Amazing shungite for EMF protection

Can Shungite Offer 5G and EMF Protection?

Can shungite offer 5G and EMF Protection? 
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Shungite 5G and EMF Protection

Can shungite offer 5G and EMF Protection? 

In modern times, harmful electromagnetic energies and 5G bombard us round the clock.

These harmful frequencies emanating from cell phones, 5G, computers, Wi-Fi routers, and “smart” devices are potentially harmful to our health.

With the rise of digital technology, a large amount of content related to protection resources is constantly circulating on the Internet. It is therefore natural to explore commonly recommended options, such as shungite for 5G and EMF protection.

Shungite and EMFs


Shungite material interacts actively with EMFs of various types (radiofrequency, solar, anthropogenic, geo-geogenic, biological fields) and neutralizes their negative influence.

Besides protecting against artificial radiation, shungite counteracts geopathic stress arising from electromagnetic fields radiated from natural sources.


Scientists attribute these unique protective properties to shungite’s ability to convert harmful radiant energy into a biologically friendly form.


When it comes to EMF protection, shungite is often used in shielding items like EMF jewelry and phone stands.


The Shungite EMF protection jewelry can be in the form of bracelets, necklaces, pendants, beads and many more.

Also, products such as Shungite Plate for Cell Phone and Shungite Phone Stands have been shown to protect against the harmful effects of 5G and EMF radiation. 

Now, let’s delve into the research supporting the theory that shungite can block 5G and electromagnetic frequencies!

What is EMF Radiation?


Electromagnetic radiation is a weak form of man-made electromagnetic energy that emanates from all electronic devices, including cell phones, laptops, tablets, and smartwatches.

This radiance surrounds us as our world becomes ever more digital. 


As mobile devices are used 24/7, recent research indicates that chronic, short-range exposure to electromagnetic radiation can cause a variety of biological changes in the body, including possible damage to the brain. 


These biological changes also include neurological changes, DNA fragmentation, oxidative stress, and cell damage that can lead to chronic disease and fertility problems.

These effects can also cause symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, such as headache, tingling, fatigue, and skin rash.


As more research shows the detrimental effects of this radiation and EMFs become more invasive, people are looking for a way to minimize this toxin in their environment.


Does Shungite Protect Against EMF or 5G?



According to quantum physics research, the bio-energetic torsion field surrounding our body has a RIGHT-HAND rotation (think DNA) and is essential to our physical well-being and vitality.


Various artificial radiations such as 5G and Wi-Fi create LEFT-HAND rotating torsion fields that disrupt and harm humans, plants, and animals by disrupting and unbalancing our bio-energetic system.


The presence of shungite amends these distortions and neutralizes the negative effects of 5G and EMF radiation.


What is Shungite? 

Shungite is an extremely powerful mineral and is often referred to as the quintessential bodyguard for its ability to shield electromagnetic frequencies and absorb toxic energies.

We are constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation: at home, at work, when traveling or just going for a walk, we are practically swimming in a sea of electromagnetic waves.

According to scientific research, shungite attenuates electromagnetic emissions by protecting the user from harmful EMF radiation.


Shungite appears to convert dangerous man-made electromagnetic fields into waveforms more compatible with human biology. It achieves this not by eliminating, but by modifying the properties of harmful EMF radiation and 5G.


The protective properties of shungite are present, whether the stones are in direct contact with your body or in close proximity.


This makes shungite among the most effective, simplest, and affordable personal EMF protection solutions.


A Protective Stone

You can wear it as jewelry, carry it in your pocket or purse, put it under your pillow or in your car!

Our shungite jewelry can be worn by hypersensitive people for its spiritual and physical benefits.


It is a smart idea to keep shungite at home and in the office, particularly in places where there are a lot of electronic devices. Place it close to your TV, computer, or power outlets.


As research has shown, shungite changes the harmful influence of EMF radiation much better than other stones, since it doesn’t become saturated and doesn’t acquire a negative charge.

