voltage that could in no way be explained by the classical theory of ionization. He also discovered that the energy entering the amplifier from the counter tube differs from the energy leaving it, that orgone energy is converted into electromagnetic energy during passage through the amplifier.

Reich believed that if he could simplify the entire system by removing everything that stood in the way of the direct conversion of orgone energy into mechanical motor force, the motor response could be improved. His first step was to test a gasless counter tube charged with orgone on the GM counter. It caused no reaction. But when Reich used a specially built vacuum tube that acted as an orgone accumulator (the “Vacor” tube), he received a powerful reaction. It was constructed with internal parallel aluminum plates attached to the anode and cathode, respectively. The vacuum was 1/2 microns of pressure, sufficient to exclude the presence of gas.

After several weeks of immersion in an orgone accumulator, this tube glowed a deep blue, despite the absence of gas, when energized by an orgone-charged plastic rod. Stimulated by an electrical voltage of 100 to 1000 volts, the ruminants in the tube changed color, matching those seen when the night sky changes to dawn and then daylight. It appeared conceivable to Reich that the rumination of dawn and daylight on the planet resulted from the excitation of the sun, causing changes in the earth’s orgone energy field.

When connected to the GM meter, the Vacor tube generates thousands of pulses per second at a voltage of 350 to 500 volts. This was much higher than the performance of GM’s standard counter tube, which required 750 to 1,000 volts at best to fire 100 to 130 counts per second. By eliminating the high-voltage circuit between the Vacor tube and the pulse counter, even higher counts could pass from the tube, up to 20,000 to 25,000 counts per second. An electroscope measured the voltage between two aluminum plates in the Vacor tube. It was a very high 34,000 volts.

In 1949, Reich announced his triumph with the Orgone Energy Motor Force:

“At 1 p.m. on June 24, 1948, I was able to set up a motor into motion (Western Electric, KS-9154, serial number 1227) using the Orgone Energy Motor Force discovered by me using Geiger-Müller counter of August 8, 1947. An activated filament of electronic amplifiers without high voltage suffices to transmit the ORGONOTIC MOTOR FORCE.”

To set the Orgone Energy Motor into motion, a specific function known as Y is required which cannot be announced at this time.

The sources of orgone energy used so far are:

  • a) Vacor tubes charged with orgone
  • b) Earth orgone
  • c) Atmospheric orgone
  • d) Organismic Orgone Energy

No materials are needed as is the case in nuclear fission. The impulse sequence can be set. The impulse sequence is regular and continuous. The ratio between the amount of orgone energy used and the enormous reservoir of the Cosmic Energy Source is minimal.

The motor action speed can be regulated. It depends on:

  • a) the number of connected vacor tubes,
  • b) climatic conditions according to previously found orgonotic functions, such as temperature difference To-T, electroscopic discharge velocity, etc.,
  • c) Function Y.


The functions of vacor tubes (vacuum tubes) disprove “empty space” theories. The actions of the field are because of the activity of the universal cosmic orgone energy. The energy field intensity inside the vacor tube can be detected and measured with a specific functional configuration.

Reich demonstrated the Orgone Energy Motor to reliable witnesses, including a local journalist. However, he died without revealing the nature of the Y function, believing that the world did not want to take responsibility for an unlimited source of energy. Thanks to anonymous saviors, you have the “Orgone Energy Motor Guide”, a step-by-step guide that will unravel the mystery and let you relive and create Dr. Reich’s genius invention.

How to Build Your Own Orgone Energy Motor?


You can build your own power generator that captures waves of orgone energy and converts them into electrical energy for affordable, uninterrupted power year-round. Orgone Energy Motor tutorials are becoming more and more popular on the internet these days. This guide claims to help you build an Orgone Energy Motor that can power all your home appliances, such as a refrigerator, air conditioner, television, toaster, as well as other electrical devices. Also, this system should be able to supply electricity to a cabin in the desert. All in all, you can quickly generate electricity at home with the help of the Orgone Energy Motor Guide.

But is this guide useful and does it keep its promises without compromise, or is it merely a scam? Let’s find out in this honest Orgone Energy Motor review.

Orgone Energy Motor Guide Review – What is in the Package?

The Orgone Energy Motor guide includes 6 videos as well as a PDF guide that provides all the information you need to operate the device in your home. You get access when you make a purchase and register with your email address.

Does the Orgone Energy Motor Guide Really Help You Build Your Own “Home Power Plant”?

This is a complete guide to help you quickly build your home power plant. The guide is a comprehensive guide containing all the information you need to create an Orgone Energy Motor. First, it tells you about the benefits of using this motor and how it can help you lower your energy bills by using it.

Then it shows you all the parts you need to make this unit, and where and how to purchase them a lot cheaper. The guide includes video and photo lessons that make the entire process a breeze. You can understand all the steps you need to follow easily. You are not likely to encounter any problems while building this generator, as the guide is beneficial.

Another great thing about this guide is that it is written in a dialogue tone without difficulty and you can understand it easily. No prior knowledge is required to use this tutorial on how to create an Orgone Energy Motor, and anyone can quickly do it.


