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Orgone Bubbles Cloudbuster

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What exactly is Orgone Bubbles Cloudbuster? Is it safe or dangerous? What does it do?

The name “Cloudbuster” originates from the idea that this device could create rain and snow and: “Blow up clouds”. The original model/device comprised a network of metal pipes. The pipes were then connected to hoses, which were submerged in running water. Then the pipe and hose connection was wrapped in an orgone energy accumulator box.

When the cloudbuster is directed skyward, it can form new clouds or dissolve existing ones. The cloudbuster is designed to work like lightning rods. The cloudbuster focuses on a location in the sky, collecting and grounding orgone energy.

By removing this energy, rain or clouds would take its place. The theories behind a cloudbuster are the same mechanics as orgone bubbles cloudbuster works, except these devices usually involve bubbles. This article explains how to make orgone bubbles and if it actually works.

How to Make Orgone Bubbles Cloudbuster?

Cloudbuster settings with pipes and orgone stone on the orgone pucks


Making an orgone bubble cloudbuster is very easy and simple. Here are instructions on how to make an orgone bubble cloudbuster, according to Mike Emery.

Materials Needed to Construct an Orgone Bubbles Cloudbuster

Combine 50/50 by volume an electrical conductor with an organic insulator, including some crystals. The performance of the orgone device is a function of the size of the conductive material. The smaller the area, the greater the area available for charge accumulation. These orgone bubbles are living beings. You can really talk to them and get euphoric, actionable responses.

Get a sizeable piece of orgone as you wish. Large enough that you can touch it with an infrared heat lamp and violet ray wand (s) at the same time, preferably in a dome shape as we transmit amorphous life-force energy. The ideal sizes do not exceed 9" and 15". Orgone amplifies and diffuses healing energy.

Get a round clay pot, usually in the shape of an inverted dome. Organic insulation needs to be good, and it’s always the most tangible material, like earth, on a construction site. When it’s dry and fine, it’s absolutely the best because that’s where it connects to the earth and so it creates a feedback loop with the earth.

Clay, sand, flour, fine quartz sand, and/or fine clay are special materials. Quartz sand is a semiconductor and generates piezoelectric flux/energy. Clay is 2D and has all kinds of healing powers. These are the organic things that you pass on. The use of the materials on the site creates a feedback loop.

Metal bits: Get a book magnet, it’s not expensive. Magnetized iron powder activates crystals and can be mixed with other pieces of metal. Only ordinary magnets do the same.

Metal bits from a machine shop are known as shavings and are usually difficult to remove. You can, of course, buy it online. The best is the oldest metal shavings you can find, as these are not cluttered. If they are greasy, put them in detergent, and let them soak. If they are still a little greasy, they hold the charge quite well, particularly amplified charge. Large transformers have oil for this reason.

Aluminum shavings are very powerful and useful. Of course, copper and iron bits are ideal, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference. Orgone bubble induces euphoria with anything and everything, including resin and aluminum.

Iron oxide or iron powder is an amazing material and is available online. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a natural orgone material composed of silica (a semiconductor) and 40/50% white superconducting gold powder. It does appear to be powered by a fairly noticeable warm violet beam containing DE in mixed orgone emissions.

Construction Process

Now select your crystals, place them in your left hand, and choose the ones that vibrate the best (clear quartz is very healing). Get an excellent piece of shungite, a multi-faceted crystal that transmits energy and produces carbon 60 (C60) in water. So you can broadcast C60.

The amethyst and citrine clean out the other crystals and enhance the blend nicely. So lay down a base coat of the 50/50 orgone material, then lay down a small stack of DE and lay all the crystals facing the shungite. Scatter magnetite or place a pair of attractive N-oriented magnets on either side of the crystals to activate them and generate piezoelectric energy.

Adding charcoal of any kind around the crystals works wonders. Graphite, activated carbon, charcoal, and charcoal goose are the best.

Fill the pot with the 50/50 orgone material and seal it with plaster, resin, or cement, also mixed with metal bits. If you want your orgone bubble cloudbuster outdoors, as cement and plaster are porous, seal it with resin, paint, and beeswax.

Add two pipes of conductive material - the glow of the tubes allows them to draw energy from the air! The purpose of the pipes is to channel the energy of the violet ray into the orgone mix, where its healing energy is amplified and diffused.

Second Method

Here’s an even easier way to make orgone bubbles.

Materials Needed

Add crystals and metal bits as described above:

  • White or gray Portland cement
  • Water (preferably charged water)
  • Putty knife
  • Oil or petroleum jelly
  • Plastic container (9/15-inch diameter and any depth)
  • 2 copper tubes per 8-inch height
  • 1 infrared lamp
  • 1 high-frequency purple beam

The Construction Process

  • You should put some Vaseline or spray oil on the inside walls of your plastic container as if you were baking a cake.
  • Pour your white cement into the container and add water. Keep doing this until you fill your bowl and the consistency of the cement is like cake mix, maybe a little thicker.
  • Place the two pipes lined up with space between them so that you can then place the violet ray in the middle and the wand can touch each of the pipes.
  • Leave overnight or until dried.
  • Invert the container to remove the cement bubble. It will come off easily.

We can use very powerful magnets instead of the violet ray to create orgone bubbles.

We found out that super powerful magnets also create the orgone bubble. You have to be very careful with these magnets as they can crush your fingers. Align the magnets on each side of the cloudbuster so that the N pole attracts the other S pole through the orgone piece.

The formation of the orgone bubble amplifies and dissipates this attraction. Technically, the magnets harmonize the surrounding 3D EM waveforms, which are absorbed by the orgone and converted into 2D orgone energy by the 3D life force.

How to Incorporate Orgone Energy into your Daily Life?


Do you like the idea of an orgone bubbles cloudbuster but do not want to build one by yourself, there are other ways you can incorporate orgone energy into your daily life. Luckily for you, there are orgone devices designed for home use.

Orgone crystals can be used in pyramid-shaped devices that can help transform the energy in your home. These pyramids are designed using the same science behind orgone energy, using materials that can attract energy. If you are wondering how these pyramids work, they actually convert negative energy into positive energy. The pyramid shape also plays a very important role in filtering out negative energy.

Those who want round-the-clock protection should opt for orgone jewelry. Wearing an orgone pendant or necklace means they are close to your skin, which is even more beneficial. As you already know, you can have deadly orgone energy in your body, so this jewelry can cleanse your body of this negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Orgone home devices and jewelry can protect your mental and physical health.

Orgone energy is all around us and must be harnessed in a way that allows it to move freely and not become stagnant. Just as orgone energy surrounds us, negative energy emitted by all the devices we have in our homes also surrounds us. Televisions, laptops, refrigerators, cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and washing machines can cause symptoms such as anxiety, depression, headaches, and lower your energy levels.

Having a GeoClense EMF and Earth Radiation Harmonizer in your home allows you to shield yourself from the negative energy emitted by these devices and turn it into something positive. In addition, they also clean the electromagnetic fields that are causing these symptoms.

You’ve probably heard many people say that we’re surrounded by a lot of negativity, which is true. However, most of the negativity we experience results from negative energy within or around us. Some people are skeptical of crystal healing, but orgone energy crystals are different. Orgone energy results from extensive scientific research and experimentation, and the devices and crystals in use today are based on this science. If you are looking to heal your mind and body, you should consider trying orgone energy.