In addition, while it blocks electromagnetic fields, shungite does not interfere with the signal.

This is because shungite does not technically block or protect electromagnetic fields. If that was the case, the operating range of wireless devices would be severely affected.

Instead, it modifies the properties of harmful EMF radiation and 5G and neutralizes the negative effects of 5G and EMF radiation.


Another important benefit of shungite is that you can use it and reuse it for as long as you like, making it an effective, inexpensive, and convenient 5G and EMF protective solution.



Furthermore, an older animal study from 2003 showed that shungite is a protective stone against electromagnetic fields.


Shungite has the property of absorbing and diffusing electromagnetic waves. Its unique structure gives the stone these protective properties.


The structure is a silica-quartz matrix in which carbon flakes are dispersed. This is a unique carbon, one of the highest forms of allotropy containing fullerenes as well as other nanoparticles.

Additionally, the quartz matrix is impregnated with micro-sized metals. All of this allows shungite to block 5G and EMF radiation.

How to Use Shungite for 5G and EMF Protection



Now, more than ever, whole-body and holistic wellness is becoming a top priority around the world, particularly among millennials and Gen Z.

With mental and physical health at the forefront of many people’s minds, our daily routines are increasingly rooted in healing and organic lifestyle changes such as meditation, yoga, dietary supplements, and books. As all the Instagram hashtags say, health is wealth!

Also included in this growing mass of wellness products are crystals and gemstones.


Older and younger generations are now opting for lithotherapy (crystal healing), an alternative practice to traditional medicine that uses crystals and semi-precious stones.


These healing crystals are said to channel the healing elements of the earth. By acquiring minerals, crystals, and gemstones, people can combine facets of ancient beliefs and customs to create a unique and personal spiritual practice in hopes of healing.

These items are believed to have a wide range of feel-good attributes, such as increasing endorphin levels, creating contentment, promoting blood circulation and clear skin, increasing creativity, as well as flushing out toxins.

Many people who are into crystal and stone healing note these benefits and these benefits are backed by scientific evidence.

If these alternative healing practices are having a positive effect on you, there is no harm in supplementing them with other scientifically proven strategies to reduce the effects of 5G and EMF radiation!


It would be extremely difficult to completely eliminate EMF from your life today, but you can easily minimize exposure by combining various shungite EMF protection products.


It’s helpful to place shungite items where you spend most of your time. At home, use shungite pyramids in the kitchen and living room. Place your mobile phones, smart devices, tablets, and laptops, on or near shungite plates to neutralize their negative effects.

In the office or workspace, place shungite plates close to your computer as well as other electronic appliances. Put a shungite sphere in your bedroom to relax and sleep better.


For every day 5G and EMF protection, wear shungite bracelets, necklaces, and pendants, carry shungite Merkaba in your bag and attach shungite plates to your cell phones and laptops.


Gift your kids’ shungite cube to take with them everywhere – it’s a fun and safe way to protect them from dangerous electromagnetic fields.

If you have pets, you can put a shungite charm on their collar and put a shungite plate under their bed.


Other Ways to Minimize 5G and EMF Radiation Exposure


Stay at least ten feet away from Wi-Fi routers. Turn off your router when you are not using it.

Our Bamboo Orgone Blanket can help protect your body from a variety of EMF emissions from your devices, Wi-Fi routers, and ambient EMFs around you. It is a perfect blanket to create your own mini sleep paradise or to use around the house or on a plane when traveling!

  • Avoid wireless headphones and go for EMF-free headphones to avoid ear and head strain.
  • Replace your wireless devices with wired options. For instance, a wired mouse and keyboard should be used instead of Bluetooth-enabled models.
  • Be conscious of how long you use your mobile devices and computer and how far they are from your body. Try to limit the time you use mobile devices in direct contact with your body.

By being aware of how you use technology and taking these simple steps to limit your exposure, you can significantly reduce the effects of 5G and EMF radiation on your health.