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Jade Stone for Orgone Energy

While crystals have found popularity recently for their healing properties, in fact, they have been used this way for centuries. One such popular stone is jade. Let's take a look at how to use the jade stone for orgone energy. 


While crystals have found popularity recently for their healing properties, in fact, they have been used this way for centuries. One such popular stone is jade. Let's take a look at how to use the jade stone for orgone energy. 


Jade is a popular stone that is often referred to a stone of luck and happiness. It may have its roots in ancient eastern civilization, its popularity was worldwide.


The remains of jade tools and utensils have been found at excavation of ancient sites worldwide. 


While you likely consider jade to be a single mineral, that is actually not correct. The Jade stone is, in fact, two distinctive minerals: Nephrite and jadeite.

Though different in structure and sometimes color, they were thought to be the same mineral up until the 19th century when a mineralogist identified the two varieties.

Though two distinctive and different metamorphic rocks, both of these beautiful ornamental rocks are considered to be jade stones.



Nephrite is a softer mineral, but more durable and is also more widely available. Variations of nephrite include light green stones and “milky” or “marbled white” stones, commonly seen in pre 19th century Chinese art and artifacts and referred to as “mutton fat jade”.

It’s composed of banded iron, calcium, and magnesium-rich minerals.


The greener the jade stone is, the higher the iron content will be.


In addition to China, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of North America are where this variety of jade was commonly used in beads, buttons, weapons, and art.


Jadeite, the rarer of the two minerals, is a harder stone but more vulnerable to cracking or breaking.



Variations of jadeite include the most commonly identifiable emerald green stone, but also expand to include stones that are blue, lavender, and pink.


Jadeite is more translucent and has greater clarity than its jade stone sister, nephrite and is, therefore, more valuable.

Primary reserves are found in Burma and Guatemala and have been discovered in only 10 other places in the world.

In post 19th century art and design, jadeite became the preferred jade stone choice for artists and artisans both for its distinctive beauty and for the greater price tag associated with this rarer stone.


It is worth noting with jade stones fetching upwards of $3000 an ounce, most contemporary jades have been enhanced in some way for affordability, as well as to preserve their integrity and enhance their beauty.


Rated A to D, with A being the purest form of the stone and D being the most enhanced.



What Are The Healing Properties of Jade?



In most cultures, the jade stone is known as a healing and protective stone and brings good fortune.

The ancient Chinese called it the “spleen stone”. The ancient Greeks named the  nephrite from nephros, which means kidney.


Medicinally, it was said that the jade stone could cure painful ailments such as kidney stones or infections of the kidney and bladder.


Healing the Body

Beyond its cleansing properties, it is said the jade stone can help the body rebuild and ease the pain of healing.


After injury or surgery, the jade stone is said to restore strength at both the cellular and skeletal levels.


The Stone of the Loin

It is also said that jade may help in male reproductive disorders and this is why the Spanish and French call it, “the stone of the loin.”


Benefits for the Heart 

The jade stone can calm the nerves and when placed near the heart, its natural and gentle vibration can regulate a beating or racing heart. When kept on a person, jade may ward off illness and increase the energy of its wearer.


Jade for Orgone Energy

Jade is a semi-precious stone and is sometimes used as a good luck charm or heart chakra, but is also often used as an Orgone pendant or similar Orgone device.


Like the jade stone or quartz crystals, Orgone energy is a type of healing, life source energy.


Wilhelm Reich, who first explored this phenomenon in the 1930s believed that blockages in Orgone energy were the source of many illnesses, both physical and mental.


He also believed that insufficient Orgone energy was responsible for lethargy and sleep problems.


Many users have found that Orgone Energy EMF protection products, can help reinstate peaceful sleep, as well as restore positive energy levels.

This is accomplished by neutralizing the harmful positive ions that are emitted through EMF. Our Orgone Energy protection products neutralize these ions by emitting healthy negative ions. 

Through this process the users are protected from dangerous Deadly Orgone from the electromagnetic field and indeed changes this source of harmful energy in the energy field back into neutral energy.

It is no far stretch to recognize how adding jade stones to your Orgonite device may increase its usefulness and its healing benefit to you.

The Many Colors of Jade Stones



Though most identify the jade gemstone by its distinctive emerald green color, other colors do exist and each with their own distinguishing meanings.


Blue Jade

The blue jade gemstone is said to calm the mind, bring about peace and stimulate insightful dreams and visions.


Pink Jade

The pink jade is the most energizing and can sooth emotional hurt. The purple jade brings happiness, clarifies the aura and replaces negative thoughts with more positive ones.


White Jade

White jade provides focus and aids in decision-making.


Green Jade

The most significant color is the green jade stone. Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of Orgonite was called a “life force” just as the green jade stone is.

Orgonite protects the body from harmful positive ion resonance and repairs it from exposure.


The green jade stone is a conduit for nature and its constant ability for renewal. For those suffering from non-physical stemming disease, particularly of the kidney, heart, or stomach, the green jade stone works to promote self-healing.


For this and various other emotional healing properties, the jade stone is the perfect companion to Orgone Energy protection products.

Comprised of metal, mineral, and elements layered to form one solid piece over time, the jade stone is the perfect example of Orgone energy and how it is designed to work.

Etymology of The Jade Stone


The jade stone is known to have been around for 6000 years. It is a metamorphic stone; meaning it exists as a result of environmental intervention and time.


In its earliest uses by primitive people in the British Isles, as well by indigenous people in Central and South America and New Zealand, it was often carved into spearheads, knives and other tools and weapons.


In China, it was most revered by nobility not only for its rarity, worth, and beauty but for the symbolic nature of the jade stone.

It was believed the jade stone would offer healing and protection. Carvings often depicted symbolic figureheads, significant deities, powerful animals, and mythical creatures.

To this day, the jade stone remains a significant instrument to the Chinese and with the rising middle-class in China; it is no longer just the wealthiest that are the proprietors of jade stone art and artifacts.