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Whether you are concerned about the detrimental health effects of radio frequencies (RF) given off by your electrical devices/appliances, the sale of EMF protection products is fast becoming a profitable industry. While some say the product's claims are too good to be true, research has shown that some of these products actually live up to their claims.

One of the companies that sell EMF protection products is Less EMF. Less EMF is an online shop for EMF meters, gaussmeters, and electromagnetic field shields. Its portfolio of products includes personal EMF products, meters, cell phone cases, paints, shielding fabrics, shielding clothing, screen shields, grounding and earthing products, Electric Meter, Trifield Meters, Gaussian Gauges, etc.

Less EMF Coupon Code


Less EMF coupon code


Using promo codes and discount promo codes for your favorite stores will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every month. You can also save money by using Less EMF coupons at checkout. However, there are no discounts or coupons to choose from at the time of writing this post. You can always check for updates on your favorite coupon code websites.


Do Less EMF Products Really Work?

Do Less EMF products really work?


For years, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has warned of "cell phone radiation fraud," citing products that claim to "dramatically reduce exposure from electromagnetic emissions". Even Less EMF claims that their products block up to 100 percent of the “potentially harmful” radiation given off by our devices. In this section, we wanted to know how much EMF and RF some Less EMF products can actually block.

For example, their cell phone case will greatly reduce the amount of RF coming off the phone's face when the cases are used properly. The case has been found to reduce radio frequency outside the front of the phone by an average of 85% to 90% when used correctly with the front cover closed. However, the case is designed for use with the shielded front cover of the closed flip case on the front of the phone, even during a call. For the average cell phone user, this may not be intuitive.

A Better Option for EMF Protection



If you want an alternative that eliminates radiation emissions by harmonizing and neutralizing the harmful effects of RF and EMF, rather than shielding and blocking them, the Phone Computer Bluetooth Wi-Fi Radiation Protection is your best bet. These EMF protection devices create a healthy life force chi by constantly generating beneficial, healthy negative ions. This reduces the heat you feel in your head whilst using your mobile phone. The Phone Computer Bluetooth Wi-Fi Radiation Protection offers protection from phone radiation and is suitable for all iPhones, iPads, wireless devices, baby monitors, Bluetooth, and computers.

Beyond that, their clothing protection products block 90% to 99% of cell phone radiofrequency when they cover the phone itself and 80% to 95% when used as directed, covering your body or baby. For higher protection, you can go for the Iron-On EMF Clothing Protection. This EMF shield can be placed onto the inside of your garment, sports clothing, or swimwear. It works by gently energizing the garment with beneficial negative ions and scalar waves to raise the harmonic vibration of your aura, energy field, chakra systems, and meridians.

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