Can Be Done On Site

The Orgone Energy Motor can be ordered with inexpensive parts and supplies or accessories, all of which are available at local stores. In addition, in the guide, you will find the best places to purchase these parts/equipment locally and cheaply. Once you have finished installing the parts, the guide also includes easy-to-follow steps to install the part at home.

Has Detailed Instructions

The Orgone Energy Motor Guide is self-explanatory and anyone who knows the basics can build the system with the help of this book/guide only. Essentially, the construction process is simple, costs little money, and can be done by non-technical people.

Works in Any Weather

The Orgone Energy Motor system operates on the principle of superconductivity. It’s nearly 100 percent friction-free, which means you don’t have to worry about the effects of high winds, rain, storms, or anything else. Home power plants are built to deliver electricity even when there is no grid.

Requires no Maintenance

The Orgone Energy Motor doesn’t have many moving parts and doesn’t generate excessive heat. Essentially, the system with its motor requires little to no maintenance over its lifetime. Therefore, with the device, you not only save money on energy costs or your overall electricity bill but also on maintenance costs.


Physical Product Not Available

Some users are quite traditional and find it a little difficult to use online tutorials or products. Therefore, such people prefer handy manuals and DVD video tutorials. Sadly, the creator of this guide has not particularly catered to these people.

Orgone Energy Motor Explainer Videos Breakdown

If you are wondering what is in the six how-to videos, which, by the way, are an important part of the whole Orgone Energy Motor, you are not mistaken. Are there complicated contents in these videos or is it just a gimmick to save time and make the product fun?

Videos 1

Unsurprisingly, this first video starts at the very beginning of the device build process. Here you will learn how to cut galvanized sheet metal for an orgone energy motor. Also, in the video, you will learn how to keep the cube dense and compact so as not to lose energy when using the power plant.

Videos 2

The second video shows you how to apply bitumen to the aluminum sheet frame you made at this stage. At this stage, you’ll be shown how to make an orgone box, which serves as a sort of vessel for collecting energy.

Videos 3

From the Orgone Energy Motor PDF, you’ll be advised on some insulation materials to purchase. Here you can see its use. The instructor will show you how to attach the insulator to the previously made electrical box and the square it instructed you to create in video 1.

Videos 4

The EPS sheet is mandatory; it is also one of the documents listed in the PDF. You will first be shown how to use it to protect the box. A single tube is then inserted into the apron (EPS panel).

Videos 5

The 5th video explains how to attach the iron shield to the insulation blanket you were asked to build in video 4. Additionally, the instructor will walk you through how to create a steel cone. This cone transmits energy to the orgone box.

Video 6

The last video explains how to create a circuit that converts orgone energy into electrical energy through non-polarized and polarized capacitors. After following each step in detail, the device will come to life and your home power station will be up and running in no time.


The Orgone Energy Motor guide includes step-by-step instructions with blueprints on how to build your power motor in PDF and video presentations. It also comes with three bonuses that will deepen your understanding of the energy-free motor concept. This program is full of important information that you can not only use once, but it becomes a part of you and can be reused as many times as you need.

This is a one-time purchase that will not charge you in the future but will give you the promised satisfaction. It saves you a lot of money and is a great replacement when you don’t have access to electricity. The guide explains in a simple way each step involved in building a working Orgone Energy Motor and how to get started.

Final Thoughts on Orgone Energy Motor

The Orgone Energy Motor is based on the innovative idea that an energy force connects the earth and all living beings. A unique exception to the principles of electromagnetism was discovered by looking at the behavior of electromagnetic fields, which makes it possible to generate large amounts of magnetic energy without using a large power source using such materials. The energy can then be fed into the Orgone Energy Motor which can be used to power your home appliances, car, and other machinery.

Consequently, the Orgone Energy Motor works by using magnetic forces to maintain a sustained state of imbalance between a stator and a rotor, concentrating a flow of energy in the same direction that the motor rotates, allowing smooth motion almost continuous. Although the principles of thermodynamics state that a true perpetual motion is impossible, hence the use of the word “almost”.

Orgone crystals can be used in pyramid-shaped devices that can help transform the energy in your home. These pyramids are designed using the same science behind orgone energy, using materials that can attract energy. If you are wondering how these pyramids work, they actually convert negative energy into positive energy. The pyramid shape also plays a very important role in filtering out negative energy.

Those who want round-the-clock protection should opt for orgone jewelry. Wearing an orgone pendant or necklace means they are close to your skin, which is even more beneficial. As you already know, you can have deadly orgone energy in your body, so this jewelry can cleanse your body of this negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Orgone home devices and jewelry can protect your mental and physical health.

Orgone energy is all around us and must be harnessed in a way that allows it to move freely and not become stagnant. Just as orgone energy surrounds us, negative energy emitted by all the devices we have in our homes also surrounds us. Televisions, laptops, refrigerators, cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and washing machines can cause symptoms such as anxiety, depression, headaches, and lower your energy levels.

Having a GeoClense EMF and Earth Radiation Harmonizer in your home allows you to shield yourself from the negative energy emitted by these devices and turn it into something positive. In addition, they also clean the electromagnetic fields that are causing these symptoms.