Make Orgonite Ice at Home

Water is one of the most interesting and abundant substances on the planet. It has a wide variety of physical characteristics. Our understanding of water’s ability to store frequencies and energy is still in its early stages, and orgonite can help explore this even more deeply.

Masaru Emoto and the Water Crystal Experiment

Dr. Masaru Emoto in the 1990s conducted a series of experiments in which he observed the effects of the environment, music, words, and prayers on water’s crystalline structure. He had photographed himself before and after exposing the water to the aforementioned variables, then frozen the water to form a crystalline structure.

He discovered that the water molecules that have been exposed to prayer and the water molecules from a clean lake have a uniform structure, whereas the water before the prayer, as well as the water from a polluted lake, does not. Emoto then wrote various phrases and words on the water containers. There is also a notable difference here. And to remove the bias from the experience, Emoto also used words in different languages.

What does this experiment have to do with orgonite? Well, Dr. Emoto’s water crystal experiments show how easily vibrations influence water.


For this reason, orgonite is particularly effective when it comes to balancing and harmonizing water.


Many people utilize orgone charging plates to revitalize their drinking water, and sometimes the change in flavor can be observed after a few minutes of charging. Orgonite protects against the detrimental effects of chlorine and fluorine.

What Does the Research Say?

Orgonite water study


A 2013 study looked at the effects of Orgone on 168 samples of water (in which half were controls). The study determined that not only does Orgone charged water have a positive effect when used on plants, but it also has the ability to have a positive effect on any living organism. 


Conduct your Own Orgone Water Experiment! 


Orgone water experiment


A simple way to see the orgonite’s effect on water is to freeze the water with orgonite just above or below the water. If you would like to freeze a control sample, you must do so first because once you have it in your freezer; the orgonite will have a long-lasting effect even when you remove it.

So take an empty jar or glass or glass and fill it with water. Now, leave it in the freezer until frozen. Take a photo of this to compare it to the orgonite version.


Orgonite water experiment

(Image courtesy of Pinterest)

Then take the same glass of water and freeze it with the orgonite directly under or on top of the glass. You should see similar results.

Orgonite has a lot of potential to invigorate and balance our water supply. Important Note: Do not add orgonite to drinking water, as the resin is impervious and will dissolve with time. Rather, use a charging plate or just hold a piece of orgonite next to the water.

Healthier Drinking Water at Home

Orgone Energy has many products to charge your water at home. Just like the research shows, Orgone charged water can not only benefit plants, but it can benefit all living organisms. 

Orgone Energy Water and Food Rejuvenation plates have been specially treated with Orgone Effects® unique Ionic Infusion technology.

The Water & Food Rejuvenation Plates are designed to infuse a negative charge to energize liquids and food to improve their frequency, taste and hydration qualities.

The Rejuvenation Plates also dissolve residual energy from fruit and vegetables grown in radioactive geological matter (Earth Radiation) such as uranium and coal, of which either or both may be present in the soil.

On a physical level, the surface tension of a liquid placed on a Rejuvenation Plate is lowered, and thus may enable better hydration qualities for the human body and may improve cell hydration. Orgone charged water tastes softer and slightly sweeter and is noticeable by the energized feeling in your stomach. The water has energetic qualities like pure mountain spring water straight from the stream.

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